Another American Suicide Attempt

It is an interesting question to contemplate whether a major section of the republic is attempting to expire through an imposed Chinese-Soviet style, God-hating lockdown, or a Nazi-style, narcissist crack-fantasy. Their support for an asinine, motheaten, criminal huckster and his double-dealing, fraudulent, man-eating medusa suggests both are in play.

However, neither will endure. The Soviet Union lasted sixty-nine years. The Nazi’s malevolent chimera lasted twelve years, and even Mao’s brobdingnagian leap backwards was over in a decade, after which the Communist party itself opined that the Cultural Revolution was "responsible for the most severe setback and the heaviest losses suffered by the Party, the country, and the people since the founding of the People's Republic." Of course, now the Chinese are dealing with another iteration of Mao, in the vile Xi Jinping, puppet master of the Democrat Party.

During the “Cultural Revolution,” China was infected by a mass cult hysteria, with angry mobs (antecedents of Antifa, BLM and COVID-maskers) shaking Mao’s Little Red Book into the faces of anyone who looked remotely educated, middle class, intelligent, or prosperous. Today, it will be A Promised Land, ghoul-written on behalf of the worst president in American history, and soon to flood Amazon’s massive distribution network.

In keeping with the upside-down, inside-out comprehension of reality enjoyed by the left, A Promised Land promises to "provide an honest accounting of my presidency, the forces we grapple with as a nation, and how we can heal our divisions and make democracy work for everybody." This leads to the third option -- death by laughter.

Suicide is an irrational act. Those of us who voted for Trump voted for sanity, life, reason, truth, and goodness. Therefore, the victory is ours -- and the left knows it. That is why they are out to destroy us. But you cannot destroy the truth. It is they who have shot themselves in the foot, poked their eyes out, poured cement into their ears and boarded up their minds. They have turned the nation into a padded cell to house their own insanity. To succeed, they need to demand we all become psychotic inmates.

Zyklon B was pumped into Nazi gas chambers to exterminate the sane. Xi Jinping is perpetrating genocide in China through his death camps. However, nothing so messy for the Democrats. They plan to track our every footprint, care of Big Tech, and anaesthetize us, care of Big Pharma. Instead of being branded as the Jews were, we will be implanted with chips and infected with rogue vaccines as the only permitted escape route from COVID lockdown. After COVID, there will be another manufactured plague, until we are lost in absurdity, like Biden in his basement dotage.

Drug dealers are the left’s high priests of Thanatos, (who carries the dead to the underworld),  and they are worshiped by the human trafficking, illegal drug, and organ-harvesting industries, so beloved of the global monopolists, their Democrat partners and their hedge-fund money launderers. Our children dying in the streets from narcotic overdoses are merely collateral damage. President Trump went on the warpath against this evil. Small wonder the traffickers of evil will murder their grandmothers to get rid of him.

So, there is nothing for it! We must continue Trump’s battle against those who wish to ravage our sanity, as they have raped our cities, spat on our Constitution, vomited across the information platform, and turned government into a racket and Ponzi scheme.  

Last year I picked up an interesting book, Not I – Memoirs of a German Childhood by Joachim Fest. Apart from the great Christian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who tirelessly opposed Hitler and was martyred for his opposition, there were few Germans who defied the Nazis. On the contrary, they voted for Hitler in their millions, having been brainwashed by their media (like the Biden voters) and they never bothered to read Mein Kampf. Hitler’s victory infected almost the entire population with Nazi dementia. Joachim Fest’s father was one of the few who remained sane, and the book relates how the family clung onto their moral convictions during the brutalizing Hitler years. The Fest family is our model. A light kept alive in the darkness.

Whether the left’s eclipse of reason is madness by pretense or madness by self-delusion is a moot point. Those who swallow lies become liars. Therefore, both must disguise their madness from themselves. No wonder it is Democrats who insist on masks. What the left fears most is to be unmasked, just as those who suffer from eisoptrophobia, fear the sight of their true reflection.

Let’s hold a mirror close to their lying faces. We’ll scatter them in the hallucination of their grotesque wits, once and for all, and restore the Republic to sanity.

They can’t destroy us all. Let us help them destroy themselves.

Image: PickPik