Trumpsters -- This is No Time to Go Wobbly

A long time ago, when free elections were still a staple of American government along with the peaceful transition of power, a former U.S. president named George H.W. Bush was mulling over how to respond to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in August 1990. Should he rescue Kuwait or keep American noses clean, allowing Saddam’s aggression to take its course?

Margaret Thatcher gave Bush a few words, now a famous quote, “Remember George, this is no time to go wobbly.” Today this advice goes to Trumpsters reeling over a banana republic attempt to steal a presidential election playing out before their eyes.

It began with Democrats running a senile candidate who had been in government for almost 50 years with no meaningful accomplishments other than making his family members multi-millionaires by selling his influence as a US senator and then as vice president.

In contrast, President Trump had a list of accomplishments over his first term eclipsing that of any previous president in recent memory. He generated enthusiasm among his supporters not seen for any other presidential candidate, tens of thousands waiting in line all day, often in rain or freezing cold, just to be part of a Trump rally.


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The pollsters predicted a “blue wave” with Democrats winning the White House and Senate, expanding their House majority, in preparation for an opposition free opportunity to enact a far-left agenda which would make Cuba or Venezuela jealous. The polls were wrong as they were in 2016, putting another nail in the coffin of their non-existent credibility.

Election day came and went. News networks, with Fox News leading the pro-Democrat charge, were quick to declare Biden the winner of states with only a few votes counted, such as Arizona, while refusing to call states like Florida for Trump, despite a commanding lead with almost all votes counted. California was called for Trump at the moment the polls closed.

Prognostications were all over the map, depending on who you watched or listened to. Things were trending in Trump’s direction as evidenced by the betting odds suddenly favoring Trump and the Chinese yuan dropping precipitously as their benefactor, Joe Biden, appearing to be headed back to his basement. A red wave was building.

Time for a coordinated kill switch to be pulled on Trump, orchestrated between the Democrat Party and Big Media.

Around midnight, several battleground states with Democrat governors stopped counting votes, all at the same time, with nary a word of dissent or concern from the media, who likely knew of the evening’s plans ahead of time. What a brilliant way to stop Trump’s momentum, just like a losing basketball team calling a time out when the other team is on a tear.

Several hours later when most Americans were asleep, tranches of a hundred thousand plus votes suddenly appeared in crucial swing states. How remarkable that these votes were all for Biden, and none for Trump. What are the odds of that?  All of a sudden, these red-leaning states were toss-ups and then solidly blue.

Republican poll watchers were chased away by local election officials, unable to verify the credibility of these magically appearing votes. Were they legitimate? Were they signed by actual voters? Or where they filled out by Democrat operatives in the weeks before the election ready to be delivered on election night as planned?

Voila, states initially won by Trump are being called for Biden, pushing Sleepy Joe closer to the magic 270 number. Trump and his team are suddenly on defense, demanding recounts and looking to the courts for justice and fairness. Rather than voters choosing the next president, it is being decided by election officials, vote counters, lawyers, and judges.

Democrats have turned a successful incumbent president into an Al Gore in 2000, with the media squarely in Biden’s camp, calling on Trump to give up for the sake of “unity” and “healing.”

Trump supporters are understandably devastated, watching an election being stolen right before their eyes. 

Imagine if the parties and candidates were reversed, with Republicans miraculously “finding” ballots to push their candidate from the losing to winning column. Suppose there were more votes cast for Trump in a state than there are registered voters in that same state?

The usual Democrat mouthpieces would be all over the news, unable to contain themselves. This only confirms that this election is Trump and his supporters against the ruling class of both parties, academia, media, entertainment, finance, and the rest of the “enlightened” world.

But remember this is not Trump’s first rodeo against such resistance which began the day he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower in June 2015. Look what he survived.

The Access Hollywood tapes. Spygate and the Mueller investigation. Stormy, Avenatti, Cohen, and other failed Trump-slayers. Trump faced impeachment followed immediately by a Chinese virus unleashed on the world. There have been tell-all books and nothing but hostility from virtually all the national and world media.

His supporters were called names. We are deplorable chumps. We are Nazis, white supremacists, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, knuckle dragging, banjo playing Deliverance types. The ruling class wants us dead, from the virus or injury at Democrat supported riots, or else sent to reeducation camps.

If this vitriol was directed against any Republican but Trump, they would have folded and crawled into a hole, and would have already given a concession speech, something so many spineless Republicans excel at.

But Trump is a winner, as he has shown since his famous escalator ride. Everything thrown at him has bounced away like bullets off Superman. I can’t imagine that he has not gamed out this scenario, as well as myriad other schemes the Democrats might throw at him.

If he was truly caught flat footed, then that’s on him and he may finally lose. But he wouldn’t just lose, going back to Trump Tower and real estate deals. He and his family, as well as his inner circle, would be destroyed, bankrupted, and imprisoned. He knows the stakes.

He also knew this election chicanery was part of the ruling class’s playbook. He spoke about election fraud at rallies, press conferences, and interviews. Would he have endured 5 years of slings and arrows to now lose reelection in this manner, stolen from him?

Trump losing is not a bet I would take, given his track record. Complaining to our elected representatives is worthless as most are afraid of their own shadows, preferring pay-to-play from the back benches of Congress in preparation for their future lobbying jobs or board positions.

We as his supporters can’t go wobbly at a time like this. Trump needs our support and prayers as he is the last line between America the Beautiful versus the Peoples’ Republic of Biden. Perhaps this is Pollyannish wishful thinking on my part, but I believe Trump has this.

Turn off cable news, especially Fox News, and take a deep breath. And don’t go wobbly.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a Denver-based physician and freelance writer for American Thinker, Rasmussen Reports, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter, Parler, and QuodVerum.


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