Why We Stand with President Trump

As of this writing, President Donald Trump has begun litigating in key battleground states.  Voting irregularities and widespread Democrat ballot fraud are the concerns. The presidency hangs in the balance, but all the more, so does the nations future.  That's not hyperbole.  A Biden presidency results in a full-court press by the left and corrupt establishment and monied interests to finish "transforming" America.  Maybe we should call it the "Californization" of the nation, but with greater dire consequences to our rights.  Radical Democrats will surely aim to dismantle the Constitution. 

The fight is existential.  It's about liberty versus tyranny — in some form and degree.  A continuation of the Trump presidency is critical for many reasons.  Understand, though, that the president is more than a bulwark.  He's the driver in safeguarding our liberties, restoring prosperity, and defending us against a predatory China...against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Four more years of President Trump secures our freedoms and well-being. 

I don't know about you, but to my mind, America isn't real estate.  America is the ideal of liberty under God.  If we lose that, America ceases to be America. 

Thank Heaven, Trump is a lion, a fighter.  There's no retreat in this intrepid leader.  Unlike other pliable Republicans, past and present, Trump will not roll over.  His laser focus is aimed at retaining the presidency.  He does so not to feed his ego or power-lust, but to "Make America Great Again."  That's not an airy slogan; it's a rallying cry.  We have a four-year track record of Trump's devotion to country.  He's relentlessly advanced an agenda that puts America first.  Our duty in this perilous time is to stand with this titan as he fights for our republic.  We cannot waver. 

Trump will not, in the name of comity, cede the presidency to the likes of Joe Biden and the cabal that Biden fronts — surely not without exhausting every legal channel open to him.  The Trump presidency and the nation's fate will rest with the U.S. Supreme Court.  Amy Coney Barrett's appointment was more than propitious; it appears providential. 

Democrats are using the California model in attempts to steal elections.  Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Nevada...mail-in and provisional ballots, harvesting...suspicious, huge overnight gains for Biden in Wisconsin.  The very process of gathering and accounting for these ballots was open to fraud from the get-go.  Unsecured ballots, ballots without signatures matched to registrations, and ballots lacking postmarks are easily prone to abuse.  There are plenty of methods and opportunities to perpetrate scams. 

President Trump won re-election on Election Day. In Pennsylvania, for instance, he led by a whopping 600,000-plus votes.  His margin currently stands at a paltry 42,100 votes.  The GOP swept contested statewide offices.  Now, however, the incumbent Democrat attorney general leads.  Josh Shapiro is rumored to eye a run for governor in 2022.  Sean Parnell, running for Congress in PA C.D. 17, and a Trump favorite led incumbent Conor Lamb by 40,000 votes on Election Day.  He's now losing by 4,100 votes.  Lamb is declaring victory. Parnell will contest the results — and should. 

Democrats practice fraud surgically.  They've done so in blue jurisdictions for years.  Talk to California Republicans.  Consider Palm Beach, Florida during the 2018 DeSantis-Gillum gubernatorial and the Scott-Nelson Senate contests.  The polls closed, and then Democrats calculated how many ballots they needed and knew where to go to "find" them.  Fortunately, Rick Scott, then Florida governor, along with DeSantis's savvy and aggressive legal team, shut down efforts to overturn the voters' mandate. 

Think the unthinkable for a moment.  At noon on January 20, 2021, Joe Biden shuffles to the podium; places his hand on a Bible; and, perhaps, fumbles the words as he's sworn in as the 46th president.  From that moment on, President Joe Biden is illegitimate.  What other conclusion can we draw?  A presidency born from suspected theft can be nothing else. 

A Biden victory on such grounds would invalidate 69.5 million votes.  If voters can't expect honest elections as the means of civilly settling political differences, what recourse is left to them?  Fundamental to a free society is elections that voters can trust — even when the results go against them.  When trust is shattered, all bets are off. 

And President Biden the man?  Biden's corruption is hiding in plain sight.  Or, better, the mainstream media are ignoring and gaslighting against compelling allegations of corruption.  Biden appears to have compromised himself with the Chinese, Russians, and Ukrainians, among others.  Influence-peddling, pay-to-play, kickbacks, skimming — all are charges being leveled against a man who spent 47 years of his life in Washington, D.C. 

The allegations against Biden are terrible, and the evidence mounts.  Mainstream media and Big Tech would redouble their efforts to marginalize and censor facts to protect a President Biden, but facts are stubborn things.  The truth has ways of surfacing and circulating.

Biden in the Oval Office must be considered a national security risk, first and foremost.  What do the Chinese know?  What leverage might they possess?  What does Putin know?  We know this: Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are cold calculators and ruthless men. 

As the days unfold, and more revelations of deceit arise, what authority would Biden command?  Increasingly distrusted, how could Biden even contemplate mending a badly fractured nation? 

Compounding the aura of criminality, Biden is embarrassingly frail.  His mind is sputtering.  Believe your eyes.  Every public appearance confirms that he's incapable of the arduous demands of the presidency.  His decline will only worsen. 

Biden is counterfeit, though his handlers tirelessly pimp the line that he's the last of the centrist Democrats.  Is it unreasonable to suspect that Biden is a pawn, too, being manipulated by Kamala Harris leftists and cynical D.C. lifers, only to be discarded when politically opportune? 

Why shouldn't we suspect that a Biden administration will be fully leveraged to push a hard-left agenda via executive actions?  A GOP Senate would assuredly be a firebreak to any court-packing schemes advanced by Democrats.  But otherwise, why shouldn't we anticipate Biden's handlers brazenly circumventing a GOP Senate to curb 2nd Amendment rights, promote expanded abortion funding, open the borders to illegals, lift trade tariffs on the PRC, push anti-law enforcement initiatives, and open the doors to onerous business regs and higher taxes?  And those are just some lowlights.

A Biden presidency is dreary to contemplate.  It's offered here as a stark illustration of what happens if the unthinkable occurs.  But today, now, Donald Trump is our president, and as he has done from his swearing in, he's heroically battling powerful, malevolent forces that are arrayed against not just him, but us.  Our obligation is to find ways to help the president spread the truth.  We've called on the president often.  Now President Trump calls on us to stand unswervingly with him.  We're at a critical pivot point in American history.  In contested battleground states, make your voice heard with state legislators who have constitutional duties to intervene to demand an honest accounting of ballots and stop suspected fraudulent tallies. 

We need to make this simple declaration boldly: we stand with President Trump, united, for honest elections and liberty.  Let's proudly recall these words from our Declaration of Independence

[W]ith a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. 

J. Robert Smith can be found on Twitter @JRobertSmith1 and Parler @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.