Now's the Time to Really Fight for Trump

Now that the media have proclaimed Joe Biden our 46th president, many conservatives are devastated, angry, some even shocked.  But this is not the time to give up.  It's not the time to retreat.  It's not the time to turn on each other.  We supporters of Donald Trump are at least 70 million strong.  We are legion.  And, like it or not, we are all Trump now.

We represent all colors, religions, economic and social classes.  We are different genders, sexual preferences, and have varying levels of education.  Some of us are working class, some middle class, some make a lot of money and live in nice suburbs, others in rural areas, and some are wealthy.  We love Donald Trump and we love America.  He has done more in four years than anyone else could do in eight.  We must stand by him during this entire election debacle.

And being the fighter he is, Donald Trump is thankfully not conceding.  Think how much easier it would be for him to congratulate Joe and walk away from another month of hell, glide right back up that gilded escalator and resume his life.  But he didn't choose that for one reason:  for us and our future. He wants to preserve the American way of life for his children and grandchildren, just as we do.  So he has chosen, instead, to take the long and painful route of exposing the corruption and collusion between the DNC machine, the media monopoly, our Democrat-run cities and states, and our foul culture. In the end, he might not win but he's not going down without a fight. 

As I write this, crowds are amassing in major cities around the country, prematurely celebrating Joe Biden's ascension to the presidency by media pronouncement - not by process! But the media do not decide who is president.  We do not have a president until the Secretaries of State certify their vote tallies and the Electoral College votes in December. 

At some point, we must eliminate media polling if we are to clean up this mess.  The polls have become de facto voter suppression and electioneering.  If a campaign wants to do their own polling and research that's fine.  But it's time to retire the daily/weekly polling recounted in the news in the run-up to an election and torpedo Decision Desks.  The media's job should simply be to report voter tallies as they come in from the states.  Polls must be excised from the process in order to make our elections as reliable as possible and we will have to learn to live without this polling porn and exercise patience while awaiting a decision. 

In regard to the media, President Trump has come to our defense and called out the Fake Media for four years.  They hated this.  They finally got their payback pronouncing Biden president and poked Trump in the eye a few times by calling Arizona for Biden while waiting to call Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina for Trump.  This long wait gave Democrat operatives time to conjure Biden ballots. 

As news broke out of the media's decision, crowds amassed in cities around the nation.  This is all part of their plan to make it look like the decision is official and final.  It's a Potemkin celebration for a Potemkin decision about what was a Potemkin campaign and will surely be a Potemkin presidency. 

By having these celebrations with throngs of Biden supporters dancing in the streets, congratulatory phone calls from heads of state, and stately speeches with soaring oratory,  the Democrat-Media Complex has positioned itself to later argue that this is all unfair if Trump is declared the actual winner.  They will say there is an expectation of a President Biden but that Trump, the recounts, law suits, and possibly the Supreme Court are now trying to take this away from them!  They'll point out that Biden has already organized his transition team, people have sold their houses and uprooted their families to serve the president in DC.  They'll snarl that this is an outrage and cannot stand. 

This is a kind of stare decisis argument they'll make claiming that expectations are so established, that no matter how wrong an earlier decision to pronounce Biden president might have turned out to be, his being president is now such a part of the American public's ethos, that it must not be taken away.

This will be the dog whistle that gets their brown shirts rioting again.  Their signs and chants will reflect the mantra that a Trump presidency will mean more hate and destruction for America.

This is additionally designed to intimidate Supreme Court justices from either ruling for Trump or cajoling them into not ruling at all.  It's equivalent to waking up with a bloody horse's head in your bed.  The mafia-style message is clear:  do not be part of a decision that could turn this country in on itself or you will be blamed for any riots and you will go down in history as responsible for the injustices and atrocities of a second Trump presidency.  Do not undo what the media, political elites and Biden himself have crafted, even if there is evidence of fraud and corruption; otherwise, our mobs will descend on your homes, at the Court, (and who knows how it will impact your families).    

We live in a time that requires a different kind of courage than that of the battlefield.  It's the kind of courage to do what is right, even if it means losing a job, your home, your friends; being shunned by family; even being driven out of town.  If we want to preserve the American way of life, all 70 million of us must be willing to stand up to the Woke-Cancel Culture.  If we don't, what will we tell our grandkids about an America when men were free? 

With any coup, it's important to highlight the hypocrisy.  Notice, there is no discernible social distancing at these celebrations for the 46th president.  Minimal mask wearing.  Yet, Trump wasn't permitted more than 250 attendees to his rally in Minnesota, and his campaign was canceled because of Covid.  In fact, our entire election system was turned on its head because of Covid.  That is how we ended up with last minute changes like mail-in voting.  Then, right before the election, the CDC ironically announced that people infected with Covid could vote in person!  Just practice safe voting and tell the poll workers.  And yet, in states like New Jersey, healthy people weren't allowed to vote in person at all—BECAUSE OF COVID!  Only the Covid patients, the disabled, blind and illiterate could pull the lever in a booth in person and…risk getting Covid or giving it to someone else.  Covid was the crisis of the moment the Democrat machine couldn't let go to waste and use it well they did.  And we all got played.    

The mafioso literally stole the election by deploying restrictive Covid guidelines and the night Biden is declared president, they don't even pretend to comply. 

This is not your grandfather's Democrat Party.  These are the kind of individuals your grandfather lost life or limb fighting against.  If we do not punch back hard, right now, in the wake of the election, and Trump loses, as with any coup, the Democrats have plans for those who supported their target.  Yes, you heard me right. 

AOC has demanded a Trump Accountability blacklist for those who "elected, served, funded, supported and represented" President Trump.  What do you think this list is for?  Sending out wedding invitations?  She was assured by a former Obama staffer that this list is indeed being compiled and was directed to

But wait, there's more.  Famed clintonista Robert Reich wants a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" to shame Trump supporters, but I'm sure in time they'll put it to further use conducting sham trials and lining us up against the wall.  How very Soviet of them. 

This isn't hysteria.  I take these people at their word.  So should we all.  They've promised to take away our guns.  They want to mandate masks, contact tracing, vaccinations and Ihre Papiere, Bitte showing you are immune to Covid.  They intend to defund the very people who might protect us.  They've shown us what their minions are capable of on the streets of Kenosha and Portland.    

As it stands now, we are on notice of their plans.  We are 70 million strong.  We are all Trump now.  Let's do everything we can to win this election.  Otherwise, the Democrats, yes, the Democrats, in the United States of America, have, OMG, plans to punish us with lists and projects and commissions, which can only lead to the unthinkable.  Let's roll.  

Image: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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