Time for Trump Voters to Spring into Action

The middle-class insurgency has become operational.  I don't know how else to say it.  There's a quiet seriousness among Trump voters as they prepare to vote in person.  Each day, they raise their American flags, wave to their neighbors, and go about their business; but behind the smiles, Republicans are as focused as they've ever been.  There's a look that you, no doubt, have seen on the faces of fellow Americans, a barely noticeable nod of the head that communicates a simple message: "Git-R-Done." 

Two hundred and fifty years ago, the "Deplorables" were "Minutemen," ready to drop everything in a given moment and run toward danger.  Today's "Minutemen" are wearing MAGA hats and flying Trump flags, patiently biding their time until they're called.  Waiting to re-elect the president in 2020 has been like patiently heeding the Bunker Hill order to hold position until seeing "the whites of their eyes," and now that the election is here, the "Deplorables" are raring to go.

Since 2016, Trump voters have been under sustained duress.  They've endured threats from political activists for the "crime" of voting their consciences.  They've watched members of the federal government try to nullify their votes with one corrupt scheme after the next.  And they've witnessed the most basic American freedoms — speech, exercise of religion, due process, and equal protection under the law — come under attack from a rising army of Marxist Democrats who want to dispense with the Constitution's protections, once and for all.  

Trump-supporters have been called racists and thugs and dupes, while they watch real racists, thugs, and dupes burn entire neighborhoods to the ground.  They have been harassed by local Democrat prosecutors for exercising their Second Amendment rights, while those same Democrat prosecutors aid and abet rioters, arsonists, and looters through endless loops of catch-and-release lawlessness.  They have been told in no uncertain terms that as soon as Democrats retake power, they will be punished by "truth and reconciliation commissions" set up for their "humane" benefit.  And through it all, Republicans have endured and quietly watched these injustices unfold until the right moment came for them to strike back.  Now the day has come, and their voices are about to be heard.  

Once again, Trump and his voters will shock the system.  The established power holders refused to hear the dual blaring sirens of Brexit and Donald Trump's election in 2016; they refused to back down when corrupt intelligence and law enforcement players and elected officials got caught trying to execute a coup in broad daylight; they refuse to believe that Trump voters mean to hold them accountable at the ballot box now.  They are wrong.  

Twenty sixteen should have been the "vote heard round the world."  Instead, the political establishment played deaf and assumed we were dumb.  This time, Americans have resolved to make the 2020 re-election of President Trump so ear-splitting that both John Brennan and Jim Comey can hear it loud and clear from their hideout in Joe Biden's basement.  

Four years of quiet rage was already boiling when Democrats insisted on impeaching the president at the beginning of this year for the Biden family's personal corruption with China, Russia, and Ukraine.  Now that Americans have endured nine months of Democrat despots destroying their own local businesses in an attempt to cripple America's economy, unleashing riot mobs on the street to intimidate voters, and censoring breaking news of Biden's pay-to-play foreign influence rackets and money-laundering operations, that rage is bubbling over the pot and running onto the floor.  The same Americans who voted for the president in 2016 are back with a vengeance, and they've got a lot of new friends this time around.   

The talking heads on the networks can pretend that Democrats have this election sewn up, but the average person who comes across spontaneous thirty-mile-long Trump caravans on the highway knows better.  Once the smarter Democrat operatives realize what's happening in Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, it will be too late.  When they run for the sign down the hall that reads, "In case of emergency, break glass," all they'll find is another scribbled note from a Trump voter saying, "I needed the fire extinguisher for Democrat riots, and I grabbed the axe just in case."

And after it's all over, and Trump voters finally find some measure of satisfaction, the absolute carnage that Democrats have caused these last four years will be put into startling perspective.  Winning, for them, was worth any cost.  But for ordinary, real-life Americans, this orchestrated chaos changes things forever.  Never will the CIA or FBI be trusted as they once were, nor will the federal courts that have embraced political activism as a vocation.  The credentialed press is exposed as a laughingstock of hoax-pushers and Soviet propagandists.  Hollywood entertainers and professional athletes who have mistaken their celebrity for a license to insult the flyover faithful are about to learn what happens to their value when the market for their services disappears.  And "Me Too" women's groups and "Black Lives Matter" protest movements have outed themselves as professional agitators and political Marxists who care very little for the people they claim to protect. For four years, Democrats have used America's institutions for personal, partisan gain, and in their reckless pursuit of power, those institutions are damaged forever.  

Perhaps this is what needed to happen.  Perhaps we're on the cusp of seeing a necessary course correction in the United States that has been decades in the making.  Perhaps before we can have an American Renaissance, we must first have a Great Awakening, when enough Americans rise up to challenge the corruption around them, grab Washington by the throat, and say, "Enough."  Donald Trump's election in 2016 was meant to send such a message, but still the triumvirate of Big Government, Big Business, and Big Media strolled along the D.C. boulevards without a care in the world.  This time Trump voters mean to be heard once and for all.

Sometimes liberating the oppressed starts at home.  Sometimes great change comes from small acts of civic service.  This is one of those times.  The wolves have had their say, and now the sheepdogs must reply.  So mount up, ride out, vote, and Git-R-Done!

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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