2020: This is Why Truth Matters

Scottish scholar Alexander Tytler once observed that the life cycle of a Republic only lasts about 200 years. The United States of America has gone past that expectation. Is our time up? Upon completing the work in drafting our Constitution, a woman asked Ben Franklin what kind of government did they create. He replied, “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

America has now reached that inflection point. Many have observed the steady deterioration over time of our moral underpinnings. If we assess the so-called seven cultural mountains, we are not encouraged. Schools do not teach kids how to think but what to think and chastise those who get out of line. Our arts and entertainment encourages hedonism over honor, our media chooses propaganda over truth, social media businesses entrusted with promoting our First Amendment rights censor them, and the evidence of government corruption within our agencies to include our FBI and Justice Department is stunning. It is quite possible (as pondered here), that we’ve slipped below the minimum threshold of integrity to keep our nation intact.

The danger of this is far greater than any virus. We know in various degrees about the corrupt intent to disrupt this administration. Attorney General William Barr may be a good man, but his lack of production in addressing this threat may be the greatest failure of our government.  The wheels of justice may move slowly, but not necessarily so. This cancerous threat of treason has now metastasized. The integrity of our election is now infected. There has always been voter fraud, but evidence suggests that it has never been close to this level. The vital connection between the will of the people and their desired representatives is now in jeopardy.

This isn’t about Donald Trump, as it’s way more important than any single president. This isn’t about allegiance to any political party. This is about truth and justice upon which this nation stands. As a military officer I swore an oath to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help me, God. I no longer wear the uniform, but the oath remains as long as I am alive. It was an honor to serve our country. It still is. If the citizens of this nation legitimately selected the Biden-Harris ticket, then I would be extremely sad that we the people have chosen the weakest executive team in the history of our Republic to be our leaders. However, it is truth that matters, and I would not only accept but honor that choice and with my family make the necessary preparations for the ensuing burdensome consequences that lay ahead.

But the evidence does not suggest that. As reported by many, including Scott Hounsell over at Red State, there are numerous examples in five different states of potential massive fraud. This is not trivial. This is not a time for Republicans to say “Oh, well. Better luck next time, they got us on this one.” Other pundits, trying to appear above the fray, are saying that for the good of the country, don’t drag this out. For the good of the country? Without truth, justice, and legitimate elections, there is no country. The ability to vote and to have it accurately counted is the only civil voice we the people have.

To be disenfranchised means freedom is only an illusion. The importance of this cannot be overstated. This should concern every Democrat, Republican, Independent -- every American (except those who perpetrated the fraud). No, this is the proverbial hill that we should die on. This is the place where we must make our stand.

The enemies of this Republic have chosen this to be the battleground. They’ve challenged the American will and commitment to truth. Okay, so let’s get it on. It’s a call to arms -- not for riots, looting, and mayhem -- that’s the enemy’s choice of tactics. Our armament is truth, as no lie can defeat truth; it can only mask it. It’s time to take off the mask. For those who have recognized these disruptive physical manifestations as the result of a deeper spiritual battle, then the weapon of choice is prayer. We can’t make America great without God and we can’t operate America great without truth. The two are congruent. As Augustine said, “All truth is God’s truth” and a national attitude of patience, calmness, and prayer is fully warranted. Be vigilant, support where you can, and ignore the media, as they haven’t been purveyors of truth in a very long time. We the people will seek and discover the truth and root out this evil, deceitful cancer. As a nation, we will be victorious. If we wish to keep our Republic, there is no other option.

Tom McAllister is a business consultant and author of the book, Short Strolls in Faith.

Image: Pixy

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