The True Deplorables

With the manufactured “news” that Pennsylvania and Nevada have been called for Joe Biden by news media, liberals celebrating the supposed victory of the purported 46th president took to the streets in euphoria and revelry. It seems logical to assume that many of today’s celebrants were also participants in the street protests four years ago when Donald Trump beat their gal Hillary.

Hillary Clinton made the fatal mistake of revealing the way she truly thought of half of the American population that supported Trump by calling them “a basket of deplorables.”

Hillary's "basket of deplorables" moment (YouTube screengrab)

And the next four years we witnessed the greatest revolt in our nation’s history since the Civil War. The half of the country that supported Hillary refused to accept the results of the election and have been protesting – often violently -- ever since.

They were joined by the media that spent four years lying and echoing the narrative spoon fed to them from the likes of Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats from Obama on down. We now know that the deep state took immoral (if not illegal) steps to not only make it impossible for Trump to govern successfully but that they refused to allow a smooth transition of power, produced a disinformation campaign the likes of which we’ve never seen before, and finally found a lame excuse to impeach Trump in his final year – the good of the country be damned.

Now that the media have anointed Biden the winner, people are asking whether the right will take to the streets in protest of Biden. Unfortunately, if they do, they will certainly be justified, as we learn every day of another voter fraud accusation, unseemly incidents at polling places preventing legally-mandated observers from doing their jobs, and statistically impossible returns, all favoring Biden from ballots appearing out of nowhere.

The same people who thought that Russia stole the election for Trump and who refused to accept his presidency four years ago fail today to see the irony and hypocrisy as they criticize Trump and his supporters for questioning the results of the election when fraud seems apparent. As Ari Fleischer tweeted:

Resist. Overturn. Boycott. Surveil. Leak. Impeach. And now they tell us it’s time to heal. Where were they for the last four years?

The difference between us and them is that when the courts make the final pronouncement, we will not loot, burn down businesses, and stomp on the American flag. Cities across the country were boarded up ahead of the election for fear of the left, not the right. We are not the deplorables.

The Resistance movement was birthed before Trump even won and continued his entire presidency. And that taught us who the deplorables truly are. They wear their hatred and ugliness proudly and loudly, without reservation or self-awareness. We know the obvious ones – Democrats like Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer and others who have been lying and sneering for four years; the national media that has become an extension of the Democrat party; the Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites who use social media the way the Soviets used Pravda.

But it’s the average Americans who have spent four years suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, allowing it to fester rather than be treated, who have proven to be the true deplorables with their self-righteous, judgmental condescension and anger directed at anyone who has the audacity to disagree with them.  They spawned the cancel culture in which we now live, the social justice nonsense that has infected our institutions from professional sports to corporate American, and the intolerance that is destroying our freedoms.

Within the past week alone, I have encountered hate – and ignorance – of such a magnitude that it is clear that Joe Biden will not bring back “normalcy,” “morality,” or “civility” any time soon, since the perpetrators of abnormal behavior, immorality, and uncivil discourse are the exact people who have claimed they needed Trump to lose in order to save the nation.

One friend I have known for 40 years has been suffering psychologically for some time, as is evidenced in Facebook outbursts and crazy ramblings about cutting people out of his life. The day before the election, he in fact did cut me out with a missive that included “F--- you,” “I’m now a committed…equal opportunity hater,” and “the Republican Party goes to the graveyard tomorrow for a well deserved dirt nap.” Putting aside the stupidity of this, how much hate does it take to proudly announce it and throw friendships away over it? What level of ignorance and vapidity does it take to harbor such anger at someone with a different opinion?

A relative (an admitted socialist and Bernie supporter) took to Facebook on Wednesday to share that she was “speechless.  How is this even close? All we had to do was choose a man over a monster.”  (I guess monster was broader than Hitler which is the left’s favorite name for Trump.) She added, “I’m embarrassed to be an American” and ready for “blue states to secede and create a nation that values all people and supports equity, respect, tolerance, sustainability, and love.”

I like the secession idea but these people have no self-awareness whatsoever – tolerance, respect, and love?  Hmmmm? (Lord knows what sustainability has to do with the election but climate change is the left’s religion so I suppose sustainability is one of those values that we deplorables are lacking.)

Another relative responded: “I too am speechless. Dismayed, in shock, sad….  What kind of values do [we] live our lives by? Where is our humanity, compassion, integrity. No answers.”

Well, actually there are a lot of answers if these people could get their heads out of their blue bubble, lie-infested echo chambers. But their hate has led to otherwise seemingly intelligent people sounding like bitter, blathering idiots. In response to the “no answers,” someone posted an article discussing Isabel Wilkerson’s “Caste,” in which the opinion writer espouses the notion that, “The soul of this nation is being sacrificed to assuage the abject terror felt by too many white people in knowing that people of color will outnumber them in about 20 years.” And we’re the deplorables?

Then there’s the father who wrote to “Trump-Supporting Friends and Relatives” that he feels unsafe because “we see your vote for Trump as a… blessing of everything we fight against, as an affirmation of the worst of humanity, and most importantly, as a direct act of violence against our family.” He shared that “this will be an irreparable wedge between us, a fracture that will be beyond ever fully healing, and it will be cause for me never to feel completely comfortable in your presence” and concluded “voting for Trump again is something I can’t and won’t abide.” Tolerance?

And I love this post: “Who was the last president that didn’t have a dog?!...that, alone, shows you what a putz he is.” At least that individual kept her attacks to Trump rather than the 71 million Americans who voted for him.

The problem with these people is not their hate and ignorance. That’s their problem, not ours. The problem is that there is no way to cure this.  They either get their socialist government, win elections, and shut down the free speech of half of the country or they take to the streets and social media like toddlers in the midst of the terrible two’s but more violent. They dress their judgmental condescension up in broad, elitist pronouncements as if they’re somehow expert and all-knowing.  

They fail to see how ignorant of history, culture, and America itself they are. They didn’t see Trump coming and can’t comprehend 71 million Americans voting for him because they don’t love America – certainly not the way that we deplorables do. They want to socialize it, the government to invade every aspect of our lives, and to control all of our thoughts and institutions. I fear it cannot be stopped because the country’s foundations from the media and academia to the deep state have been hijacked. Generations will continue to be indoctrinated, Democrats will continue to seek power for power’s sake, not love of country, and the rest of us will continue to be called the deplorables.

But we know who the real deplorables are. They show their true colors daily on social media, our streets, and elsewhere. They are truly bitter, hateful people.

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