The Left's Utter Nonsense

I’m at the end of my cooperative, benefit-of-the-doubt tether. I “officially” declare a monstrous national misstep and hereby refuse to believe or accept anything coming out of any anti-Trump, anti-American mouth. That means everyone from the mainstream media (including Fox News), anyone from the Democrat party, anyone who worries about this dratted virus, anyone who thinks he or she can tell me with whom and with how many I can associate, what holidays I can celebrate, and which businesses I can frequent. I have been asked to accept one too many ridiculous things.

We are being asked to believe that a miniscule speck of protein, just because it has the audacity to set up temporary housekeeping in the human body, can determine whether or not I get to see my children and grandchildren at Thanksgiving. We are supposed to believe that a mask can keep such a critter away from us when we know that it’s too small to be dissuaded by mere cloth. We’re expected to buy into the idea that six feet of separation will thwart this shred of RNA. Why not five and half feet? Why not 12 feet? Do we have any clear idea how far this thing can travel? No. And even worse, we’re supposed to accept without question any statistics spouted by any government mouthpiece as if statistics can’t be used to tell damnable lies.


Even worse, we’re not to make any connection at all between the timing of this virus’ arrival and this election. Good grief.

Furthermore, we’re expected to believe that a basement-dwelling, muddle-minded plagiarist collected more real votes for president than a wildly popular (note his rallies), highly successful incumbent. We’re to believe that a man who didn’t, nay, couldn’t campaign, could amass more votes than any other presidential candidate before him. Really? A man who has accomplished nothing in almost a half-century of public office? A man we know has enriched himself and his family by selling out America and her interests to enemy countries? We’re supposed to just go home and carry on as if nothing really important has happened?

We’re evidently supposed be okay with battleground states just arbitrarily stopping the vote count and then later on resuming. What possible, viable excuse can there be for such a procedure? And why do you suppose it happened right when Trump was pulling ahead of the pretender? And why, when the counting resumed, were the votes almost totally for Biden? If that doesn’t sound fishy, I have a bridge to sell.  

We’re supposed to accept that dead people vote, that illegals vote, that some people manage to vote over and over again. But that is pretty small potatoes compared to the Dominion mess. We are, of course, expected to just believe the company itself when it says it’s on the up and up. Well, all righty then. No problem here.

I gather that we’re also to be just fine with the fact that the Dominion voting hardware was designed in Venezuela for the purpose of controlling election results. We should be just fine with the Canadian ownership of its mother company, Smartmatic, and we should not be so terribly xenophobic as to object to our vote counting being shipped off to Spain and to Germany. In fact, we’re supposed to not even notice that to do so would require Internet access and therefore access to hackers from anywhere. What the heck; it’s just a presidential election, and we should know from the last four years that a presidential election doesn’t mean much to the deep state. What’s another president, more or less? And we’re not supposed to be irritated that the left, that has spent the last four years yipping about “Russian collusion” when none existed, now, with evidence galore to prove the involvement of at least four foreign entities, bats not an eye.  And none of that counts the puppet-strings that connect Biden to China. That’s another flabbergasting outrage -- Biden and China, but we’re not supposed to find his massive wealth and his acceptance of foreign money problematic. What?!

In fact, this presidential wannabe will not even be president for more than a few weeks if he were to be inaugurated. We’re all supposed to think that’s just fine. We’re not even supposed to notice that this person the left has put forward is physically and mentally so substandard that it’s doubtful he could handle a part time job at Burger King, let alone a 24/7 uber-stress position like leader of the Free World. We’re to concede that his VP will in fact be the president. Nuts to that. She got nowhere in the Democrat primary -- why should she be president now?

What’s more, we’re supposed to pay no attention to our common sense. I know that common sense went out of style back in the Clinton years, but a lot of us still practice that dark art. We can compare a candidate who can draw crowds -- happy, thrilled, enthusiastic crowds -- of between 10 and 50 thousand people in the midst of a pandemic, and the other can’t get 25 in one place at one time, and we can conclude from that that the first candidate will win. We can look back over presidential history and see the statistical likelihood of a successful incumbent easily winning -- especially when the usurper never even attempted to campaign, and especially when said candidate has absolutely no record of accomplishments to run on, so we can deduce that the incumbent is a shoe-in.

Of course, our common sense also dictates that we recognize three major advantages that the left’s candidate has going for him:

  1. The educational system, K-college, has been prepping American children to hate our Constitution, our values, our traditions, our goals and accomplishments, and they’ve been doing so for at least three generations. That would skew the vote, I’ll admit.
  2. The media has been co-opted by the left and has become alarmingly willing to and adept at flat-out lying. And, since journalists are educated in the system mentioned above, when they lie, they lie left, way left.
  3. The left has no respect for truth and therefore is very comfortable with cheating their way to victory. They believe their selfish, power-driven ends justify the most despicable means.

So they have that going for them.

But those of us who can still think know that what we have going for us is superior. We still, in spite of the schools’ best efforts, believe in freedom, in happiness, in success for all, in goodness, and truth, and decency, and God. We still believe in our country and we love it dearly. This is the most important of Donald Trump’s accomplishments: he has made it once again socially acceptable to be openly, enthusiastically, intensely patriotic. I don’t think America is going to give that up easily; it feels too good, too right, too honest. We are Americans and Americans do not put up with such nonsense.

Deana Chadwell  is an adjunct professor and department head at Pacific Bible College in southern Oregon. She teaches writing, logic, and literature.

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