Both the Left and Right Have a Biden Problem

Joe Biden will never be my president, period. This election was stolen for him even if he is the only one who does not know it. He is a despicable man who has been one of the most divisive politicians of the last half century. He is a kleptocratic pederast and rapist (forced digital penetration is rape -- ask Tara Reade). In a more just world, he would receive nothing but scorn.

Americans know this election was stolen. And just in case we did not realize how little respect they have for us, Democrats boasted continuously of their millenarian machinations as they absconded with the election for all to see.

Arising every day at the crack of 9 A.M., after Jill Ed. D (the “Ed” stands for Education, not the medical condition.) assists him with his morning ablutions and toiletry, Joe looks in the mirror and sees not just any president, he sees the President. The rest of us, meanwhile, see a man picked by Obama as his vice president because Joe had a reputation as an amiable simpleton and therefore, would be no threat to Barry politically. He knew Biden’s mouth was a yawning chasm of logorrheic gibberish, but Barry knew he could control him by giving him places to collude with and loot from, like China and Ukraine.

Yet, the Democrats never accounted for Joe being a most dangerous of morons: the moron who does not know he is a moron. Their intention was to let him be president for a while, not thinking he would actually believe he was in control.

The left is now faced with Joe Biden, President Select, an addlepated buffoon standing on home plate in an adult diaper absolutely convinced Americans believe he hit a home run.

Biden thinks he is supposed to be in charge, when in reality he should change his name to Xiden to acknowledge the real boss. Believing it is his prerogative, he is checking off the identity politics boxes with retreads from the Clinton and Obama administrations, when the left thought they would get appointees who were more radical.

What’s a criminal political party to do? They were hoping that after his inauguration, they could infect him with COVID and blame his demise on Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic. If the blame does not stick, they can say Trump was right and Biden was too old, cognizant of the fact that in 2024 Trump will be the age Illegitimate Joe is now. Either way, the plan is to ruin his chances in 2024. It is why they are shutting the nation down again. They need the virus to be ascendent for their plot to work.

The world then would get President Harris. I shudder at the thought of the damage she would do to this country.

C’mon man. Here’s the deal, folks: on day one, day one, we get Biden the idiot. If the left figures out how to get rid of Joe, we get President Harris. A woman whose first job was literally a “job” for Willy Brown.

Harris is a piece of work and considerably to the left of Biden (afflicted as he is with the inability to tell his left from his right). The destruction she would wreak upon the nation would be appalling and perhaps irreversible. Her Green Raw Deal alone would cost the nation tens of trillions of dollars and millions of jobs.

The same could be said for Joe, who after all, has claimed to support the same policies that Kamala Harris supports. But she is in control of her faculties and would be much more effective than a doddering fool like Biden.

Those of us on the right should get right with God and pray that Joe keeps the mask on, hires a food taster, and washes his hands regularly while always putting down the lid when he flushes, because we are praying he lives for at least the next two years when we can give the Democrats a shellacking in the midterms like we did to Barry. I look forward to Biden suffering one humiliation after another. He is, after all, a horrible person. And c’mon man, he has literally no accomplishments in almost 50 years of public service. It is not like he is going to get smarter and pick up the task of running the country now. His incompetence is legendary, and he should be every bit as effective as president as he has been at everything else.

The best-case scenario for the nation and the world would be Joe running for reelection against Trump in 2024. But we will probably have to make do with Harris as their candidate -- hopefully running as Joe’s VP seeking the presidency. When she ran against Biden in the primaries, she fought for and received 1% support. Enough said.

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