The Unintended Consequences of Voter Fraud

It will still be some weeks before we know the final outcome of this election, but it does seem that one thing is known for certain; there was a massive amount of voter fraud perpetrated on the American public, and more evidence is coming to light every day.  I won’t go into the specifics of the fraud, because there have been myriad articles on AT and everywhere else doing just that.  However, I will tell you that what was done by the Democrat party in this last-ditch, coordinated effort to finally “get” President Trump is not only a travesty -- we all know that -- but it is one more way in which the Democrats, in their TDS desperation, have miscalculated in a yuge way.   

I don’t mean that they miscalculated regarding Trump... I’ve already written on that subject, and Yes They Did... I mean specifically that they miscalculated the potential effect that their inexcusable actions could and probably will have on future elections. 

First and foremost, if this election stands it will not only work to destroy the faith in our entire electoral process for 40-50% of the country, but it will also drive an even deeper wedge between the Right and Left, and completely wipe out any chance that there might have been at reconciliation between the two sides.  In layman’s terms, there are going to be a lot of rightfully p@ssed-off people out there who may not be willing to play the silent role anymore and will no longer take the high road when the subject of politics is brought up. 

But more importantly, here is the miscalculation: they think they’re the only ones capable of cheating.   

The Democrats think that just because they have fifty years of practice in reanimating the dead and buying votes from the homeless, illegal immigrants and nursing home dementia wards that Republicans are incapable of doing the same horrible things.  Just because it’s not something that is naturally hardwired into the brain of a conservative the way it evidently is for liberals doesn’t mean it’s something they are incapable of.   

I use the word “evidently” here very purposely, by the way.  I want to point out that there is a very subtle but important difference between using the words “apparently” and “evidently.”  It’s an obvious difference if you take a moment to consider it, but the two are often used interchangeably.  “Apparently,” of course, has to do with the appearance of a thing -- the way it looks -- but it could be misleading, while "evidently” has to do with facts, or evidence.  For example: “The man was apparently crying, but he was evidently just slicing onions.”  You probably know this, but at the time I had never given it any thought, and it is an important distinction. 

I make this aside in grammar and diction because it is very evident that Democrats have very little or indeed no qualms whatsoever about cheating to get what they want.  Once again, the End justifies the Means, no matter what.  Moreover, once again they are tragically short-sighted because they think they have the market cornered on shenanigans.  Republicans could play that game, too, if it came down to it.   

Having said that, this is by no means constitutes a threat that conservatives are going to start cheating or me condoning the practice, because most of them find it repulsive at their very core.  Conservatives are not perfect -- far from it -- but they do overwhelmingly respect law and order.   Which side is it again that has been calling to defund the police?  Oh yeah, that’s right.   

What I am saying is that it’s possible.  And if that were to happen... if elections going forward were to come down to who could cheat the most to get their way... then we are lost, and we will be no better than some Third World dictatorship in Africa or South America, and elections will be meaningless.  That would be the end of America as we know it, and the start of Amerika as Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and, oh yeah -- Kamala Harris -- would have it.  

Voter fraud, especially on this scale, should be abhorrent to anyone who values truth; to anyone who believes that our elections are the foundation of our free society and Rights as Americans; to anyone who has ever told their child that “cheaters never win and winners never cheat (a massive fallacy, by the way -- cheaters win all the time!); to any teacher or professor who ever disciplined or gave a failing grade to a cheater or plagiarizer (apart from Biden, of course).  I am a Boston Red Sox fan, but it appalls me that they were involved in the cheating scandal in recent years.  I don’t excuse them just because they’re my team.  Wrong is wrong. 

I would hope that even the most strident Biden supporter has to have that little voice in the back of their head telling them that this isn’t right... this isn’t the way you do things.  Sadly, in the case of most Democrats these days, I think that voice is probably on Mute.   

Image: MarkBuckawicki

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