Electric Vehicles Will Drive Us to Serf City

Love them or hate them, electric vehicles (EVs) are in our future. If you doubt that, look at signs. Car companies around the world are in a mad rush to pivot to EV manufacturing. Some examples follow. 
"Since March 2019, General Motors has committed to invest more than $4.5 billion in three U.S. manufacturing sites to prepare for EV-related production. The company announced it plans to release at least 20 new electric vehicles globally by 2023." This includes a monstrous Hummer 
 which GM is repositioning as a pickup truck to compete directly against Tesla. 
Volkswagen (VW), the world's largest car manufacturer, invested tens of billions of euros in electric vehicle manufacture. The company is now accelerating its forecast for electric vehicles and is gearing up to produce 1.5 million of EVs in 2025. 
The Ford Motor Company is saying goodbye to gasoline powered vehicles. Ford Chief Executive Jim Hackett 
told investors the automaker would slash $14 billion in costs over the next five years and shift capital investments away from sedans and internal combustion engines to develop more EVs and hybrid cars. By 2022, a little more than a year away, Ford expects to have 40 EVs available.  
Honda is co-developing EVs with GM. Toyota is pushing up its planned EV rollout by five years
and six new Toyota EV  models are appearing in 2020, starting in China. Daimler, the world's third largest car manufacturer, plans for more than ten different all-electric vehicles by 2022. 
EV sales in the U.S. are expected to jump from 345,000 in 2020 to over 585,000 in 2021. That's nearly a 70-percent increase.
And what would a discussion of EVs be without Tesla, a pure EV company? Profits or not, Tesla's stock continues to soar. Its market capitalization is $544 billion, over twice that of its nearest competitor, and has made Elon Musk the second richest man in the world, putting him now ahead of Bill Gates. 
Part of China's global strategy is to use its electric vehicle prowess and related lithium-battery manufacturing capabilities to leapfrog all the major car manufacturing companies and seize the growing EV market by storm.
Without question, the automotive industry is rapidly shifting to electric vehicle production.  
Yes, EVs rely on fossil fuel to generate the electricity used to manufacture them and to charge their batteries. Hence they are not the 'green' vehicles that the enviros tout. In fact, EVs are net polluters when you consider the tremendous environmental damage that is done to mine the lithium and rare earth elements needed in their manufacture and transport. And recycling and/or disposal of Li-batteries is another problem waiting a solution. Furthermore a study from the Union of Concerned Scientists found that the assembly of a midsize EV would produce about 15 percent more emissions than the process of building a similar-sized gasoline powered vehicle.
None of that matters. The big money, media, and government are solidly behind electric vehicles. As Bob Dylan sang, "You don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." This is rather amazing considering America didn't vote for EVs nor did the car market demand them. If the projections persist, EVs will be the norm due to manipulations by global elite and their allies in big business and government.
Eric Peters,  an automotive expert, has several interesting takes on the EV craze. He never believed EVs were about 'clean' transportation. Their goal was always controlled transport. This is why environmental concerns, although used as the pretext for EV mandates, don't matter. He writes: 
Also intrinsic to the EV is that it is electronic as well as well as electric. This distinction is important. Electric motors are controlled by the electronics which control the charge cycle and determine how far the electrically powered vehicle goes, and this control is exerted by other-than-the-owner.
People don't see that aspect of it yet, even though it is in plain sight -- like the agenda being implemented, to coincide with the arrival of 2030. Like the "Great Reset" that's much discussed but not acknowledged, even by the technocrats who openly use the term and then deny they ever said it.
As to their high cost, that too won't deter the movement toward electric vehicles. People will be nudged (i.e.,coerced) into them. Peters says:  
But it's not so bizarre when you consider that by 2030 not much else that isn't electric will be built and the few that aren't will be on obviously short time since by 2040, say, they will have been driven off the road entirely by regulatory fiat and extraordinary/punitive gas and registration fees.
What that means is that people who aren't stupid are apt to shy away from buying non-electric cars long before 2030 gets here because whatever they buy within the next few years that isn't electric is likely to experience horrific depreciation as the market becomes aware of their imminent mandated obsolescence.
This is something to think about if you plan to buy a new vehicle anytime soon. Peters also speculates that because of cost, not many EVs will actually be sold. If this seems like a game stopper for the EV market, it isn't. Circumstances will force people to rent or lease an EV.
Get them to pay monthly, forever. No more ownership -- no matter how long you pay. Just serial debt in exchange for access to transportation as defined, delimited and controlled by the owner therefore, which probably won't be you.
If so, this means that for all intents and purposes, private ownership of cars will be limited to the well-to-do. The hoi polloi will be reduced to taking on debt or more likely paying month-to-month for the privilege of driving an EV. 
The Masters of the Universe envision a Great Reset in accordance with the United Nations' Agenda 2030. 
Transportation control one of the cogs in their new world construct. The end game of EVs, the Green New Deal, the Paris Climate Accord, facial recognition AI, and possibly things like vaccination permits for travel is more control and power for the elite and less freedom for the rest of us. This highway to the future is leading us straight back to serfdom. 
The people pushing the Great Reset are highly influential and determined. Donald Trump was the one man who was an obstacle to their plans, and look what was done to him on election day. As of this writing, Trump's election victory is close to being brazenly stolen from him right before our eyes. As of today, the matter hangs in the balance. This is an either/or situation. Either America wins or the globalists do.
Image credit: Pixabay public domain
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