#NeverTrumpers Must Go -- or Trumpers Will

Here is my problem. I belong to a Republican Party that has some Republicans who spent a lot of time and money to defeat the Republican presidential incumbent candidate, President Donald Trump.

RINOs and #NeverTrumpers (most of whom have remained registered Republicans) do not understand Trump supporters like me. Along with Democrats, they detest us.

If the RINO/#NeverTrumper partnership with Democrats is successful due to election fraud, it might be time for Trump-supporting Republicans to leave the party, register as Independents and earnestly work to start a new party.

Like many enthusiastic Trump supporters, I firmly believe the President has done a fantastic job for four years. Yet during that same time RINOs and #NeverTrumpers joined with Democrats to do everything possible to thwart the president’s success. When their efforts failed, they joined with Democrats and turned their attention to the 2020 election.

Through the Lincoln Project, RINOs and #NeverTrumpers continue to insult millions of passionate Trump supporters throughout the United States. They have denounced the efforts of Trump-supporting Republicans who have worked tirelessly to re-elect President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Most Trump supporters have been equally dedicated during the campaign to also focus on national, state, and local elections and propositions. In my West Orange County (Calif.) Republican Women Federated club I organized street rallies, held car caravans, registered new Republican voters, designed flyers, helped local candidates, penned news releases and wrote some checks.

Ballots are supposedly still being counted, but it appears that this was a planned assault on the integrity of the American election process. Does anyone think that if Joe Biden was leading in those states on Election Day Eve, their Democrat governors would have shut down the ballot counting? (If yes, I have some Enron stock to sell you.)

Democrat fraud is so obvious and rampant it would make Comrade Putin proud. How convenient that the states President Trump was winning on Election Day Eve that would have put him over the 270 electoral vote threshold to win re-election stopped counting ballots. As if that wasn’t “fraudy” enough, during the shutdown, ballots were miraculously discovered, and almost all were for Joe Biden.

We know Democrats cheat. History is filled with local, state, and national examples. That’s expected, the same way we expect the sun to rise in the east. But this is where a “fair and balanced” media (yes, calling out the disastrous news team at Fox News) is supposed to protect America’s democracy by asking questions and demanding answers. But in partnership with the Democratic Party’s cheating, the media went along with whatever was announced.

For example, states like Arizona, with less than 50 percent of the votes counted, were called by the media for Joe Biden while states like Texas and Florida that were going for President Trump with 70 or more percent of the votes counted took much longer for the media to call.

Those so-called “Republicans” had the incalculably valuable support of the Mainstream Media, including “60 Minutes” and all three legacy network late-night talk shows, as they colluded to aid Biden-Harris. Due to their coordinated daily attacks and obstruction of the truth, the election result is in doubt.

Now we know why Biden hid in his basement -- the Democratic Party planned a massive fraud campaign in states with Democrat governors. And these repugnant RINOs and #NeverTrumper Lincoln Project Republicans helped make it happen! (They’re probably clinking champagne glasses right now.)

There will be tumultuous court battles to save the United States of America from a Biden/Harris socialist administration. I expect deceit from the Democratic Party. These court battles are coming because President Trump fights for America’s forgotten men and women. Who knows how long it will take? In 2000, it took more than one month for the issue to be resolved and it went to the United States Supreme Court.

In the meantime, I keep thinking about RINO and #NeverTrumper Republicans who since 2016 (and especially during the presidential campaign) did everything possible with their money and time to destroy the Trump presidency.

Michael Steele, senior advisor of the #NeverTrumper Lincoln Project said in an MSNBC interview:

"We believe that Joe Biden will be elected the next president. So The Lincoln Project and other Republicans and former Republicans out there will continue the work of trying to resolve internally and resurrect the Party in a way that it can become a governing majority in the future because those principles and ideals that we espouse, drew me to the Party over 40 years ago, to me still matter."

Steele went on to announce the group plans to “resurrect the Republican Party in a way that it could become a governing majority in the future.”

Steele and all the other RINOs and #NeverTrumpers are beyond delusional!

If the massive cheating and fraud that occurred in Democratic states gives Joe Biden the presidency, Trump Republicans have two options:

  • Demand that all Lincoln Project Republicans and other RINOs/#NeverTrumpers who have publicly worked to harm the Trump presidency leave the Republican Party. They are free to start their own political party but should not be free to destroy the magnificent Republican Party that President Trump has built.
  • If RINOs/NeverTrumpers can’t be made to leave the Republican Party, then Trumplicans should immediately switch their party registration to Independent while forming a new party.

Political activist and author Twila Le Page Hughes agrees that Trump Republicans should start a new party if fraud gives Joe Biden the presidency. Hughes, author of the recently published book Why Your Vote Matters, suggests that the new party be called Great American Party. “The GAP acronym means that its members are filling in the gap between the two existing parties. Currently, President Trump is the gap for America’s forgotten men and women. If he’s not in the White House, Trump Americans will want a party that cares about them.”

Hughes is correct. It has always repulsed me to belong to the same Republican Party that has Michael Steele and other RINOs/#NeverTrumpers who since 2016 spent their time and energy undermining President Trump.

The ballot counting continues as court battles take shape. However, if the apparent cheating by Democrats, RINOs, and #NeverTrumpers is successful, it will be time for enthusiastic Trump supporters to consider starting a new political party.

Robin Itzler can be reached at TrumpNeighbors@yahoo.com or on Parler at TrumpNeighbors.

Images: Gage Skidmore, Steele for Chairman, Michael Vadon

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