The Democrats' Abuse of Children in 2020

In a single year, Democrats have abused more children than all of Epstein's Orgy Island would have in one hundred. Epstein was going to serve life behind bars for crimes against potentially hundreds of young people; what will happen to Democrats that continue to destroy the innocent lives numbering in the millions?

Nothing fired up decent people like Netflix's release of Cuties, and despite the outrage, it remains available to stream. Sure, they might lose a few subscribers for the pornographic and despicable portrayal of prepubescent girls, who, according to the film's IMDB parent guide, consume and mimic porn, take photos of their genitals, dance suggestively, and perform all sorts of lascivious acts that warrant a suggested R rating. As one commenter at Townhall noted, if this content were anywhere else other than Netflix, say on one's personal computer, there would be police knocking down the door. 

As bad as Cuties was, at least the damage was contained to a few girls whose lives were already in the decline, given that they are growing up in homes with parents who think it's acceptable to sell them off to the highest sexual bidder. That Democrats celebrate this as art and can then accuse Amy Coney Barrett of being a bad mom should repulse every parent.

The real abuse has come from the Democrat's response to the coronavirus. As of this writing, the CDC has released data showing that the survival rate for those between the ages 0-19 was 99.997%. God forbid any child is struck down by this mystery illness, but to live in a perpetual state of paralysis from coronavirus concerns belies the ease of which parents, and society as a whole, accept tragic losses in every other form. The toll on mental health is incalculable. The fear around this specific threat is also unprecedentedly unusual.

Consider, for example, that approximately 1,800 children die each year in automobile accidents and another 700 are killed when struck by a car in a pedestrian situation. Do we ban the transportation of young people? Another 1,000 children die from drowning. Do we make pools, lakes, and oceans illegal to enjoy? 

And those are just deaths. Recreation is a minefield of potential harm for our cherished children, but we would never consider removing all elements of play from their lives. Estimates for just two winter activities alone are scary; 33,000 annual sledding injuries and 50,000 skiing injuries send our tykes to the emergency room. Every parent can recount the dozens of other ways their offspring experience a dreadful or scary incident. Democrats are also silent when it comes to the approximately 150,000 toy-related injuries children suffer each year. Do we outlaw fun and games? 

Perhaps most poignantly, they have never before suggested that society shut down in response to the, admittedly undercounted, 200 annual flu deaths for those under the age of 17. Democrats and their indoctrinated followers constantly tell us rubes that coronavirus is not like the flu; they're right, it's less deadly.

In response to this natural biological event, the Democrats' response has been endless and harmful lockdowns. Schools in particular have been emptied, both out of the irrational fear of many teachers (who, by no coincidence, are overwhelmingly Democrats themselves) and the same irrationality of parents. Again, if those parents don't remove their kids from school during flu season, it's a losing argument they're making.

School closures undoubtedly hurt academics, but that's fine, because many schools have replaced traditional learning with heavy doses of white privilege and white supremacy sessions anyways.

Where school closures make a lasting impact, though, is on the emotional well-being of our young people, who rely on social interactions to meet emotional and psychological needs. The data is clear and conclusive: Our children, especially those of lower socioeconomic status (black lives matter, right?), are hurting right and we can't even begin to comprehend the lasting damage this is being done to psyches and mental health.
For example, according to an ABC news report," The consensus of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) and American Psychiatric Association (APA) is that they generally support the CDC's push to reopen schools for the sake of children's mental and developmental health." We were told to believe the experts, right? The article continues, noting "[e]xperts agree that school has a tremendous influence on a child's health and well-being. Extended school closure can be very harmful to children's learning and the development of social skills."

In terms of how blacks lives apparently do not matter in all cases, "[m]ental health experts are especially concerned about the vulnerable population, including children with emotional, learning, and physical disabilities, as well as those in foster care or poverty, and for whom English is a second language."

Another expert, "one of the nation's most prominent pediatricians" according to an NPR story, "argues that the risks to children's learning, social-emotional development and mental health need to be better balanced with the risks of spreading the coronavirus." Listen to the experts, they tell us.

We are trying.

The NPR story goes on to note that a "new study in JAMA Pediatrics...documents elevated depression and anxiety among children under lockdown." Scary, but not surprising. And, as if this mental health abuse were not enough, this same doctor identifies that child abuse is on the rise since schools, which, since they employ mandatory reporters and are often the only contact an abused or neglected child might have outside the home, are less likely to catch wind of abuse or neglect."

Even as far back as April, Psychology Today was already finding that the lockdowns were having a negative and detrimental impact on young people. It found that "[s]tudies so far indicate that the pandemic could have negative effects on children's physical and mental health, and yet parents do not have the appropriate mental health or counseling skills to help their children or themselves." Imagine what five - and counting - additional months are doing to the emotional state of children. Moreover, "due to restrictions to routine lifestyle, psychosocial stress caused by home confinement or isolation could further exacerbate the harmful effects on the child's physical and mental health."

In April as well, Lancet, the world-renowned medical journal, was already noticing the effect of mandated lockdowns and stay-at-home orders on the mental health of individuals, especially those with identified conditions. Their research found that, of the over 2,000 patients in their cohort, "83% said the pandemic had made their conditions worse" and "26% said they were unable to access mental health support." It should be assumed that conditions only deteriorate over time. If these figures represent peoples' wellbeing in April, what is the cost that has been paid as we enter October?

Prior to the forced closure of society in response to a virus, young people were already struggling. Mental health crises were reported like never before; this has only made it worse. If Democrats force these lockdowns on us, which singularly multiply the cases of mental health and emotional wellbeing concerns, how can any other conclusion be reached that they aren't responsible? Blue state governors, as well as the cult of leftist media and celebrity personalities, that try so hard to shame good people for wanting to return to much-needed normalcy deserve our anger.

In 2020, two truisms can be noted. First, the virus has done what viruses always do: Sweep through vulnerable populations with deadly efficiency. Second, the Democrats have done what Democrats always do: Ruin countless lives through failed policies. 

Parker Beauregard writes cultural commentary from a lens of traditional American values. He has been published on American Thinker, Human Events, Liberty Nation, and Right Wire Report. He blogs at Contact him at

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