Georgia On My Mind

Most Republicans who voted for Trump sleep well at night, with a clear conscience. Their bottom line was trying to keep a political party out of power which is the sworn enemy of Judeo-Christian culture, economic freedom, the original intent of the Constitution and its corollary of limited government. Now just a little past Nov 3rd we are left with a bitter taste in our mouths -- a Republican victory that seemed ever so close has now evaporated in the haze of millions of mail-in votes. What disheartened Republicans must realize now, is that in a very short period of time equally important elections will be held in the state of Georgia.

The Democratic Party has transformed itself into a mostly European-style Social-Democrat Party. A Gallup survey of Democrats conducted in 2018 found that 57% of them have a positive view of socialism and less than half view capitalism the same way. This Democratic Party is not the party of JFK and has even exceeded the left-leaning hopes and expectations of Hillary and Obama. In its not-too-distant past, the Democratic Party had two wings. It was strongly anti-Communist, nationalistic, and many of its members were people of committed religious faith. JFK believed in the creed of “American Exceptionalism” as much as Ronald Reagan.

Today’s Democratic Party still has some old-style pro-union liberals who salivate over the prospect of expanding entitlements but what it doesn’t have any longer is a conservative wing. If it can be said to still have two wings at all they are a socialist wing and a socialist-lite wing. Some of their leaders like Bernie Sanders, would openly nationalize our economy under direct government control and others like Elizabeth Warren, who would allow capitalists to create the wealth and then rob them of it.

This is why the runoff elections for the U.S. Senate in the state of Georgia are of supreme importance. The disaster of electing Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock would be the absence of a conservative brake on the runaway train of left-wing policies. With the last restraint removed, the Democrats would move full speed to change both the electoral laws and reduce the requirements for citizenship. Their enmity for voter I.D. requirements and their support  of the dangerous  policy of mass mail-in voting are proof of their intent. Their support for a single city to have special Senate representation reeks of both racial pandering and pure demagoguery.

If the Democrats have their way you can forget sanctuary cities. America would become a sanctuary country. The Democrats would then use their tried and true “spoils system” of providing economic payouts and benefits to a growing alien underclass. This plan is not theoretical. It was used by the Democrats during the “Gilded Age” to gain votes from poor immigrants. The greatest example of its success was its use during the “Great Depression” where it resulted in FDR being elected four times. LBJ’s “Great Society” is a more recent example of the same Democratic strategy of using patronage to build electoral support.

Without having a conservative Senate to slow this process down, America will become a European-style welfare state, where capitalism would be crippled by excessive government regulation and the reduction in economic incentive.  If you combine the Democratic Party’s lack of concern over illegal immigration with their endorsement of the rapid expansion of citizenship for illegals you could have a situation where America would soon become a one-party state. The Democratic Party would have an electoral advantage that would make it difficult to remove from power. The Democratic Party would become like the PRI (The Institutional Revolutionary Party) of Mexico, which was founded in 1929. The PRI remained in power for 71 years. Many illegal immigrants are from failed Latin American states. They come from societies that are ruled by corrupt governments, which in turn corrupt their citizenry. They have little experience with governments which respect the rule of law or have stable, democratic institutions. The Democrats would quickly enfranchise these illegal-immigrants and anyone who objects to this brazen attempt at creating a one-party monopoly will be labeled a racist.

Jon Ossoff’s, biography states that he supports giving senatorial representation to both Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. He and Raphael Warnock are both left-wing wolves running as moderate sheep. The self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders is their biggest cheerleader. If one reads their position statements on their official campaign websites one finds a masterful example of a type of propaganda called “Glittering Generalities.” The unsuspecting voter only sees inoffensive, candy-coated,  platitudes which are meant to reassure and deceive moderate or conservative voters. A few examples from Ossoff’s site read:

“I am fighting for great health care… to defend Medicare and Social Security… For… investment in clean energy… lower taxes for working families… Privacy for womens health care…”

He could have said he’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, and he enjoys receiving presents too. As they say the “Devil is in the details” and neither Ossoff nor Raphael speak in details only pleasing generalities.

It goes without saying that most Americans think that economic monopolies are bad, but a political monopoly of power would be far worse. For this reason God help the good people of the state of Georgia to make the right decision on January 5th.

William D. Howard is a freelance writer who had a long career as an educator. He holds degrees in philosophy and history and has traveled in over 40 countries. His essays have published in American Thinker, LifeSiteNews , Intellectual Conservative and in other publications.

Image: Paul Hamilton

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