An ‘Enigma’ Theme Runs Through The 2020 Election

The Democrats have been practicing for this election for a long time but, until this year, they had to keep relatively secret the fact that they had the code to make elections break in their direction. This year, they abandoned secrecy. Their conduct and the possible outcome are reminders of both the British “Enigma” dilemma and of Elgar’s Enigma funeral march.

In World War II, the British achieved an incredible strategic and technological triumph over Germany when, in 1940, they cracked the Germans’ secret communications code, known as Enigma. Having advanced knowledge of German war plans, the British were able to optimize their readiness and defenses against the German air assault in the summer of 1940, steer their critical supply convoys away from German submarine U-Boat “wolf packs” in the Atlantic ocean, and gain the advantage in several other operations throughout the war. It’s estimated that cracking the Enigma Code saved thousands of Allied lives and shortened the war considerably.

Obviously, the Allies had to be extremely judicious about how and where they used the information they gleaned from Enigma lest the Germans catch on and realize that their battlefield communications were compromised. Once alerted, the Germans would have quickly revised their code and changed things around completely, sending the Allies back into the dark.

This meant, unfortunately, that the Allies couldn’t react to every bit of advance intelligence they had. In some circumstances, they had to let things play out if they lacked inside information, raising the possibility that they might lose battles and experience increased Allied deaths. Deciding on where and when to use the Enigma code intelligence was certainly among the most difficult and heart-wrenching choices the Allies had to make.

The proper word Enigma also has a place in popular Western culture by way of 19th-century British classical composer Edward Elgar, whose Enigma Variations are a well-known, oft-performed piece of great melodic beauty and emotional depth.

With all this as background, let’s look at how this relates to the 2020 Presidential election. Many of the critical battleground states used an electronic voting tabulation system called Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion is a software-based tabulation system that is quite susceptible to nefarious manipulation and vote corruption.

In any event, the 2020 pre-election prediction from leftists pundits and pollsters was that President Trump could well have a substantial lead in the battleground states on election day itself, but once all the votes were tabulated in the days following, Biden would overtake him and “win” the election. Dominion executive Eric Coomer is reported to have said something to the effect of, “Don’t worry. Trump is not going to win. I’ve seen to that.”

Indeed, the reports of Dominion vote-counting irregularities and corruption are so widespread they defy even the most unlikely statistical probability. To have overcome a combined vote deficit of well over a million votes in the battleground states that used Dominion software is beyond the slightest shred of possibility. And in 2020, the Democrats weren’t concerned with appearances. They didn’t even try to make it look plausible by having President Trump win one or two of those states. Instead, they fabricated a bogus Biden victory with after-the-fact vote changing in every crucial state that used Dominion, knowing full well that such improbable—impossible—results would not raise the eyebrows of a shamefully complicit liberal media and thus not enter the consciousness of the average casually-attentive voter. “Oh, I guess Biden pulled it out,” far too many people thought, and then they forgot all about it.

How long have the Democrats had such technological vote-changing abilities? It’s unknown for certain. The origins of Dominion and its related cousin Smartmatic date back to the fixed elections of Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela a decade or so ago. In fact, Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren both complained about Dominion in a letter in 2019, when they feared that its malleability could potentially work to the Republicans’ advantage. They needn’t have worried, of course. The Republican Party is singularly incapable of perpetrating fraud or deliberately falsifying an outcome.

Like the Allies in WWII, the Democrats initially had to be extremely careful how they employed this system. If they used it too often in too obvious a fashion and in political races of only moderate importance, even the Republicans—naïve 2nd-grade boy scouts though they are when it comes to playing hardball politics in the 21st-century—would catch on. The Democrats had to pick their spots. Only big-stakes elections, such as Obama’s reelection in 2012 and retaking the House in 2018. There is no question that removing President Trump from office by fraudulent vote manipulation was a perfect use of Dominion’s capability, especially after the failure of Russia! Russia! Russia! and the impeachment flop. Voter fraud was the last oust-Trump-at-all-costs bullet in their chamber. This was their D-Day and they went all out.

The 2020 Presidential results will very likely still be debated when the Georgia Senate runoffs take place on January 5, 2021. The Presidential inauguration isn’t until January 20, 2021, so even if the national electors have submitted their official presidential votes in mid-December, if the disputed cases are still open, national attention—the exact amount of attention that the national liberal media intentionally allows to see the light of day—will still be concerned with the resolution of whatever nagging questions remain from November 2020.

Keeping the focus on open issues from Trump-Biden will serve the Democrats well since it will divert attention away from the Democrats’ attempt to use Dominion-Smartmatic at full strength to rig the Georgia Senate runoffs. Even if it’s eventually revealed that the Democrats used software fraud to steal the 2020 Presidential election, that discovery will come too late to save the Senate runoffs from Democratic theft.

Perhaps from Jan 6 onward, the Democrats will no longer be able to employ their fraud schemes, but it will be too late. “Changing the Enigma code” at that point will not help the Republicans. They will have lost the Senate and the Democrats will have at least two full legislative years to cram through everything they possibly can—Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, elimination of the Senate filibuster, packing the Supreme Court, and eliminating the Electoral College.

Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations contains a particularly moving piece—Variation IX—that is often used in funeral processions. Dominion voting software is like the Allies knowing the Germans’ Enigma Code in World War II. The Democrats can only use it just so often and only in specific instances, so as not to tip off the enemy that they have it. But Dominion’s democracy-killing effect is absolutely ruinous to our political system and its use undermines the very bedrock upon which this nation’s freedom is based.  Having Dominion Voting Systems is like the Democrats have cracked the Enigma Code of America. The Enigma Variations IX is perfectly apt: If the Democrats’ abject corruption is left unchecked, then this represents the funeral procession of voting democracy in the United States.

Image: The Enigma machine. Photo by Alessandro Nassiri. CC BY- SA 4.0.

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