A Circuit Breaker on Election Night?

According to the media, Trump and his deplorables are doing a great disservice to the nation by demanding assurances about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election.  After all, Joe Biden has been all but inaugurated by news personalities and the Democratic Party, and the social media censors have assured us that there's no evidence of any wrongdoing, so it's obviously just a waste of time and energy to mull the outlandish possibility that Americans are the victims of what Biden described (either carelessly or carefully) as the "most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." 

Funny thing, though: The public doesn't seem to agree that the idea of a stolen election is so fringy.  At the risk of lending credence to that archaic and thoroughly discredited barometer of public opinion known as polling, a new survey shows that not only nearly half of Americans think the election was stolen from Trump, but nearly 30 percent of Democrat voters think the election was stolen from Trump.

That's an incredible number.  Consider that roughly the same percentage of Democrats believe that their own party may have stolen the 2020 election as the percentage of Democrats who are supportive of late-term abortion.  Democrats guilty of having the former suspicion are reviled as members of a fringe cabal of evil conspiracy theorists, while supporters of the latter atrocity write the Democratic Party platform on abortion and earn media applause.  Curious how that works.

The question looms: just how does it come to be that three quarters of Republican and nearly one third of Democrat voters all believe that the election was stolen from Trump?

The reason why so many voters, and even Democrat voters, might believe that this election was stolen is really quite simple.  It's that, much to the media's chagrin, we Americans still have eyes to see the obvious signs of election fraud that exist.

Election night in 2020 was different from anything that I, or anyone else, has ever seen, and there are numerous indicators suggesting that the election was stolen from Trump.  The media's continued pretending that there aren't can only serve to fuel the public's skepticism about the results and our apprehension about the integrity of future elections.

Americans all witnessed the obvious anti-Trump slant in election reporting by the media and pollsters in the weeks leading up to the election, all pointing to a Biden blowout.  We saw the same in 2016, so there was nothing new in that.  Few were buying it this time around, though, and we watched the Vegas odds flip from Donald Trump being a slight underdog early in the day to being an 8-to-1 favorite just a few hours after polls closed on Election Night. 

It was as evident to anyone watching as it was to the gamblers in Vegas that Trump was on the path to victory.  Then everything changed when Arizona was bafflingly called for Biden by Fox News, and news anchors began telling viewers they shouldn't expect any more reported results for the night in the several states where Trump was surging and that it might take days to sort those results out.  All the feverish interest in the results that we'd seen all evening was suddenly gone.

What happened?

At the New York Stock Exchange, trading is halted when the market dips below specified levels during a single trading day.  A seven-percent daily drop in the S&P 500, for example, triggers a 15-minute trading halt.  Another 15-minute halt would occur at a 13-percent daily drop in the index, and trading would end for the day altogether with a 20-percent drop.  These are known as market circuit breakers, and they're designed to halt calamitous market trends.

Such a mechanism should obviously not apply to elections, unless those administrating the elections feel that too significant a trend in one direction would be calamitous.  Yet, for many, this appears to be the most logical explanation for what happened on Election Night.  When Trump looked to be only hours away from securing his victory, a circuit breaker was triggered in those swing states where Trump was surging.

We Americans awoke to an entirely different reality when reporting resumed.  Trump had suddenly become an underdog.  Massive, Biden-heavy ballot dumps and improbable statistical anomalies appeared, particularly in and around cities like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta, which are all run by corrupt Democratic machines.  This aided Biden in recovering from a deficit of hundreds of thousands of votes in those swing states where Trump had only won by tens of thousands of votes only four years ago, and in spite of Trump earning more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history — with the lone exception, we are told to believe, of a doddering, plagiarizing, gropy, unquestionably corrupt swamp creature who hid in the basement throughout the election and has difficulty stringing a sentence together, even when a teleprompter is directing him.

We all saw the unprecedented energy around Trump's campaign in 2020, which earned him 10 million new voters since 2016, including a greater share of all ethnic minorities and women.  And we also saw the equally unprecedented lethargy of Biden campaign events, which couldn't draw more than flies and a few news cameras.  Are we to believe that that guy got more votes than Obama in 2008, and more than Trump in 2020? 

Apparently, for almost half of Americans, our own eyes and simple logic suggest not. 

There's no mystery as to why people have serious questions about what we saw go down on Election Night.  Are we seriously expected to accept that Trump gave up a lead of tens or hundreds of thousands of votes in states like Michigan (which lives under perpetual, soul-sucking, and Democrat-induced COVID lockdowns) or Wisconsin (which has been ravaged by left-wing riots that were stoked and allowed to proliferate by Democratic leadership) or Pennsylvania (in which hundreds of thousands of families subsist on an energy industry that Biden has pledged to destroy), all under cover of darkness and absent ample bipartisan oversight, without substantial proof that fraud didn't take place?

There needs to be a truthful and believable explanation as to how and why this coordinated circuit breaker was triggered on Election Night, if not to reverse the trajectory of the election that all Americans were witnessing.  Americans have never seen anything like it, or the countless irregularities that followed.  An engaged citizenry should demand answers for all of this.  And an honest, functioning media would certainly demand accountability for it, rather than suggesting that anyone questioning it is somehow a threat to our democracy.

After all, if the scenario were reversed, does any among us think Democrats would be demanding anything less than answers and accountability?

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