Nullification Isn’t Just for Democrats, Anymore

Since the 2016 election, Democrats have made all kinds of nullification standard fare, but more pernicious than displaying a disagreeable temperament, or contrary opinion; more than First Amendment-protected civil disobedience.

Instead, making that which is legitimate, illegitimate; making what is illegitimate, legitimate.  Making what is decent, abhorrent; making what is grotesque, glorious—all enjoying approbation from a fawning media.

Any and all tactics, now including election fraud, and covering up bribery of a president to-be, are used unapologetically, with no subterfuge, and with impunity. Truth now is subjective, conditioned on identity and whether it will be canceled by the mob, or approved by the neo-aristocracy.

To “nullify,” derived from the Latin “nullus” meaning none or nothing, is more than just saying “no.”  It can be athletic repudiation, loathing, despising – in the vernacular: “Hell, no!”

Nullification, at least in former times in jurisprudence and constitutional matters, was a disreputable tactic, except for morally compelling dilemmas or for pushing back on corruption displayed by prosecutors and/or judges.

Donald Trump has been nullified as illegitimate, treasonous, unfit, a sociopath…with such summary judgments about the President issued by the Democrat Speaker of the US House, the Democrat US Senate minority leader, and Democrat US Senators on the Judiciary Committee, even a retired US Marine Corps General who for a while served as Trump’s Secretary of Defense.

Nullification by Democrats and their media agents is considered dispositive, whereas evidence and rules of discovery championed by anyone else are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, inflammatory, totalitarian, etc…  Meanwhile judges make up rulings based on their own social value whims, accompanied by cowardice, wary of blowback from the social justice mob, devoid of references to actual legislative language in extant statutes.

Nullification of all things Trump has been considered necessary, justified, beyond reproach, socially admired, heroic, indeed fashionable.

Moreover, Democrats have nullified both state and federal criminal statutes and codes while anarchists burned buildings, tore down monuments, firebombed hundreds of businesses, federal courthouses and churches, terrorized hundreds of thousands of citizens across dozens of Democrat-run states and cities.

Defunding the police, releasing violent criminals from prison, while criminalizing law enforcement actions -- enabling radical attorneys’ general and district attorneys’ refusal to prosecute obvious felons -- is the norm in the biggest, bluest cities. Like-minded judges are releasing pre-trial criminals without bail. Democrat-run sanctuary cities guarantee safe harbor to illegal alien rapists, kidnappers, sex traffickers, and killers. All considered equitable relief for alleged long-suffering victims of systemic racism imposed by white supremacists.

Democrat governors like Minnesota Governor Walz threaten to jail a single mom trying to keep her small business afloat under Covid lockdowns while he delights in a plan to commute the life sentence for an illegal alien convicted of killing an 11-year-old.

Not to be left behind is district court judge Emmett Sullivan’s extra-legal nullification of constitutional and judicial norms while dismissing evidence exonerating Gen Michael Flynn, only now finally neutered by the president’s pardon of Flynn.

Nullification isn’t just for Democrats, anymore.

To wit: Chief Justice John Robert’s tortured nullification of plain language in Obamacare that violated the Commerce Clause, in order to uphold Obamacare, and his pre-election assent to Pennsylvania’s blatant mail-in-ballot fraud, contravening legislative election statutes that under the US Constitution are determined solely by a state legislature.

Republican AG William Barr, for months leading up to the 2020 election, apparently suppressed critically damaging information about the FBI/DOJ investigation into the Biden family criminal empire via the Hunter Biden laptop that was in the FBI’s possession for a year.

And Barr’s more recent willfully blind denial of election fraud evidence -- spilling out everywhere for which only a dunce or knowing accessory would label as fictional vapors —shows he has now joined the Democrat nullification brigade.

Who would have imagined, AG  William Barr,  noble adversary of federal district judge Emmitt Sullivan (nullifier-in-chief for the federal bench), strenuous defender of the establishment clause, tough-on-crime prosecutor, staunch truth-teller about how president Trump’s civil rights were crushed in the attempts to toss him from office,  thought it better to align with the RINOs, Never-Trumpers, and phony conservative constitutionalists, rather than be forever shunned by the Trump-despising glitterati.

And so, William Barr regains his street cred amongst RINOs and melon-head conservatives who proudly display Never-Trumper tattoos—led by the likes of Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Roy Blunt, and Richard Burr in the Senate and Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger in the House who are delighted to nullify all that is Trump, and abandon 75 million Americans who voted for him.

Moreover, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell couldn’t wait to buss Joe Biden on securing a stolen election, while warning his caucus members not to question a brazen fraud.  All while Republican majority state legislators at five out of the six contested states sat on their hands pre- and post-election while the vote theft was happening in clear view.

Every day, establishmentarian poseurs shamelessly assert that any of us who militantly oppose the Democrats’ subversive agenda— are ignorant, petulant, and undemocratic.

No matter. It’s our turn to nullify.

We nullify Joe Biden, corrupt pretender, as president, and his running mate Kamala Harris, whose agents stole the election.  His inauguration will be a fraud; appointments invalid; executive orders void; proclamations vacant.

We nullify do-nothing, fetal position establishmentarian Republicans, RINOs, snake-oil dispensing conservatives, and Never-Trumpers, with particular disdain for false flag governors— phony Republicans Phil Scott (VT), Charlie Baker, (MA), Larry Hogan (MD), Mike DeWine (OH), and with extra contempt for Brian Kemp (GA) and Doug Ducey (AZ) .

We nullify those who have betrayed the deplorables; whose silent and cordial alliance with those who have delivered regular Marys and Joes into the ravages of burning cities, and unchecked violent illegal immigrants; whose cooperation in perpetuating the obscene indignities towards the rest of us in being labeled racists, sexists, homophobes, enabling unrelenting assaults on our religious faith; whose globalist China-first policies continue to enrich the American ruling class and ship jobs overseas, destroying hope, opportunity, and prosperity for everyone else.

We nullify any news media or opinion platforms, especially those who abuse their monopoly or dominant status, to suppress multiple points of view, stifle truth, frustrate controversy, and deny revelations of facts put forth by any voices daring to exercise their inalienable First Amendment rights.

We nullify the reputations and presumed honor of active and former military officers—from General James Mattis to Lt Colonel  Alexander Vindman --  dishonorable and insubordinate --  willing to undermine the chain of command, while advocating  globalist principles rather than America First, all unworthy of the trust and deference normally accorded.

We nullify the corruption and cowardice within the FBI and DOJ, fit to be heaped with piles of scorn and loathing upon its feckless leaders.

We nullify unconstitutional rulings from any judge, or the Supreme Court.

We nullify state and local Covid-19 lockdown mandates, First Amendment restrictions, mask wearing edicts, travel bans, and any other intrusions upon our personal liberties.

It’s our turn to nullify, now.

Graphic credit: NC Policy Watch

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