Trump Is the Muhammad Ali of the Oval Office

One day when I was a boy sitting in front of the black-and-white TV in our family room, a sports reporter interviewed a young man by the name of Cassius Clay.  He was getting ready to fight the then–heavyweight champion of the world, Floyd Patterson.  The press and fans loved Floyd Patterson.  He was a proper gentleman: soft-spoken and...well, a real nice guy who knew how to stay in his lane.

With the microphone in front of him, the young man took no time in letting the reporter and world know that he was going to give the reigning champ a "whooping."  He was going to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."  Leaning into the microphone, he jutted his head up and declared himself to be the greatest of the greatest of all fighters.

Sitting next to me were my parents with what I can best describe as a horrified and revolted look on their faces.  You know, grimacing, face twitching...the whole works.  They just sat there, speechless, staring at the TV.  But then it started...both couldn't believe this guy running his mouth the way he did.  Belittling your opponent and stating how great you are were not acceptable to the establishment.  It just wasn't how things were done, and so on and so forth.

I didn't dare open my mouth.  I fought the smile wanting to appear on my youthful face.  This guy had just shattered all rules of decorum.  Who is this guy?  I felt energized by his wanton disregard of others' opinions.  It didn't was his world, and he was saying the way it's going to be.  Then the fight happened, and he did what he said he was going to do to Floyd Patterson, and the rest is history for the man who became Muhammad Ali.

Fast-forward to 2016.  I'm sitting in front of a big-screen TV, watching Donald Trump and Melania coming down the escalator in Trump Tower.  A crowd of reporters wait below with microphones thrust upward.  Arriving at the bottom, Trump announces that he's going to be the next president of the United States.  There was no question for him...that was the way it was going to be.  Déjà vu?

Once stepping into the presidential election ring, Trump pasted Hillary Clinton with a roundhouse punch by labeling her...Crooked Hillary — a title that still sticks to her like Gorilla Glue.  But first, before he'd be the one running against her, he'd have to knock off sixteen presidential Republican "wannabes."  And knock them off he did.

Mirrored Styles

Muhammad Ali in his prime was...jab, jab, jab, dance away...jab, jab...right hook...front foot forward, always moving, forcing his opponent to react to him.  Never standing still, always emerging victorious.  Ali was the never-ending author of events happening both in and out of the ring.  It's who Muhammad Ali was, and it's what you either loved about him or hated about him.  There was no middle ground on people's opinion about the champ.

And just like Ali declaring ahead of a fight that he'd be victorious, Donald Trump does the same.  Trump, like Ali, is a force to be reckoned with.

You'd have to be blind, crippled, and crazy not to understand what Trump is doing.  He's unrelenting in keeping the Democrats, RINOs, and the media out of step and off balance.  All they can do is flail away at him.  They're weak and can't help themselves.  Trump's jabs and right hooks are the tweets that he throws in flurries, as Ali did with his fists.  The media's infantile minds seem capable only of parroting gotcha questions rather than asking factual questions.

Democrats, aided by their partners in the media, make up never-ending stories about Trump using unproven assertions while the majority of the Republicans spinelessly sit back, leaving Trump to do battle on his own.  Doesn't matter to Trump — on behalf of us, he's on the attack, front foot forward.  This is a warrior's fight, and not for political hacks.

Like Ali, Trump's the master puppeteer forcing all to react to him.  I find it entertaining the way his opponents react.  Are the media and the rest of the ideologues that stupid?  Or is it because they're blinded in their frustration of no longer being able to control and manipulate outcomes as they once did?  They remind me of fighters in the ring getting punched in the head too many times, but the referee isn't stopping the fight.

But unlike Ali, Trump doesn't "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."  Trump just keeps coming at them, more in the style of George Foreman, relentlessly delivering pounding head and body know, like the epic fight in Africa, when Foreman broke Ali's jaw.  Also, unlike Ali, Donald Trump will never play rope-a-dope.

Is Trump breaking the swamp's jaw?  I think so.  The results he's produced the last three and a half–plus years have been jackhammers to their lies about him and our great country.  He's exposed the swamp creatures for the frauds they are.

Many will always regard Muhammad Ali as the greatest boxer who ever lived.  I believe that when the dust settles, Donald Trump will be regarded as the greatest president our country has ever had.  In the meantime, America needs this fearless warrior in the ring, scoring points for our children's future.

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