The Darkness Where Democracy Dies

For many on the eve of what would be Joe Biden’s dubious ascendancy, it seems the Washington Post slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” truly describes the times.

We are being asked to trust the Democratic officials in four heavily Democratic cities where the vote count turned sharply in Biden’s direction in the dead of night, behind closed doors.

There is a sad history of elections being stolen in those rooms in the past, but never this easily (with the availability of mail-in ballots). And never this brazenly, with legally guaranteed and court-ordered access denied GOP officials. The mainstream press monolithically asserts that charges of vote fraud are baseless. Where is your evidence? they ask smugly. You have hidden it is the only answer. But if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

At the beginning of the presidency of Donald Trump, The Washington Post adopted their new slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” which became a rallying cry of the #resistance. It is a slogan meant to sound a warning that the president is a threat to the free press.

President Trump definitely has been critical of the press -- he is famous for monikers like “Fake News CNN” and “The Failing New York Times.” To be sure, his accusations have not been meaningfully refuted, but they have been endlessly decried. By promoting their new slogan, the Post purports to protect itself, along with every other duplicate mainstream entity, from the attacks of the president. Apparently, the Fourth Estate sees itself as untouchable, even as it relentlessly assails the president of the United States in unison, on every spurious ground it can devise.

The words of WaPo’s slogan are provocative. They leave us wondering -- what is the darkness that kills democracy, and where can it be found? It is a good question, because for the last four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, the darkness has clearly been gathering.

Has democracy been dying because of President Trump? It would be a very hard case to make. What is dark about him? Has any candidate been as clear about his campaign promises as Donald Trump was in 2016? Has any president been truer to those promises than he? That is the essence of democracy. It has been more like a rebirth than death pangs.

One might be able to level a charge of ‘darkness’ on a president who refuses to answer questions from the media. But Trump has granted the press greater access to him than any president ever has. Not only that, he tells them exactly what he is doing and what he believes. When he tells the press something, he always backs it up with action. Everything he does is out in the open. Does anyone dispute that? Can anyone name a policy position or an activity within his cabinet that is hidden? Quite the opposite. He can never seem to get the media to report honestly on his latest “fantastic” accomplishment! Every scandal they try to pin on him always turns out to be have been invented by people who hate him. Are there any scandals that turned out to be true? None come to mind. He has been a president of unusual lightness.

Was Bill Clinton that kind of president? Was Barack Obama? Much evidence could be reviewed to show that their White Houses were dark places. For now, consider how the Deep State (one could call it the Dark State) grew and thrived under Obama. Operation Crossfire Hurricane and other elements of what Trump calls “Spygate” illustrate well how Obama weaponized the intelligence community against his political enemies. Obama’s White House was known for ruthlessness. He spied on reporters from the AP and Fox, wielded the IRS against Tea Party members, stood by while Hillary used a secret server for state business, and allowed Biden to bilk foreign countries for his family’s enormous financial gain, not to mention Benghazi and Fast and Furious. The darkness in those days was hidden. Almost no one reported on it.

President Trump brokered real peace between Israel and an ever-expanding list of long-hostile Arab nations that so far includes UAE, Sudan, and Bahrain. The press ignored it or disparaged it, so the people are in the dark about it.

American cities have been devastated by riots that the media called “mostly peaceful protests.” Millions of Americans don’t know the extent of what happened or were poisoned with regard to interpretation of those tragic events.

For three years, the Deep State and the media propagated a complete fabrication known as Trump/Russia Collusion. No evidence was found for it. It never happened. Yet they still report that it did. Today, nearly half the country believes it happened. That is known as propaganda, which is very dark.

Tony Bobulinski came forward with hard, credible evidence of Joe Biden’s egregious corruption of American foreign policy for the purposes of enriching his family with laundered millions from China, Ukraine, and others. Social media censored the story. Incredibly, the entire MSM dismissed it as Russian disinformation. The result is this: a compromised man with regard to national security has been crowned president by the same media that kept the people in the dark. That is where democracy dies.

Biased media pollsters were routinely off in their projections by 10%-20% this cycle. Reporting and polling have become the right and left arms of the same villain. The proof? No one will lose his job over misleading the public on the state of the race and suppressing GOP turnout.

This past week, the results of our supposedly free election were entrusted to four cities -- Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta -- where GOP poll watchers were completely shut out. The count in those places is extremely suspect. They did not enhance their credibility when they paused their count on election night, or when they “counted” and reported large dumps of votes in the wee, dark hours that were 100% for Biden.

In Philadelphia, they are good at what they do. The only way to prevent them from stealing an election is to require them to grant bipartisan access to the counting process. No one is going to prosecute those who flouted those laws. And the press will only mock those who complain about it, because we don’t have media that operate in the light. Darkness follows them. Evil, dark forces are protected and enabled by them.

It is so dark that we can’t see our hands in front of our own faces. Journalists are the ones with lights on their cameras, but they have extinguished them. There is nothing left of their original charter. It is sadder than anyone has been able to express, because Democracy is dying, and there are no words sufficient for that.

Image: Pxfuel

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