2020 Stakes Are High for Everyone, but They're Higher for Democrats

As the fight over electoral votes continues, the stakes are high for conservatives.  Countless writers have done a good job explaining this, from John Zmirak to Stella Morabito.  But the stakes are even higher for Democrats and liberals.

Let's think about why.

All signs point to an increasing amount and authenticity of evidence for voter fraud.  While I have many criticisms of liberals, I can say one thing about them that hints of praise.  Discounting corrupt leaders at the top, most liberals treasure their sense of righteousness as the most important motivating factor in what they do.  As horrible as are many things liberals do, one cannot deny that liberals rally powerfully around their "causes," their collective convictions that injustices exist and their progressive solutions are the right ones.

Many of us on the right would call the left's moral certainty "self-righteousness."  But let us proceed for the time being with the assumption, for argument's sake, that we can call it simply righteousness, as in the compelling belief in the rightness of one's beliefs.  So powerful is the left's righteousness that leftists win many arguments simply by rhetorical force.  They are so unrelenting in their argumentation that conservatives, who are accustomed to having weak-willed and wobbling leaders, concede to them out of sheer awe before the liberals' perseverance.

Many things have happened that should have exposed the flaws in liberals' righteous self-perception, ranging in seriousness from the sexual sins of Democratic donors like Harvey Weinstein and Ed Buck to the vast financial corruption behind the left's fake environmentalism, the Clinton Foundation, and the Bidens' graft in hotspots like Ukraine and China.

But those things, for various reasons, didn't "stick."  As numerous as these skeletons were, they weren't numerous enough to break open the closet where the left's alliance of media, academia, and politicians hid them.  Many conservatives, busy with their daily lives, didn't know much about these scandals and never connected their moral implications to the liberals they argued with in their daily lives.

The election of 2020 is different.  Having been through a year of COVID and urban unrest, issues that would normally remain distantly political felt extremely personal to Americans.  Both issues developed a partisan taste, because the left weaponized COVID against the right and the right weaponized urban unrest against the left. Both issues produced an obvious disconnect between what people experienced in their daily lives and what liberal-dominated commentators were saying in the media.

Carrying a newfound personal urgency with them to the polls, many people went to great lengths to cast their ballots. Their voting felt intimate and important.  And then the election became a disaster that dragged on for weeks.  Prior to the election, the left told us there would be no problem with mail ballots.  Then when the mail ballots caused nightmares in terms of tabulation, verification, security, and timeliness, the left told us there would be no proof of fraud.  Then, as more testimonials of fraud surfaced and the strange statistics heightened our suspicions, the left told us there was fraud but it was not widespread.  This, too, broke down as we saw more solid evidence of voting "irregularities" in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, enough states to make us consider "widespread" a perfectly appropriate adjective.

Finally, the left said these widespread frauds would not reach an amount large enough to reverse the election.  And then Sidney Powell released the Kraken, revealing cold statistics about the millions of votes tabulated by a digital balloting company that nobody sane could trust.

People can disagree about abortion, military policy, homosexuality, education, health care, or any major issue.  But nobody likes liars.  Nobody trusts liars.  The worst thing that can happen to a group of people is to develop a reputation for lying, especially in the realm of democratic politics, where your entire right to hold office depends upon the public's faith in your word.

Perhaps worse than lying is cheating.  You can let it pass if you catch your girlfriend telling you a fib here and there, but when you catch her in bed with your best friend, that's almost always a deal-breaker.  There's a special contempt reserved for sports teams that get trophies based on bad calls by referees, especially if you find out the referees were bribed.  People detest boxing matches that turn out to have been fixed.  In twenty years as a professor, I recall vividly how deeply people's reputations sank if they got caught cheating.  Often other students would despise their cheating classmates much more than the professors would care.

Sometimes it seems as though liberals would like racism and sexism to be classified as more severe than lying and cheating.  For whatever reason, they've never succeeded at changing people's moral compass in that way.  Even most liberals view dishonesty as a worse character trait than prejudice, which explains partly why so many of their attacks on supposed racists involve accusing them of a hidden prejudice that the accused would deny.

The left lied and cheated — not everybody on the left, but enough so that Joe Biden, no matter what happens in the future, will be associated permanently in the minds of Trump-supporters with lies and cheating.

Unlike earlier scandals, the dishonesty surrounding Biden's 2020 election margins has taken hold of an enormous number of Americans.  A recent poll found that 47% of people responding to pollsters believed it likely that Biden's victory came from cheating.

That statistic is simply catastrophic.  Even worse is the probability that the "shy Trump voter" who skewed the polls prior to the election is probably also afraid to tell a pollster what he really thinks about voter fraud.

I don't believe that the percentage of Americans who think the liberals cheated will go down.  It will only increase.  While only God knows the full truth, all the evidence I've seen from Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis points to the high chance that more evidence (and increasingly substantial evidence) will come out revealing massive, nationwide fraud perpetrated to steal a presidential election.

Let's go back to the metaphor of the cheating girlfriend.  If you have a girlfriend who nags and belittles you constantly, telling you every hour that you're doing something wrong, and then you catch her in bed with your best friend, the damage to your girlfriend's position will be multiplied because not only will she lose her confidence in dealing with you — also, you will have undergone a mental change and simply won't put up with her criticism for a long time.

Think of Trump-supporters and Biden-supporters as a boyfriend and girlfriend in just such a relationship.  We came visited early to surprise our girlfriend, and there she is in flagrante delicto, right in the bedroom, curtains blowing in the breeze, with the sleaziest gang of Democratic fraudsters and Republican collaborators.

Over time, liberals will have to concede that they're caught.  Their loss of righteousness will cost them more dearly than anything that they've ever lost in the past, because their righteousness was the fuel that animated them for so many decades.  Eventually, it will sink in that they were on the side of lying and cheating, not only through silent complicity, but also through their vicious mockery of Trump-supporters during the naïve weeks when they maintained the façade that no fraud took place.

And they will have to deal with us, their boyfriend.  It shocked liberals that after four years of demonizing Trump, they found that he won ten million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016.  Liberals must confront the reality that we haven't believed them in a long time and that much of their passionate rhetoric has been falling on deaf ears, unbeknownst to them.

But it will get worse.  Millions of Trump-supporters who were content with shyness and silence before will now feel emboldened to stand up to liberals.  They have nothing to lose, since this election fiasco has made it clear that liberals will lie and cheat, so we can't trust any of their conciliatory measures or promises of collaboration, healing, or unity.

With the stain of dishonesty, liberals will lose everything.  Stripped of righteousness, none of the data they cite to promote their views on climate change, immigration, or anything else will hold weight.

They have to decide whether it is worth it to continue pretending Biden's "win" came with no reasonable suspicions.  I don't think it is.  I think if they trudge ahead, sticking to the same story, they face a catastrophe that will be far worse than swallowing their pride, admitting they got the fraud issue wrong, and letting a real investigation play out.

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Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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