How to Destroy China's Bribery Hold on the West

We face the horrible situation where, if Biden becomes president, we will have a president bought by the Chinese.  The evidence is overwhelming that the Chinese Communist Party has provided millions of dollars to Biden's family and effectively to Biden himself.  Biden is surely not the only person with influence or information who has been bribed by the Chinese.  There are probably thousands.  Bribery is an effective tool that enables the Chinese to influence government policy and obtain commercial and military secrets.  The bribes are disguised as legitimate business activity.

The pre-election blackout of the Biden bribery evidence by Big Tech and the mainstream news media is a clearly treasonous act, aimed at the heart of the American nation.  What goes through the minds of the elites who run these organizations mystifies me.  The most charitable explanation is that they were blinded by class-hatred of Trump.  A less charitable explanation is that these people have been corrupted by Chinese money and Chinese deals.  The blackout of the Biden bribery evidence by a powerful information monopoly is sufficient, morally and legally, for the Supreme Court to order a new election in states where the election is close.

The people who have been bribed by the Chinese are mostly not ideological communists.  They are people who have given in to temptation or have flattered themselves that the Chinese have recognized their worthiness.  Prosecuting them as criminals is not feasible or useful.  Our criminal law is not set up to detect and prosecute bribery, on a grand scale, by a clever nation-state with unlimited resources.

A better solution is to raise consciousness among likely Chinese bribery targets, to give them the mental strength to fight temptation.  For those who have already succumbed, there needs to be a path to escape the clutches of the Chinese and to receive a moral pardon.

The pardon should start with a confession and letting go of at least part of the Chinese money.  The money could be donated to a charity or an organization devoted to stopping Chinese bribery.  Chinese influence is also exercised by blackmail and threats.  In the case of Chinese immigrants, their relatives residing in China are used as hostages.  These people need support, too.

Organizing and sponsoring confessions cannot be done by a government organization or by a single private organization.  Chinese money, and hostility from the information monopoly, would make a single organization a vulnerable target.  Confessions ideally should be public, telling the person's story and exposing Chinese tactics.  Anonymous confessions, if verified by another person or organization, can also be effective.  Unverified anonymous confessions may also be effective if accompanied by a convincingly large donation.  The confessions must be on public websites and be highly publicized.

The outing of Chinese agents would make it much more difficult for the Chinese to execute money subversion.  These agents must become pariahs and thus unable to carry on their business.  Confessions by Chinese agents who switch sides would be highly effective.

There is every reason for us to return the favor and help Chinese enemies of the Communist Party to defect or to otherwise become committed opponents of the communists.  For example, Chinese college students in the U.S. could be offered the practical advantages that would make it possible for them to become anti-communist activists.  The practical necessities might include the right to stay in the U.S.  High-level Chinese apparatchiks could be given help in getting their families and money out of China.  Wealthy Chinese often set up fake business deals as a way to get their money out of China.  Why not help them?

The Chinese regime is highly vulnerable.  Wealthy Chinese, including communists, send their children to the West for education.  They stash their wealth in the West.  They try to obtain residence or citizenship for their families in the West.  They do this because they know that at any moment, they may wake up to find that their position and their property have evaporated.  The Chinese Communist Party is not a legitimate ruler, but an aristocracy of privileged families who rule and pillage the country.  The party is characterized by ruthlessness and high-tech totalitarianism.

The objective of American government policy and the objective of private organizations should be to bring down the illegitimate rulers of China and free the Chinese people to decide their own fate.

The pretense that China is a normal country must be discredited.  Manufacturing done in China by Western countries should be diverted to other countries or bought home.  Chinese military expansionism must be met with overwhelming counter-force.  The Chinese must know that military adventurism will end badly for them.

The objective is not to get into a war with China.  There will be no war if it is made clear to the Chinese regime that it will lose any such war.  The Chinese have alienated many of their neighbors, including India, Vietnam, and Japan.  These countries should receive help in standing up to the Chinese.  Persecuted Chinese minorities should receive assistance, moral and practical.

The Chinese government, like U.S. Big Tech and the mainstream media, is an information monopoly, but notably stronger and more comprehensive.  As long as the Chinese feel that it is necessary to be connected to the internet outside China, there will be ways to circumvent censorship (e.g., the great firewall).  VPNs penetrate the firewall by encrypting data.  The problem is that the government can track back to the people using the VPNs.  A program to develop software and other means to give the Chinese people a safe connection to the world away from communist propaganda is needed.

The Chinese regime seems strong because it systematically hides it weaknesses and touts it successes.  Communism has a sad and brutal history in China.  The regime has been characterized by terror, famine, and spells of stupidity.  Without the failures of communism, China would be far better off today, as is Taiwan.  The regime is not strong.  It is weak and subject to catastrophic collapse, as has happened in most other communist countries.  The regime gets stronger only if the U.S. and other countries don't stand up to it.