Christmas Message for a Broken Republic

The growing evidence of a malicious, premeditated, and synchronized theft of the election by the Democrat Party and their backers is beyond dispute.  Such a vicious attack can fittingly be characterized as a rape of the body politic.  The connection between theft and rape is pertinent, rape being the larceny of innocence.

Psychologists claim that rape is more concerned with abuse of power than sexual lust.  It is an outrage intended to inflict humiliation by those who are consumed with an overweening, Satanic lust for domination.  That power-lust has defined the Democrats' retaliatory position toward citizens who support measures to curb their tyranny.  The Democratic criminal enterprise violates our minds, seduces us from our political rights, and forces us to accept electoral abuse, and our children are groomed to applaud their repertoire of conjuring tricks that molest the Republic into ruination and despair.

We know from the study of savage, radical Islam that imposing painful humiliation on the innocent who defy the Muslims is far more important than merely killing their victims.  The doctors who attended the corpses pulled from the Mumbai Massacre (2008) were shocked by the unimaginable torture the terrorists had wrought.  That same story of wreckage is repeated wherever Islamic terrorists have struck.  Likewise, the intention to humiliate, as much as to destroy, is both donation and digest of Democrat strategy.

The inference is that for those who crave power over others, the existence of goodness and innocence is utterly intolerable.  Goodness is an insolent affront to their self-esteem.  It accuses them of being the degenerates they are.  When goodness has been violated and pillaged, nothing remains to charge the power-abusers of depravity.  That is the reason this civil war is primarily spiritual.  That is why the left's chief target has been to sabotage Jewish and Christian doctrines; their foundational role in the creation of Western civilization; and the centrality of the Enlightenment political philosophers such as Locke, upon whose ideas the Republican Constitution was modeled.

The left has done its utmost to air-brush God out of the Constitution, ban the Ten Commandments from every public square, and ostracize Christ from all public discourse, while at the same time expropriating Christ's words for their conceited, bewitching subterfuge, preached from every "progressive" altar and chanted as they burn restaurants and beat Trump supporters to a pulp.  All these acts of eradication were merely rehearsals for the final ransack and rapine of the electorate now taking place.

Watching the current parade of venal clowns, liars, debased politicians, media trolls, and corrupt public servants raises the question of how a society founded on goodness, such as ours, can hatch such corrupt monstrosities.  We are all culpable.  The Republican Party did not object firmly enough.  Republicans were intimidated, or bought, into looking the other way.  The Republican Party is therefore a washout!  It consorts with the enemy.  Right, Mitch?  Right, SCOTUS?

But can goodness be destroyed?  Christmas gives us the promise that it cannot.  God intervened in the form of an innocent child against the hubris of the world.  In the biblical narrative, Satan tempted Christ by offering him omnipotence — exactly what the Davos global monopolists, climate change cultists, rogue states, Democrat Party hacks, and their RINO moles desire.

Christ (unlike Mohammed) rejected worldly power, warning humans that the lust for power is a noxious, destructive distortion, proceeding from an unrighteous envy of God's infinite dominion.  No wonder these insufferable, self-appointed, bilge-brained Olympians strut like peacocks over us.  Just like the money-lenders in the temple, they need to be turfed out!  

Christ established a new party of disciples, not to rule the world, but to disarm the powerful from exploiting others.  He appealed to us to revere God above ourselves. Self-regulation, not self-indulgence protects humanity from corruption.  The devoted disciples spread his word, with fire in their bellies. They captured the mighty Roman Empire, which had enormous consequences for the goodness of Western civilization.

Likewise, we must begin anew, as Christ's disciples did.  With Christmas upon us, we have another opportunity.  The commercialization of his birth is a parody and trivialization of the powerhouse it promises.  We must secede from this nihilist fiction, secede from the inept Republican Party.  As Jewish and Christian constitutional conservatives, we can take up the spiritual armor of Christ and wield it.  The battle for victory is won in the mind, not by overwhelming force.  What terrifies the atheist left most is a spiritual battalion of citizens, who will fight for goodness and truth.  God will lead us to victory if we acknowledge his generous love and infinite presence.  These are our spiritual weapons, and we need to sharpen them.

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