The 2020 Democratic Party Platform – Understanding the Opposition

Joe Biden is claiming to be everyone’s president and the leader who will unite us and solve all our problems.  Whether Biden becomes the victor in the presidential election or not, understanding the beliefs of his supporters and admirers is fundamentally important.  They are a force that will continue to have to be reckoned with.  In this regard, critical review of the Democratic Party platform is enlightening and still relevant.

First, for context it seems wise to have a comparison, but not to the Republican platform, for that would be comparing apples to oranges.  As a historical perspective, why not compare to the 1960 Democratic Party platform on which John Kennedy was elected President?  The 1960 platform celebrated the party of Jefferson, instead of the movement today to remove, deface, or destroy his national monument in Washington D.C. and rename hundreds, even thousands, of public schools.  It promoted a strong military and economy to defend against the Soviet Union and Red China, rather than replacing the superiority of American military and economic strength with ineffectual diplomacy.  It promised housing for everyone and the end of urban blight, as consequences of a strong economy, instead of government handouts and welfare.  It recognized God rather than claiming that government is the only hope.  It established the need for the end of pollution and the wise use of resources instead of the blind religion of environmentalism and climate change.  It blamed previous Republican administrations for not accomplishing what the Democrats claimed they could only achieve, but without hatred.  It understandably was political propaganda, but it was strikingly different than what the Democratic Party states they believe today.

The 2020 Democratic Platform reads as if it was written by Sandy O and her entourage.  Joe Biden cannot honestly face the 70 million who voted for his opponent and call for unity while subscribing to such a platform.  One also questions how the moderate Democrats can remain in their party while claiming that the socialist talk cost them too many seats in the House.

Sadly, the 2020 platform is filled with a pervasive and deep hatred of and vehemence against President Trump.  Mitt Romney’s characterization of Joe Biden and his family as “people of good will and admirable character” is not true.  Remember, Joe Biden said, “I am the Democratic Party.”

Following are quotes from the preamble to the 2020 Democratic Platform.  They provide a sense of the contents of the document, but to understand the comprehensiveness and hypocrisy of its propaganda one must read the full platform, which is easily found on the Internet.  One also must not be misled by nice-sounding words or concepts.  They mean or refer to concepts that will result in unwanted governmental intrusions in our lives on a scale previously unknown.  The statements in the Democratic Preamble that follow simply are not factual.

The challenges before us -- the worst public health crisis in a century, the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the worst period of global upheaval in a generation, the urgent global crisis posed by climate change, the intolerable racial injustice that still stains the fabric of our nation -- will test America’s character like never before.

The bill has come due on the Trump Administration’s hollowing out of our public institutions: the sidelining of experts, the rejection of science, the underinvestment in research, and the gross corruption and abuses of power.  President Trump’s dereliction of duty has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, the loss of tens of millions of American jobs, and lasting harm to our children’s education and future.

Friends and foes alike neither admire nor fear President Trump’s leadership -- they dismiss and ridicule it.  The Republican Party under President Trump has made America small.

Democrats will fight to repair the soul of this nation.  To unite and to heal our country.  To turn this crisis into a crucible, from which we will forge a stronger, brighter, and more equitable future.

In the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump and the Republican Party are trying to tear health care away from millions of people who depend on it for survival.

We will curb the corrupting influence of money in politics and protect the integrity of our elections from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

And we will end the war on government that has politicized our institutions, denigrated public services, and left the American people on their own instead of working to make them whole.

We know that four more years of the crass, craven, corrupt leadership we have seen from Donald Trump and the Republican Party will damage our character and our country beyond repair.  Democrats call on all Americans to come together and seize this last, best chance to restore the soul of our nation.

The frightening thing is that those who wrote and adhere to the 2020 Democratic Platform sincerely believe it.  They contend that it is the only way to restructure our nation, whereas in actuality it is a dangerous and real threat to our Democratic Republic and liberties.  The point is that the Democratic Party, as articulated in its 2020 platform, believes the same thing about conservative, strict constitutionalist, nationalistic, law-abiding, moral, capitalistic, and patriotic Americans who believe in freedom of conscience and speech.  In their minds, we are the danger, we are the threat, we are the deplorables, and we are the enemy.  Those in the opposition who are not so engaged for only power and control believe that they have the high moral ground.

There is no amount of reasoning or compromise that can influence those who truly believe and support the tenets of the 2020 Democratic Platform.  They are the foundation on which a Democrat-controlled presidency and Congress will formulate policy.  There is no common ground.  The only answer is to continue to defeat the current effort to steal this year's election, stay intelligently informed, reliably communicate with one another, bring more independent thinkers into the fold, and enhance and expand the efforts and strategies to win and win big, both socially and politically, while praying that God will have mercy on us still. 

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