Why Scott Adams of Dilbert Fame And I Say Trump Wins This Thing - Bigly

Ok, sit back from your sleepless nights and fury every time you turn on Fox News and put down the Chardonnay and take a long, deep breath.  Please! On Monday, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, who is one of the finest critical minds in the podcast world quoted AmericanThinker.com’s article that said Trump was probably going to win this thing.  Scott Adams agreed! Scott Adams says Trump is right now a 60% favorite to win this thing. YouTube screengrab Scott and I are probably the only two people on the planet, other than DJ himself thinking this right now.  Let’s go there for a moment.  Calm down!  Again.  Calm down! Biden is at 290 Electoral votes; awarded by the mainstream media.  Nothing is truly awarded until the state legislatures do so in mid-December, so chill.  However, the mainstream media is screwing with your heads by calling this election because they hate the guy who called them FAKE NEWS. And you are...(Read Full Article)
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