The End of Covid Hysteria


Most of the nation was stunned by the news that Donald and Melania Trump had contracted COVID.  I found out early morning the night after it was announced.  Already the Democrat/media complex was gleefully hoping for death, reportedly focusing on Trump’s “cavalier attitude” towards COVID precautions.  As the center-right media began to report the left’s response, the obvious was clear.  Few on the right would have reacted that way had Biden contracted it.  Recognized by a few heavies in the leftist echo chamber, Twitter actually began taking these ugly rants down.

The amount of insanity and hysteria poured into Trump's diagnosis by the Democrat/media complex the rest of the weekend was almost funny to watch.  Did his doctor lie?  Did he lie?  What about the 25th Amendment, the procedure of presidential replacement, the coming election, the pending Supreme Court appointment, the number of people surrounding him who were infected?  How dare he take a five-minute ride with Secret Service agents to thank his well wishers!  Non-stop around the clock hysteria.  Almost none of it was helpful, and most of it was true as believing the sky is falling.

Gotta love our responsible, fact-driven media.

Now that Trump has communicated how well he is doing -- no fever, no difficulty breathing, that he was only at the hospital for precautionary reasons -- there is hope that this new hysteria could die a deserved death.  News that he is back working must be sending a chill up the spine of the hysteria shills.  Trump’s physicians have all confirmed it, he is doing well, with no issues at this point.

Now, things could change, but in the likely event he fully recovers, prepare for the beginning of the end to this “COVID-crisis”. 

Fact is, most of the country is sick of the hysteria.  Most simply want to live their lives, intelligently with caution, and return back to what we all remember was a decent life.   Let me give some personal anecdotal examples:  Everywhere I go, for business, the grocery store, car maintenance, dentists, doctors, dinner, you name it:  A masked conversation is ended by saying I can’t wait until we don’t have to wear these masks (governor’s orders!).  We could see each other and communicate again.  In hundreds of conversations, ALL have responded how much they look forward to that.  My reply:  I can’t wait until we only see masks in hospitals.  The agreement is quick, affirmative, robust.  Most saying, “I am so over this…..”

Yes, anecdotal, but most polling reflects this as a major cultural current.  People are worn out from the hysteria.   They want a return to normalcy.

I recall noticing the first time Trump pivoted his stance to reopening the country on April 4.  Since then, he has been pushing how important it is to open the economy, open schools, open most everything with appropriate caution, with intelligence. 

And of course, the Democrat response has been “to not let this crisis go to waste.”  Meaning: let’s try to hurt Trump's re-election prospects by blaming it on him, by shutting down Democrat-run states with harder lock downs.  It' hiding behind “protecting the public” in order to hold down economic data so Trump can be blamed for a poor economy.

You might ask, what kind of people would do that?  Well, the modern Democrats would.  Let me say it loud and clear, the Democrat-media complex has attempted to use this crisis with hysterical responses to everything to hurt Trump.  Hurting the American people?  Who cares?  They don't care.

What kind of people do that in the middle of a pandemic?  Rhetorical.

Before the debate, Trump said what most of us on the right thought:  The left was trying to harm him politically.  He intimated it again during the presidential debate.  The message: Democrats like the control they have, and will use it again. 

So here it is.  The election issue this week (maybe to November) is about opening America up, coming back to normal.  Trump repeated the Democrat talking points back to Joe, and to Joe’s friend the moderator, that Democrats would lock down America again.  Making them eat their words, Trump set up one of the top issues heading into November.  He framed it perfectly.

They will lock you down in a heartbeat.  Trump wants America free. 

They will mandate masks everywhere.  Trump wants you to be informed, but to head towards normalcy.

They want to continue the hysteria.  Trump wants to end it.

Providentially, this has now becoming the issue.  A way-too-drunk-on-its-own-power big state/media complex is telling you what you need to do, preventing you from going to church.  Opening your business.  Going to work.  Going to dinner.   Going to school.  Playing sports.  Living life.  Pursuing happiness.

Most want what Trump has wanted since April, is to open America up. Fully. There has been serious push-back in the scientific community on the Democrat position of cowering in place.  Yes, that’s what it is.  That’s what they want.  Do you see people walking alone outside with a mask on?  Or riding bikes masked?  Or those who drive masked in their car by themselves?  Yes, those are the ones who have succumbed to the Democrat/media hysteria.

They are the ones they want all of us to be like.  Uninformed, emotion-based, fearful, unscientific, but above all, hysterical.

And that’s the battle that must be won, the battle against hysteria.  Going back to my anecdotal discussions, let me say, other than the occasional masked driver alone in their car, the message the American public (the wanting-to-live American public) wants is return to normal.  

This is going to be an amazing thing to watch as Trump recovers.

Does anyone believe he is not going to use this experience as a way to bolster his reopening position?  Does anyone think the hens in the media clucking about how dangerous this all is are going to win the narrative now?

I’m going out on a limb, but this is the kind of issue, brought up in the most providential way possible, that turns elections.  Michael Moore (decoded) says: Oh crap, he got it, and will fight it off, because there is less than 1% chance that he’ll die. So I’m going to start a conspiracy theory that he’s faking it. Yep, that’s the ticket. Meaning, that Michael Moore, as crazy as he is, understands narratives.  Heck, he’s made up some huge false ones before, so he knows what a true one can do.

And the truth is, this is the beginning of the end for COVID hysteria.  The president, and first lady, are not likely to have a big issue with this, just like the vast majority of 99%-plus, of Americans.  And this will become the story, in spite of Democrat/media complex attempts to claim the contrary.

Think of sleepy Joe and his absence of a campaign.  As Trump runs the country vigorously with COVID, Joe calls a lid most days before 10 in the morning.

Let’s just say this highlights the difference between two men, and two campaigns.  The one has had a massive, and mostly unreported, outpouring of sympathy and good-will from his supporters.  The other has supporters who wished death to the president, and a media that will be neutered from furthering their hysteria.

Trump will beat them again.

Because now the public will know that if the president can beat it this easily at his age, the rest of us can, too.

We’re so over this…….

Image credit: The Hill, video screen shot, via shareable YouTube.

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