‘Great Reset:’ Global Conspiracy or Hive Mind?

Like everybody else on the “far right” I have been interested for the last week in “The Great Reset” that has been hyped by the Magic Mountain set at the World Economic Forum. But at the New York Times we are not amused. A cabal of “familiar far-right internet personalities” (can I join?)

alleges that a cabal of elites has long planned for the pandemic so that they could use it to impose their global economic control on the masses.

Oh! You mean the Build Back Better notion that the WEF advocates? From its web-page “To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here's how”? Sez Klaus:

An inclusive and green recovery is vital if we are to create more resilient economies and a world in which business can thrive, not just now but long into the future.

Quite agree, Klaus old chap, the recovery needs to proceed on the basis of “resilience,” “future growth” and “future-proofing capitalism” and all good things that our globalists mull over with their wine up in Davos. More details at my blog here.

Notice how the WEF’s “green recovery” and “inclusive” align with Joe Biden’s proposed $500 billion a year climate plan and his “systemic racism” plan?

But it’s not a conspiracy! No sir!

Actually, what it is, is less exciting. It is a manifestation of what Joe Sobran and then Tom Bethell called, many moons ago, “The Hive.” Quite simply, humans, like bees, don’t need to have detailed marching orders to act in concert. That is why experts agree that humans are social animals.

In Bee-Land, “The hive is organized around the queen bee, but she doesn’t have to give the workers their instructions.”

Likewise in Liberal-Land:

Members of the progressive Hive likewise act on their own instincts and have their own code of communication. They feel free, but they are also predictable. Liberals laugh at conspiracy theories that assume that because there is a pattern there must be some central control; but the fact that there is no central control doesn’t mean that there is no pattern.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a JournoList just to double-check that all the good people are on the left page.

And boy, are liberals absolutely obsessed these days with far-right conspiracies! Go to it, bearded @jack and Zuck, you Good Little Social Media Boys! Bees, like social media companies, scientists agree, do not need to be ordered to attack the enemy.

By the way, researching for this piece I came across ACT ‘79, an “Appropriate Technology Fair” funded in part by seven federal agencies in 1979. Says the New York Times on April 29, 1979:

Appropriate technology includes solar heated houses, wood stoves, windmills, basement fish tanks, recycled garbage, organically grown food and child‐powered washing machines.

But, but, but! I thought that solar and wind were all about climate change, not “appropriate technology,” or, for that matter “an inclusive and green recovery” from COVID-19!

An enquiring mind might wonder why, whether the issue at hand is appropriate technology, climate change, or COVID-19, the response is still the same: a top-down program of “experts agree…” Could it be a conspiracy?

No, it doesn’t have to be a conspiracy. It’s just our liberal friends’ lust for heaven on earth and the “fundamental transformation” we must all make to get there. It’s a Hive thing.

The funny thing is that it’s not just bees and lefties that display the hive mentality and signal where the honey is without having the queen bee or NHJ actually spelling it out. There is another curious coordination phenomenon that all the best people have long considered a conspiracy of the rich. Can you guess what it is?

There is this curious human institution called “the market” by which, economists agree, humans coordinate their economic activity without the necessity of an economic queen bee or a Sandy O actually spelling out the details of the day’s work to every worker.

So just as liberal journalists somehow all manage to recite the meme of the day on their news broadcasts (so well satirized by Rush Limbaugh), ordinary deplorables coordinate their economic activity by a mysterious interaction called “price signals.” Or could it be witches?

I take it as another proof of God’s existence that the very people that insist that politics and the economy should be directed, top-down, by all the right people, because resilience, themselves demonstrate the truth and the benefit of the “hive mind” in their daily instinctive virtue-signaling coordination of leftist talking points.

Some people say that virtue-signaling yard-signs are another manifestation of the Hive Mind.

Or, you could say, liberals are proof that God has a sense of humor.

However, I think it is more interesting that humans have a sense of humor. Except liberals when they declare “That’s Not Funny!” I wonder if bees have a sense of humor.

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