The Son of Cuban Exiles Explains Why to Vote for Trump

I am a first-generation American, son of two immigrants.  My parents came as youngsters to the U.S. as exiles due to fear of what the future would hold in Cuba after Fidel Castro's revolution.

Their beloved country, Cuba, seemed to be so toxic that the only option would be to uproot to a foreign land.  What contemplations went through my grandparents' mind?  What fears did they harbor but not convey to their children?  I never met my grandparents, so I didn't have the opportunity to ask them.

I believe that their decision to leave Cuba was based on the most powerful emotion of all: love — love for their children at all cost.  I arrive at this conclusion because that's the type of household I was raised in, one in which the love my parents conveyed to my brother and me was a love that is everlasting and always made us secure.

Now I am a parent, and I reflect on what it would be like to leave your roots behind and venture to a land where the language is unknown, relationships aren't established, and everything is undetermined.  I have the perspective now as a husband and father, and many times, I have contemplated and reflected on the magnitude of the decision my grandparents were faced with.  How dire must the situation have been to send their sons and daughters to a place hoping for a better future?  Yes, today we know the results, so for me to judge the decision is easy.

Life forces us to make decisions at the moment, prior to knowing the outcome.  Thankfully, my grandparents made the brave decision to defect and were able to provide a better future for their children.

This nation is facing an election of unprecedented intensity.  Democrats and Republicans are at odds with one another on any and every topic.  What decision do I make for my children?  What vote do I cast for their future?  Compromise doesn't exist, vitriol is at the forefront, and who suffers?  We do!

My great-grandmother, Abuela Fela, was an exemplary woman.  Way ahead of her time.  She would emphasize a phrase to the family: "en la Unión está la fuerza" — strength in unity.  She was so prophetic!  This phrase is incredibly relevant today and emblematic of how this country became great in the first place.

Unity is where the strength is found.  Unity is central to my message.  That is why I am writing to say we need to all unite and support President Donald J. Trump.  I believe he is the president who will preserve the future for which my grandparents fled Cuba.

Trump is not a perfect person.  Quite frankly, none of us is.  But I do believe he is the perfect president for this moment.  I believe we need to unite against the forces that have been telling Americans what to believe — the mainstream media, universities, Hollywood, pop culture, and Silicon Valley.  They have been preaching that America is systemically racist, minorities are oppressed, climate change is the world's biggest danger, a fetus in the womb isn't a life, guns are innately dangerous, poverty is due to a lack of capital investment in the area, Trump is a Russian asset, Trump isn't conservative, Trump isn't religious, Trump's candidacy is a marketing ploy, Trump was a terrible business man,  Trump has zero chance to beat Clinton, Trump has no path to 270 electoral votes, Trump is racist, Trump will lead us to world war, Trump colluded with Russia, Trump tried to extort Ukraine, Trump is profiting from being president, Trump moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would create massive turmoil and chaos, Trump is a white supremacist sympathizer, and so forth.

Every day for the last several years, the mainstream media have regurgitated negative and defamatory narratives that have proven untrue, baseless, and without merit.  Why do we choose to listen and inform ourselves with sources that are perpetually wrong and misleading?  Why do we continue to seek distorted information continually parroted by the news media in coordination with the Democrat party and social media platforms?  Pay close attention, and you will notice that the message delivered by Democrat politicians coincidentally ends up being identical to what the news media deliver.  The coordination is remarkable and frightening.

Without a free and unbiased press, we simply have propaganda. Can you recall a positive news story covered by the MSM on the Trump administration?  I certainly can't.  Accomplishments such as a booming economy prior to COVID, Middle East peace deals, the revival of NASA, trade deals with Mexico and Canada, and all-time lows in unemployment are never covered.  None of these accomplishments receives any substantive positive coverage. That doesn't benefit anyone — to have facts withheld.

Most Americans, I feel, are honest, fair-minded, decent people.  Americans have difficulty conceiving of the coordination and corruption that has infested our news organizations. All of us need to inform ourselves of the sources bringing us the news and resist the temptation of headline-reading, opinion-infused news, activist experts, and poll-tested talking points to elicit specific results.

This election is far greater than choosing between political parties, or specific policy differences.  This election is about the choice between preserving the core values and principles of the United States of America or overhauling the greatest republic in human history.

I quote Thomas D. Klingenstein, chairman of the Claremont Institute: "Trump is the perfect man for these times — not all times, perhaps not most times, but these times."  What a perfect description.  So I ask you to unite and preserve the sacrifices of our ancestors and vote for President Donald J. Trump.  Trump has had our back and has taken all the arrows on our behalf.  The time has now come for we the people to have his back.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.