America’s Two Plagues

About Plague No.1, Communist China’s germ warfare called COVID-19, this writer has nothing to add to what others have said who know the science. But there is a second plague not talked about, albeit a non-biological, psychological one that is no less a threat to society, evidence of which appeared on Friday when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she agreed with President-elect Biden’s plan to force public schools and colleges to let “transgender” males play on girls’ sports teams, use their locker rooms and, really, all-female restrooms in Federal buildings.

You got that? The potential future President of the United States and the current House Speaker are both sick in the heads with a mental plague, no less than COVID-19 sickens the body. It is a psychological plague, with the root of the word “psychology” being the Greek psyche/soul. It is a sickness in the soul, a perverse sexuality in play here, a mindset that has permeated and run rampant in the culture.

This is a sexual craziness with roots in the roaring 1920s of F. Scott Fitzgerald, but which really took off in the 1960s with the invention of the birth prevention pill that changed the relationship between men and women as never before since the Garden of Eden. It led to a cascade of social disasters.

The Pill led to mass fornication (a word never heard anymore) as never before. It led to increased adultery, to no-fault divorce, and to a country-wide landscape littered with broken families.

The Pill and related contraceptive technologies severed the biological connection between procreation and the pleasure of procreation. This was the sin of the men of Sodom and Gomorrah: the depositing of one’s seed not into a female womb but another man’s lower intestine where there is no chance of conception and new birth, only the mixing of male seed with another man’s waste.

The Pill led to Women’s Liberation, which in practice meant liberation from being a woman, a human with a womb/a womb-man, the female’s unique capability to give birth and become a mother. Case in point: Hillary Clinton who sneered at baking cookies for a husband and family.  She didn’t want to be a wife and mother, but to be a president, exactly like Bill.

The Pill separated the pleasure from procreation, which the homosexuals jumped on and used to make the case that as “straights” now also engaged in sex for pleasure, why not them? The old Biblical taboo on sodomy was discarded as passé.

This led in the 1970s to homosexual orgies in the major cities of the US in which one man might come in contact with a dozen strangers in a night, and thus was the AIDS plague cultivated and spread.

By the 1990s, the president of the United States was a sexual degenerate, a serial rapist, with a First Lady, a national feminist icon, who became his accomplice in serial rape.

Just a couple of years back, we also witnessed a coven of feminist harpies, led by Kamala Harris, accuse Justice Brett Kavanaugh of being a sexual predator – all because women like these fear a conservative Supreme Court will deny them the right to fornicate and, if they get pregnant, which was not the purpose of sexual activity, the right to kill the human life they created in those fleeting moments of pleasure. Hedonism as license for intrauterine infanticide.

And now the so-called President-elect believes he has the right to force all schools that receive federal funds to permit “transgender” males to use the girls’ room and play on girls’ athletic teams. And by implication, the girls who normally use the girls’ room will have no right to avoid discomfort at the presence of such a mentally disturbed boy who thinks he is a girl, which is obviously a hallucination. In the new dispensation, his hallucination trumps the girls’ discomfort. The girls are the ones who must change and learn to tolerate people who are different. Their feelings are wrong; his are sacrosanct.

And I say, the inmates have taken over the asylum. There is a madness loose in the society stemming from the collapse of classical, Biblical, sexual morality. The US has become Sodom and Gomorrah and evidence of this is this latest lunacy.

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders, and the rest is history. It led to the AIDS epidemic and to the tolerance of such low life millionaires such as Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophilia, with Bill Clinton their soulmate in sexual predation.  It led to this sexual degenerate in the Oval Office engaged in perverse sex games with a woman young enough to be his daughter. Clinton’s historic legacy will be a semen-stained dress.

Joe Biden may be supportive of so-called “transgenderism,” but there is no such thing because there is no such thing as “gender,” as the “Woke” misuse that word today. The existence of “gender” as they understand it is nothing less than magical, not scientific, thinking. No source for this sensation is known in the body or brain.

Before the 1960s, “gender” was a grammatical term referring to the practice in many languages (if not English) of categorizing nouns and adjectives as masculine or feminine. Feminists pilfered and re-defined the term as an “internal feeling” of maleness or femaleness having no necessary connection to the biological body.

This is the crackpot concept of “gender” in our time that is taught in colleges and universities. No doubt those self-described as “transgender” feel intense pleasure at the fantasy of being the opposite sex, but they are wrong. What they are feeling is not what it feels like to be the other sex but is something else entirely.

For example, no “transgender” male has ever walked into a psychiatrist’s office and declared that he wanted to be a woman so he could get pregnant and have a baby and love the baby and smile at and coo over the baby, and nurse the baby and bathe the baby and play with the baby. These self-described “transgender” males haven’t got a clue what it feels like to be female and have female desires rooted in their anatomy. What they are feeling when dressed as a female is not what it feels like to be a female but something else: a return to the womb.

America’s Plague No. 2 is no less a menace than the germ warfare of China’s Communist tyranny with whom the so-called President-elect and his son have had a cozy relationship.

America needs not only a vaccine against COVID-19, but it also needs a return to Biblically-mandated sexual behavior, starting with the rejection of the code letters LGBTQ, which are verbal camouflage for a string of “sexual perversions” -- another concept like “fornication” no longer heard in the land.

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Image: Transgender symbol. Open Mojis Project.

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