November 2020: The Good Points

It’s impossible to sugarcoat this: The Presidential election of November 2020 was an unmitigated disaster to any sane-thinking person concerned with the good of America. While unintellectual, style-obsessed political simpletons cheer the outcome based strictly on emotional rooting interests, intelligent individuals who are more concerned with full employment, energy independence, military readiness and border security than identity politics, racial/gender quotas and the microaggression du jour realize that a “Biden” administration will set American economic prosperity and social progress back by decades. If the Democrats come into power, the government will pick the winners and losers and the country will devolve from a meritocracy to a selectocracy. A vibrant private sector is not the Democrats’ goal and never has been. Ever-increasing government control and perpetual power under the risible guise of “social justice” is their aim.

With this as a backdrop, what good can possibly have come from a November 2020 election that would put the Democrats in the White House? Interestingly enough, several good things could result.

1) Widespread Recognition of Democratic Voter Fraud and a Stacked Justice System

This isn’t subtle or difficult. It’s not exactly tough to see.  President Trump had overwhelming leads in all the battleground states as late as 11:00 P.M. on election night, a point in the election process where all the statistical and historical trends and certainties are absolutely locked into place. Then, miraculously, the vote counting stopped, Republican poll watchers were kicked out, windows were boarded up, fake water main breaks were fabricated and tractor-trailers filled with hundreds of thousands of fraudulent Biden ballots were trucked across state lines to the exact destinations where they were needed. Peter Navarro laid out everything in exquisite, irrefutable detail in a 36-page report; a report so damning that the Washington Post was reduced to calling it the “most embarrassing document ever produced by a White House Staffer.” When caught red-handed with cookie crumbs all over their fingers, progressives simply revert to their tried-and-true 2 + 2 = 5 mantra, knowing that for enough people, “math is tough.” Everyone sees this now, for certain.

The American public also sees quite clearly the incredible, abject cowardice and reluctance of the courts and legislative bodies -- irrespective of so-called “party” -- to rock the boat of conformity and inertia, fearing that stepping out of their go-along-to-get-along comfort zone might actually entail a few moments of personal discomfort and professional accountability. That just doesn’t fly in their hide-by-the-water-cooler world. Whatever slim doubts we had are now gone completely. That awareness is good.

2) Negative Impact on the Quality of American Life from Progressive Governance

Under a progressive administration:

  • Crime will increase as the police are defunded and bail/sentencing standards are relaxed and eliminated
  • We’ll get higher taxes, and have less disposable income
  • Energy costs will increase as exploration and production are intentionally curtailed, leading to higher consumer prices across the board
  • Progressives will refuse to “allow” life to return to normal, even after widespread dispensation of the COVID vaccines

Voters will see this all quite clearly and that’s good.

3) Donald Trump Remains a Positive, Relevant Force in our Society

There has been talk that Trump might buy or form a media network. From the president who singlehandedly redefined the relationship between a Republican president and the adversarial liberal mainstream media, coining the phrase “fake news” along the way, that would be a very significant development. He’d keep his optimistic America First message front and center and the public would be continually reminded of how Donald Trump stood for them and their interests like no lifelong, self-absorbed, bought-and-owned politician before him ever could.

As Barack, Hillary, Bill and other high-ranking Democrats from administrations past broke the respectful historical convention of not criticizing their successors, so too would Trump be free to very publicly expose every failure -- and there will be many! -- of any future progressive leadership.

The difference is that Trump’s policies were so direct and unequivocal in their positive results that a 180˚ turn away from them will have an immediate bad effect and be easy to point out. People will clearly see and understand. If he does his commentary from the vantage point of an official media platform, such commentary will be that much more effective, credible, and enduring.

Finally, there is the possibility of Trump forming a third party. Traditional Democrats have no home in the new Progressive Party. “Old line” Democrats were good people, real Americans. JFK, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, even a Tip O’Neill. You could disagree with them about the percentage of the top tax bracket or whether we needed yet another Federal bureau, but there would never be any question about whether they’d root for America in the Olympics or felt that Columbus Day was a real holiday. They appreciated America’s history and inherent goodness. This is not today’s Harris Progressive. Joe the Plumber -- an old-line Democrat -- languishes in political no-man’s land today. He works hard, doesn’t ask for a handout, maybe belongs to a union, wants to be left alone and wouldn’t mind some Federal student aid so his kids could go to State U. Not a free ride, just some aid. He voted for Trump and will every time.

This is the Trump voter -- who values hard work, the opportunity to compete for jobs, abundant domestic energy, low taxes, a strong military and police, and good ethics in public servants. They are America First, 75 million strong. This is not a fringe group like the Perots or Andersons. This is the majority of the country and no current party represents them.

President Trump won 95% of bellwether counties in November 2020, conclusively and emphatically proving his across-the-board appeal. Those 75 million Trump voters are the new party. Call it what you will -- the Patriot Party, the Constitutional Party, the American Party, whatever. Trump’s voters are comprised of a large number of erstwhile Democrats and Republicans and larger numbers of minorities and Jewish voters than at anytime in more than a half a century. This is the majority of Americans. If anyone can fundamentally and permanently reshape American politics for the better, it is Donald J. Trump.

Image: Deanna veltri

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