The Left's 'Mostly Peaceful' Revolution/Coup

Since the advent of the Trump presidency, the left engaged their greatest minds in planning the “Russia Hoax Coup” and then the impeachment farce. Having failed miserably at both, they are now carrying out an information operation to sell maundering Joe Biden as inevitable in his attempt to win the coming Presidential Election.

They insist that Joseph Biden is leading Trump in the polls by an insurmountable 16%. Before the end of October, the New York Times and the Washington Post both will run articles using anonymous sources in the Trump Administration expounding on how they believe Biden will deservedly win in a landslide but fear the president is planning on stealing the election with the help of Vladimir Putin. CNN and MSNBC will have on ex-generals and other retired military officers expressing lugubrious concern for the future of the republic.

Or… something like that.

Joe Biden is not winning. It does not matter what the polls say. It is preposterous to believe that people would vote for someone in such obvious mental decline for the most important (and dangerous) job on the planet. The man almost never leaves his basement and when he meets with voters, he can barely fill a room, whereas Trump packs stadiums and their environs with many thousands of screaming, enthusiastic supporters. There is no enthusiasm for a revivified Biden who can scarcely finish a sentence or stop making borderline racial slurs by implying black women have best served his bid for the presidency by being good at stocking grocery shelves during his pandemic cellar dwelling.

Yet, when you have the media as a fully owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, it is easy to propagate the million little lies needed to sell the big lie. Examples of their prevarications are: Woodward’s “Trump hid COVID’s danger” revelation; the Atlantic’s “Trump insulted soldiers” expose; the New York Times release of Trump’s taxes and the supposedly shocking information they contained, and lastly, the coordinated accusations that Trump embraces white supremacists (fabled but despicable creatures rarely seen in the wild).

Oh, and Trump’s COVID diagnosis is fake.

The left believes that if they can convince people that “Aphasic” Joe is guaranteed to win in November, they will have an easier time selling the public on the notion that Trump’s subsequent landslide will be the result of him having stolen the election.

They can then release Antifa and the violent sections of BLM onto the streets to prosecute “will of the people” riots to exact punishment on the Americans who dared to support Trump. It would be a shame to allow Antifa, after having practiced violence and mayhem these last few months, to go unutilized when they can be most advantageous as the tip of the “resistance” spear. Nebulous left-wing organizations have been training these organic “protestors” for more than three years, it is about time they made a real difference.

In conjunction with the chaos in the streets, armed “mostly peaceful” protestors will be protesting in “mostly non-arson” related ways in front of every elected Republican’s home while others will accost them in “mostly non-brutal” physical ways when they are spotted anywhere in public. They intend to emasculate their political opposition by intimidating every adversary into terrified silence. They will do the same with the Supreme Court and its justices -- especially the new one, the Catholic who has the powerful dogma living within.

Google will skew search results to always paint President Trump as illegitimate. Twitter of course will suspend the president’s account because it would be undemocratic to allow him to speak directly to Americans. Facebook will do the same. All this will be done to prevent Trump from lying to the people about what is obviously a popular national uprising to award Joseph Biden the presidency he won fair and square, despite how the obviously “stolen” election pans out. At least that is how the media and Big Tech will paint it.

Having accomplished this feat, leaders of their “will of the people” syncretic revolution will implore Democrat governors to support the rebellion by threatening to secede while others on the left and in the media start to work on beseeching the armed forces to depose President Trump in a “mostly Democrat” coup should a pervicacious Trump refuses to leave voluntarily.

Their dream is to have the military intervene and hopefully, “frog march” the president out of the White House as a means of preserving the union. Wouldn’t that make a nice chapter for the history books?

After his coronation on January 20, 2021, the gormless Biden will unfortunately succumb to COVID due to Trump’s alleged criminal mishandling of the pandemic. Or he will be assassinated by Trump-supporting white supremacists (but only if the left feels the need to purge the populace of disbelievers and disobeyers).

In the perfervid fantasies of Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and Ocasio-Cortez, Trump will be charged with sedition.

In their vision of the future, as the nation mourns the fallen Biden, Madame President Kamala Harris, ready from day one, will go about the business of creating the “fundamental change” promised by an apotheosized Barack Obama.

All this, while the more than 200 million people in this country who own in excess of 400 million guns, including the 20 million sold this year alone, will clean their weapons and decide what to do next.

It does not have to be this way. It comes down to something Joe Biden begged his supporters to do in the debate. And that is to vote. What is written above is merely one possible scenario. Just as in all reality shows, Americans can vote them off the island, shattering their dreams. 

By now people realize that a “Harris/Biden” administration will come for people’s guns. If only half of the people who own firearms or bought them in 2020 vote for Trump, he would win by a landslide of such magnitude it will be impossible for any of this to work despite what the media says. In addition, if even a small fraction of Blacks and Hispanics abandon the Democrats, it would make all the difference.

And we need not cede the streets to Antifa. They may be better trained than they were a few years ago, but there has never been a better trained and armed populace in the history of humanity than the United States citizenry. Every hunter is something of a sniper and gun owners, many of them veterans, far outnumber any potential rebels even a combined Antifa and BLM could field.

It really all comes down to us. Most Americans love America and want nothing to do with the left’s transformation of the nation into a socialist hellhole run by leftist tyrants. We need to get out and vote in such numbers that their schemes cannot succeed.

We Americans control our own destiny. We can save our country and the world again.

Now that would make a fine chapter in the history books.

The author can be found on Twitter @williamlgensert

Image: Daniel Arauz

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