The Hijacking of the 2020 Election and the Hate America Strategy

There is a consensus that American society in 2020 is more polarized than at any point in the nation’s history.  If Joe Biden is inaugurated as President thanks to an irrefutably fraudulent and choreographed election, then this polarization is irreversible and will ultimately lead to a permanent fracturing of the country as the central government will be deriving its power from usurpation and not from the consent of the governed.  The sixty-year crusade of the American left and its Hate America Strategy, conceived to facilitate the ultimate transformation of the nation, will have succeeded in ways they never could have imagined.

As a refugee, naturalized citizen and someone who has traveled extensively while dealing in corporate and international finance for 45 years, I have watched in abject disbelief as this disturbing and traitorous Hate America scheme has taken root and flourished among the populace.  It is only in the United States that this tactic has been effectively employed, as I have not seen, experienced or read about anything comparable in any other country on earth.

Today all democratic nations, particularly in Europe, are politically split between what would be generally considered the left (socialist or liberals) and the right (conservatives or populists).  The precise definition of either side would be nuanced based on the country and its citizenry.  Invariably, however, the primary differences between the two factions revolve around economic issues and class mobility. 

There is one common thread among all these nations despite their internal political differences.  Neither the left nor right overtly denigrates and despises their country regardless of its past.  Nor do they weaponize and exploit the supposed sins of their forefathers as a means of seizing political power.  In many nations who have an active and sizable left, such as France, they proudly proclaim their pride in and affection for their country.

On the other hand, beginning in the 1960’s the American left’s entire platform to seize power and satisfy their megalomania was built on fomenting revulsion and animosity toward the United States as founded.  Recognizing that the century old tactic of exploiting class hostilities would not succeed in an essentially egalitarian society and piggybacking on the Civil Rights Movement, a new strategy was adopted: exploit the nation’s past by subjecting it to the intense spotlight of the present. 

Using the criteria of judging any nation’s past, not by the circumstances or societal norms of the day but by today’s standards, will inevitably lead to condemnation.  However, rather than accept what happened in the past as the irreversible history of the times and move on, as virtually all other nations have done, the American left has succeeded in making the past America’s defining national characteristic. 

They have done so by infiltrating the education, media and entertainment establishments over the past six decades and essentially brainwashing a substantial segment of the populace into believing that America must be transformed because of its alleged racist, misogynistic and imperialist history.  This transformation means empowering an American hybrid of socialism and a government permanently controlled by an oligarchy made up of corporatists and left-wing elitists.

The United States was established on the twin philosophical concepts that there are certain unalienable rights that are God given to all, and that a government’s primary function is to protect those rights, as the government derives its power solely from the consent of the governed.  Unlike the rest of world, America is not a nation state based on ethnicity or geography.  The Founders recognized that the only glue that will hold this this multi-ethnic country together is a consensus belief in and adherence to its founding principles.  But this requires that each succeeding generation, either native born or naturalized, be taught these principles and to appreciate this nation’s evolution and accomplishments as well as what it stands for. 

Over the past 60 years that chain has been severely weakened and nearly fragmented by those who not only despise the United States but care only for their self-aggrandizement and are beset with incurable megalomania.  Today a near majority of the citizenry is unquestioningly willing to accept socialism, believes America is incurably racist and irredeemable, and are content to accede to the unconstitutional dictates of those in power.

The willingness of a sizeable majority of the nation’s self-styled elites and a plurality of the citizenry is disposed to accept and justify the overt, irrefutably fraudulent and choreographed 2020 election results corroborates the success of the Hate America Strategy. 

The weeks after November 3rd have confirmed that the bulk of the nation’s ruling class and the left believe the hijacking of an election is justified in order to achieve their endgame. Further, they have on their side a sizable plurality of the population that has been conditioned to believe a malevolent America must be transformed by any means possible, including stealing elections. 

This cabal is foolishly certain that once the overall populace loses faith in their ability to affect their future through the electoral process, they will meekly accept the inevitable hegemony of this oligarchy.  They are also naïvely confident that there will not be a general uprising, as they have witnessed what they perceive to be near universal submission by the general public to the unconstitutional and often inane dictates by those in power ostensibly protecting the public from the Chinese Coronavirus.

A nation, such as the United States, that does not have a common ethnic bond among the whole of the populace can survive internal political differences including a flirtation with socialism.  However, it cannot survive if half of the citizenry despises their country for being the hypothetical locus of evil in the world and the other half is calculatingly disenfranchised. 

The 2020 election is a watershed moment for this country.  Not because of who is running for any political office but because how the country’s institutions adjudicate the election outcome will determine the future course of this nation and its prospects of remaining united.  If the election guardrails established in the Constitution are ignored by the state and federal legislatures as well as the Courts, resulting in Joe Biden and his fellow Hate America collaborators being declared the victors, then the die is cast. 

Therefore, I have one question for the politicians and judges who will decide the fate of the nation and for the elites in the ruling class, the left and those citizens who have succumbed to the belief that the United States is inherently a malevolent, racist and irredeemable nation.  How different would your lives and the lives of 8 billion people throughout the world be today if China or Russia or Germany had been the dominant global power over the past 100 years instead of America being the global epicenter of economic development, technological innovation, human rights advances and military power?

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