Biden Beholden to Radicals

Joe Biden’s call for a time to heal is as laughable as it is dangerous and, frankly, I’m not buying it.  On its face, it appears to be leftwing kumbaya feel-good rhetoric, but it’s really a fake olive branch designed to seduce conservatives to join forces with a self-described army of revolutionaries intent on fulfilling Obama’s goal of fundamentally transforming this nation. 

But Biden is not beloved by what he thinks is his army.  There is no loyalty among his troops.  He is just another useful idiot in their play for radical change.  In fact, Biden’s foot soldiers admit to holding their noses and joining forces with Biden in order to oust Trump and get Biden’s commitment to defund the police and embrace the Green New Deal, among other radical agenda items. 

So what is in this army?  It’s mostly comprised of the PoC and LGBTQ+ Marxists from Black Lives Matter and young people from a “climate revolution youth movement” called the Sunrise Movement.  You may have seen some of their t-shirts at the Joe Biden Super Spreader Celebration.  They may be kids, but don’t underestimate them.  Think Lord of the Flies.

Post-election, the BLM website reminds us of their goals and powerful allegiance with the DNC.  In addition to the ever-present #DefundThePolice, their home page packs a powerful punch with this simple statement:

“Now we transform.  Our fight for liberty, justice, and freedom continues. Together, we can -- and will -- transform.  This is the revolution. Change is coming.”

To state the obvious, this is about seismically forcing America into a Marxist paradise.  No doubt their plans for revolution are cemented by what they perceive as a Biden-Harris victory and they are emboldened.     

As they see it, they’ve expanded the Squad to six by electing BLM activist Cori Bush (D) from St. Louis and “I am Black Lives Matter” Jamaal Bowman (D) from New York to the House; and they’ve extended their progressive reach into mainstream politics by electing Shayla Adams-Stafford (D) to the Prince George’s County School Board in Maryland and Jose Garza (D) as Travis County District Attorney in Texas.

“Whether in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, or Atlanta, Black voters showed up in huge numbers to turn this country around and remove the racist in the White House” they boast on their website. It’s no surprise these four cities -- at the center of this contested election -- are referenced.  Remember BLM leader Hawk Newsome’s promise to achieve black sovereignty “by any means necessary”?  Well, “stuffing ballot boxes” for Biden in targeted cities with large minority populations qualifies as the kind of necessary means needed. 

These radical grassroots groups have a cozy, symbiotic relationship with the DNC.  They are hardwired into the Democrat body politic. The Sunrise Movement is also closely aligned with the DNC and BLM.  They recruit and train middle and high-school students for hardcore climate activism and played an integral role mobilizing the youth vote for Biden.  When your kids are in tears because we are destroying planet Earth, this is who is most likely behind it.  Their activities and affiliations have been exposed at Together with AOC and Justice Democrats, they intend to strongarm Biden into adopting the complete Green New Deal. I don’t anticipate much, if any, actual arm twisting to get their way.  We all know Joe toned down (ahem, lied) about the Green New Deal, fossil fuels, and fracking just to hoodwink moderates into voting for him. 

We conservatives have known a long time that the DNC is controlled by radicals and, thanks to the Sunrise Movement’s self-described “black, queer woman” Nikayla Jefferson, we can read about it.  In  “It’s our Party Now,“ Sunrise takes full credit for electing Biden in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. But they only backed him “for the sake of defeating Trump.”  It’s now time for Joe to pay his radical America piper.  Not to worry -- he’s got experience with Chinese and Ukrainian pipers.

Sunrisers believe progressive messaging is the future of the party -- bolstered by Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman victories and the $15 minimum-wage victory in Florida.  They blame Florida’s loss on a Democrat Party that ran a moderate campaign.  And, take full credit for flipping Georgia and Arizona because of their investment in the Fair Fight and New Georgia Project and LUCHA in Arizona -- “progressive, long-term community organizing, rooted in the needs of working people and aimed at deep structural change.” Although empowered by progressive gains, they are disappointed by Democrats’ unwillingness to go full out commie in this election.

Instead of continuing with the small inroads they’ve made over decades, today’s Sunrisers want the whole enchilada and fast, before climate change kills them.

They know they need the Senate to make a Biden win mean anything legislatively and know that run-off elections in Georgia are key to solidify the Green New Deal.  This is their plan:

So now it’s time for our movement to do what it does best: Organize. Recruit. Train. Act. We continue to build up the most powerful political machine in American politics. Young people of color won this election -- and young people of color will make this movement stronger. This isn’t just the white climate kids’ movement anymore -- this is an intersectional movement for justice. Racial justice, economic justice, immigration justice -- it’s all climate justice. And in our decade of the Green New Deal, justice will be front and center.

We need to organize and pressure Biden with all our might to make sure justice is his priority, too. 

Three things stand out:  first, they brazenly admit this is a machine and, Republicans need to know, a well-oiled one at that.  Second, they’ve already started to purge their white useful idiots. Gonna be a lot of triggered snowflakes that don’t feel safe in the BLM and Sunrise movements.  Republicans must be there to help the wounded pick up the pieces and heal… and come to the Right Side.  And third, this is their party now.  They own and control the DNC and will not go quietly into the night.  They are armed, funded, and dangerous.  The Democrats created this Frankenstein and now have to reckon with it.       

Although swords are drawn between the AOC-Squad-BLM-Sunrise faction of the DNC and Democrats they believe are moderates, it’s really a battle without a cause. Despite Abigail Spanberger’s (D-VA) comments on a recent Democrat Caucus call about losing seats to “socialism,”  there is dwindling empathy among Democrats for that point of view because there are few if any moderates left in the Congress.  The battle for the soul of the DNC was lost to the progressive agenda a long time ago.      

Since this was written, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors penned a letter to Biden and Harris requesting involvement with the Transition Team, and reminded them that “[b]lack people won this election…BLM invested heavily in this election,” and “[w]e want something for our vote.”

Image: Ted Eytan

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