How Should a Christian Support Trump?

Some Christians have taken a fatalistic view of the obvious evil that magically turned President Donald Trump’s sizable lead in swing states into a Joe Biden “victory” in the wee hours election night as America slept.

These well-intentioned folks don’t necessarily believe the fake news media’s reports that Biden won fair and square. But rather than be called sore losers or worse, conspiracy theorists, they choose to say it is all in God’s hands, therefore there’s no need to do anything.

Many of these same people carry a concealed handgun for self-defense, dial 911 when endangered, and lock their doors. They apparently don’t see any inconsistency. God delivered His people from slavery in Egypt -- but they did the walking, 40 years of it.

God gave us hands, feet, eyes, ears and brains, not to sit back and wait for the Rapture. But so we can do the right thing. Indeed, He commands us to do the right thing.  

His Bible is an instruction manual for doing the right thing, here and now. Self-defense is the right thing. Seeking justice is the right thing. Surrendering to evil is not.

This election is not over. The fat lady hasn’t even tuned up yet.

There are efforts afoot for Trump to win this in the courts and in Congress. There are elections still to be decided that are vital to him winning. The two Georgia runoff Senate seats not only are necessary for Trump to win, they will be the last line of defense against Democrats should he lose.

But what can a mere discouraged person like you do?

The first and most essential thing is to press mightily and often those in positions to help. The Senate races in Georgia are neck and neck, and the reality is, money equals votes.  As President Trump said over the weekend, “We have to get the support from some politicians.”

When politicians already in office stop hearing from people who elected them, it’s no coincidence that they lose courage. As political animals, they feel pressure from other political animals and the mainstream media to conform, rather than buck the tide. Make no mistake, standing up to Washington colleagues, pressure groups and the media who demand this election be put behind us requires courage.

Also, don’t be mistaken thinking courage is in ample supply in D.C. To the degree these politicos think they are Lone Rangers, their courage will be lacking.

You should pay special attention to RINO senators Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins, but take no one for granted.

Keep the pressure on. Daily. Emails, texts, postcards, phone calls, letters to editors. To your representatives and especially to any politicians who seem wobbly. After rounding up the contact info, it’s just a matter of copy and paste and click. Time’s short.

Out of sight, out of mind.  Anyone in a position of authority you can actually speak to is even better. Real voices convey emotion better than exclamation points.

When politicians stop seeing or hearing complaints, they think people no longer are bothered. If you’re not bothered, why should they be? Politicians are voters’ thermometers. When you get hot, it registers with them.

Some may say at this late point, “Why bother?”

If you’re unbothered by the prospect of a man with whom the Chinese communists and Iranian mullahs both are happy, you deserve a Biden presidency.

If you sympathize with the absurd notion that Basement Joe, who has sniffed more females’ hair than a San Francisco hairdresser, is the more decent option, be aware that he’s already promised both the homosexual lobby and Planned Parenthood that each is going to be his Number 1 priority.

Perhaps you’re unaware the abortion crowd fully intends to legalize killing babies up to and even after the moment of birth and force taxpayers to pay for it, and that homosexual “rights” advocates are joined by the God-hating “secular” lobby in openly calling on Biden to persecute people of faith. Elections have consequences, as did Trump’s and Obama’s, big time.

If you are bothered in the least by the idea that a national election may have been rigged, what makes you think that if they get away with it on this scale right in your face that they will ever allow fair and free elections again? How many do you think they have in China and Venezuela, from whence come the hardware innards and software that gave us the noncredible results on Nov. 3?

Be aware that financial and media backers of Joe Biden have shown their true totalitarian colors. YouTube and Twitter are removing any mentions of the election being dishonest. That should be apparent for the lie it is, after reading any summary of what’s gone on, like this excellent one.

The tyrannical censorship already has reached the point of YouTube removing President Trump’s lawyer’s opening statements before a Senate committee hearing on the election. Testimony in Congress banned! Nothing to see here. Move on. And Basement Joe hasn’t even been sworn in yet. What other freedoms will be casually removed if he is?

Consider the defunct Soviet Union where the literal images of dissenting voices routinely were airbrushed out of existence, and communist China, where today dissenters are “re-educated” into conformity or just flat-out “disappeared.” Why do you think America-grown totalitarians will be more charitable?

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech,” said Ben Franklin. Marxists and the current Democratic Party are familiar with the concept, for different reasons.

Yours truly has written about Trump’s end game. What’s your end game? It’s time to play ball, not be spectators.

Mark Landsbaum is a Christian retired journalist, former investigative reporter, editorial writer and columnist. He also is a husband, father, grandfather and Dodgers fan. He can be reached at

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