The Biden Crisis

If you want to know why early voting stinks, the burgeoning Biden crisis should inform you.  Estimates are that about 50 million Americans have voted, as of this writing.  That’s before or as the gravest scandal in the history of presidential politics unfolds. 

The allegations against Joe Biden are stunning.  They involve corruption and the risk of treason.  Influence-peddling with the Chinese, Russians, and Ukrainians, to the tune of multimillions of dollars pocketed by Biden and his family.  The PRC, Putin, and others appear to have the goods on Biden.  That makes the former vice president subject to blackmail. 

At Thursday night’s presidential debate, NBC News’ Kristin Welker asked one softball question of Biden about the burgeoning scandal:

“Vice President Biden, there have been questions about the work your son has done in China and for a Ukrainian energy company when you were vice president. In retrospect, was anything about those relationships inappropriate or unethical?”

Biden responded, “Nothing was unethical.”

But the evidence of Biden’s treachery is trickling in, thanks to Hunter Biden’s laptop and the emails and texts of associates.  If voters elect Joe Biden president, the nation lurches toward an unprecedented mega-crisis, the outcome of which is unpredictable, but most certainly hazardous to the nation’s health.

The latest explosive allegation is from a former Hunter Biden colleague, a guy named Tony Bobulinski.  From the Epoch Times, October 22, 2020:

The email published by the Post details “remuneration packages” for several Hunter Biden associates, including “850” for Hunter Biden and “500,000” for “James,” an apparent reference to James Biden, the brother of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The message, written by Hunter Biden associate James Gilliar on May 13, 2017, goes on to detail “a provisional agreement that the equity be distributed as follows:

20 H

20 RW


20 TB

10 Jim

10 held by H for the big guy?”

Bobulinski said that the “big guy” in the email was a reference to Joe Biden, the current Democratic presidential nominee, while the “Jim” referred to James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother.

Imagine this horror show: On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden places his hand on a bible and is sworn in as the nation’s 46th president.  But the evidence of wrongdoing continues to mount and is irrefutable.  President Biden is terribly compromised.  The Chinese, at will, can drop the most incriminating evidence of payoffs on an American president.  The stakes for the U.S. are high.  At risk: the status of the South China Sea as international waters, Taiwan’s independence, and trade protection for U.S. businesses and workers.  Otherwise, America’s ability to work with and promote U.S. interests in concert with its allies and friends throughout Asia and across the globe -- destroyed.    

Never before in U.S. history have we had a prospective president in such jeopardy.  President Bill Clinton, to anyone’s knowledge, was never compromised in this way with America’s enemies -- and yes, the PRC is really a U.S. enemy.   Putin, who’s no friend, doesn’t pose the existential threat to the U.S. that Xi Jinping does.  Putin is principally an oligarch, seeking to enrich himself and his allies, seeking opportunities to gain leverage in that quest.  Both are dangers to a vulnerable President Biden, but China is far worse. 

While conservative news and alternative media outlets intrepidly expose Biden’s corruption and compromise, the mainstream media not only buries revelations of Biden’s perfidy, they dismiss honest efforts by the New York Post, Fox News, and others to get to the truth.  Whatever the mainstream media’s sins, this will prove to be their greatest betrayal of a free press’s mission: root out wrongdoing wherever it’s found – particularly in the highest places -- inform citizens, and speak truth to power.  When the full extent and depth of Biden’s corruption are understood by Americans, the mainstream news media will suffer a mortal wound.        

Big Tech, which has been censoring conservatives on its platforms in the runup to the elections, has famously shutdown the New York Post’s coverage of  Biden family corruption.  There’s been blowback from conservatives, and Senate Republicans have voted to subpoena Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) to testify before Congress about their innocuously named “content-moderation practices.” 

Both social media giants -- and YouTube -- have done their level best to censor speech about COVID -- when users’ opinions deviate from the narrative they’re hawking for Democrats.  They’re now attempting to put a lid on the Biden scandal, hoping to run the clock until the polls close on November 3. 

Not incidentally, Big Tech are also crossing their fingers for a Biden election, because a President Biden would squash any efforts to repeal social media’s Section 230 protection.  Antitrust action against Big Tech?  Forget it.  Big Tech is an ally of Democrats and the left in wanting to restrict Americans’ freedoms.  Watch in the coming months as Democrats and the left talk up the PRC’s social credit system, where “unacceptable” speech is censored, and behaviors monitored and penalized if deemed inappropriate.                     

Joe Biden flat-out lied about having no knowledge of his son’s Burisma dealings.  Evidence is showing that the former vice president not only had knowledge of his son’s shady business activities, but played roles in those dealings.  As the New York Post reported on October 14, 2020:       

Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-vice president Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by the Post.

Xi Jinping most certainly stands to lose.  China, having unleashed the COVID virus on the world, and thanks to its exploitive trade practices, is finding U.S. public opinion sharply turning against it.  Shady business deals with Hunter Biden and skims from those deals by the “Big Guy,” completely exposed, would strip any pretense about China’s intentions vis-à-vis the U.S.  Powerful interests in the U.S. stand to lose big.   

A final note.  President Biden needn’t happen.  Tens of millions of ballots remain to be cast.  The mainstream media’s and Big Tech’s censorship of Biden scandal news is running smack against the “Streisand Effect.”  Hiding news, in this instance, only makes people curious to learn about it.  Help family, friends, and neighbors find the news about what is developing into the worst scandal in presidential election annals.  Help reelect President Trump.             

J. Robert Smith can be found on Twitter @JRobertSmith1 and Parler @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.  

Image: Gage Skidmore