The Cure for America's Moral Decline Is Four More Years of Trump

The signs of theft and fraud in the presidential election are everywhere, but the Republicans are unwisely starting to cave.  On Fox's The Five, the panel — including the intensely pro-Trump Jesse Watters — were, as of November 6, already summing up President Donald Trump's achievements, which they deemed considerable, and are moving on. A pro-Trump friend of mine insisted to this writer that Trump is only a passing figure in  a national and populist surge that began well before Trump and will continue and grow after Trump.  He wrote that Alex Jones has been growing that Trump base for years.  I replied with disgust that after these four years, I cannot accept going back to being a supine couch potato watching and feeling satisfied with "progress."  Any attitudes accepting defeat must be deferred until all avenues of protests and appeals have been exhausted.  This is no time for our loyalties to flag.

This election aftermath to me is clearly the third attempt to pull the presidency away from Trump by unethical and grossly illegitimate — i.e., criminal — means — the first two being the attempt to turn a telephone conversation that had seven people listening to it plus duty officers, policy staff, and translators  and others (not a secretive conversation) into an impeachable offense and, second, the attempt to portray our president as a Russian agent using $48 million of taxpayer money to "prove" the false premises of the investigation.  So the present manipulation of state election vote counts — all of which questionable counting practices are under the direct supervision of Democrats (corrupt, soulless scoundrels) — is the third machination designed to disrupt the presidency and put it (even more than it already is) in the hands of vile subversives of America. 

As a philosopher who has been studying American history within the context of Western consciousness for more than thirty years, this writer finds it patent that our nationalism and populism did not begin with Alex Jones and his fellow deplorables like myself.  Rather, it began in the 17th century with the colonizing and founding of our Republic.  It was enunciated in the Mayflower Compact (1620), updated in the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639) inspired by Thomas Hooker, and blended into the wisdom and practical laws of the Body of Liberties (1641) in Massachusetts. 

In these documents, the vibrant philosophy of government, the spirited movement of a determined and democratic consciousness, and a moral peoplehood began to take shape.  These are the real roots of our nationalism and populism, and President Trump is re-connecting these deep roots to the vine.  We have drifted away from those roots for at least 100 years, especially since 1960.  Our nationalism and populism have been undermined by globalism, anti-Christian morality, communist ideological infiltration of our schools, and our social fragmentation via identity politics.  Sadly, the vibrant vegetation that grew out of our roots has become the socio-political equivalent of weeds.

The moral decline of the country has accelerated, and the sense of manifest destiny for a land of opportunity has been lost.  Instead, moral pollution — unbridled fornication, weakening of the family, weakening of literacy skills, and excessive spending by government and individual citizens — has been reflected in policy at the highest levels.

This general decline in the moral and ideological dynamic that brought our country into existence and sustained us through many trials has justified itself with so many false ideas that one can only wonder why it took so long to evolve beyond talk show critiques into real leadership such as we find in President Trump.  How many times did I hear economists and politicians affirm that we are now a "service economy" and that manufacturing has permanently moved offshore with a new configuration — a global configuration — of the supply chain?  How many times have I heard that Israeli-Arab peace depended wholly on a two-state solution (which stupid thinking has been in play from 1948 until Trump's presidency)?  How many times — even since the so-called conservative Reagan years — have we heard that we need to keep running border enforcement in tandem with regular amnesties for those who escape that enforcement?

Have we not seen astronomical growth of the administrative state with intrusive regulation of the individual and home as well as businesses despite periodic Republican whining about expanding statism?  Look at the rules we are burdened with.  The size of toilet tanks in our bathrooms are dictated by federal regulations.  This writer heard President Obama tell an interviewer that we can anticipate remote controls of thermostats in our houses and apartments in order to assure energy efficiency.  And within the past few years, we see citizens literally threatened with punishment if they fail to answer certain Census questionnaires or certain questions when they call Social Security.   

Did I not hear Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot, say that under today's regulations, Home Depot could never have started and gained traction as a company?  Trump was the first and only person in my lifetime to address and counter these oppressive trends in a meaningful way.  He understands that our culture must express our joy in our freedom. 

Life will go on without President Trump, but we are set back in a significant way as a society if he is not in office for four more years.  We kept going through Mr. Hope and Change — Obama — for eight years ("If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon ...") but the bitterness, divisions, and government interference increased exponentially.  The entire terrorist training program of the FBI was purged of all indications of Qur'anic bases for terrorism, and Philip Haney — who was found murdered a year ago — was an important whistleblower whose book, If You See Something, Say Nothing, revealed how many avenues of surveillance were eliminated by Obama (and John Brennan) that could, he believed, have prevented the San Bernardino massacre.  

If Trump is swept out, we cannot go back to being watchers of Jones's and  listeners to talk radio telling ourselves that "the anti-globalism movement still lives."  We cannot go back to pretending our populist and nationalist aspirations can be satisfied by mere commentators.  We want our lives to continue for four more years under our present president, and we will never again be satisfied by "mere talk."  "You shall see, and your heart shall rejoice; your bones shall flourish like the grass; and the hand of the LORD shall be known to his servants, and he shall show his indignation against his enemies" (Isaiah 66:14 ESV).

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.