Ten Lessons from a Tumultuous 2020

This year has been not only stunning but eye-opening.  The list of what we as a nation have learned about ourselves is not limited to the political arena but includes the scientific and medical communities as well as modern-day American society.  Among the most notable lessons are the following.

1.     The Chinese Coronavirus pandemic has revealed that virtually all Democrat elected state and local government officials are fully capable of doing the unthinkable: creating a de facto police state.  They have issued orders and edicts or convey preferences with no legal authority and with little consideration of the human cost while callously disregarding individual rights.  Further, they have relentlessly fostered unfounded fear among their citizens as well as deliberately prolonged their economic hardships by enforcing lockdowns for no sound medical purpose, solely to defeat Donald Trump in November.


2.     A plurality of the American people have shown that they are willing to sacrifice their freedoms and way of life in order to empower a potential police state in the guise of conquering a pandemic.  Thus, they are emboldening those who seek political hegemony through the vehicle of the Democrat party, as governments never easily surrender power once attained.  They only seek to normalize it.  The left-wing hierarchy of the Democrat party now know that much of the citizenry will meekly acquiesce to any so-called national emergency being declared an existential crisis that requires government to unconstitutionally impose its will on the people.


3.     Far too many scientists in the medical field, once respected and revered, have been exposed to be in the thrall of corporations, political parties, foreign entities and governments as they have, for political reasons, aided and abetted the police state tactics of elected officials.  Thus, there is no longer such a thing as settled science.  What was once known science has been conveniently relegated to obscurity, as for the first time in mankind’s history nations have quarantined the healthy instead of the sick.


4.     The Democrat party is now the fully owned subsidiary of the Marxist/socialist American left.  While the party hierarchy clings to the façade of moderation by trotting out the old faces from a bygone era, such as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, the party is now the vehicle to radically transform the nation into a hybrid Marxist/socialist state by any means either illegal or unethical.  It is also an entity that does not care about the poor, working class, or marginalized groups enough to place their interests above a political agenda.


5.     This same American left is so confident in their ability to deceive the voting public into voting them into office that they have unleashed their militant arms, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to intimidate and unabashedly threaten the citizenry into acquiescing to their agenda.  


6.     A vast majority of the nation’s so-called elite institutions have lost a considerable amount of respect and support as they are managed by self-identified Democrats who are more concerned about being accepted by the radical left and their mobs of social justice warriors than promote unbiased education, science or research.  They are of the belief that appeasement will result in being accepted and ignored.


7.     While the citizenry has long been aware of the left-wing political bias in the bulk of the mainstream media, they are now mindful that the denizens of mainstream media of 2020 are woefully ignorant when it comes to economics, statistics, science, the Constitution, and American history.  They mindlessly report what fits the left’s preferred narrative and ignore or belittle everyone with a different view or a factual contradiction. 


8.     The gravity of the economic surrender to China by this nation’s elites over the past 30 years can no longer be hidden.  The overwhelming dependence on Chinese manufacturing, in particular pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, has opened the eyes of the bulk of the populace as to depth of this collusion and betrayal.  This further confirms that the ruling class’s proclamations of being so concerned for the welfare of the American people were nothing but social signaling stratagems and political expediency.   


9.     China, by unleashing the coronavirus on the world, has permanently set back their plans for subtle and gradual but uncompromising domination of the globe.  As a by-product of near universal condemnation, they are now unabashedly overt in this hegemonic determination.   Yet, one political party, the Democrats, are unconcerned and willing to abet their efforts as many in the dominant precincts of the party view China as a kindred spirit.


10.  Never in American history has the voting public in an election year been so denigrated, intimidated and scorned by the political class.  The Democrat wing of the American political class are confident in this tactic because so many acquiesced to the unilateral fiats of the governors in blue states that they are certain the voting citizenry throughout the country is irredeemably ignorant, gullible and beset with fear.  They presume that the vast majority of these voters will unquestioningly vote for anyone but Donald Trump, as they will believe any fabrication, propaganda or characterization the Democrats and the media put forward. Thus, the nomination of a senescent Joe Biden as a stalking horse for the radical American Left.


The postscript of these past ten months is that this is not the usual quadrennial presidential election.  As Mark Levin has pointed out,this is the most important election since 1864 when the incumbent, Abraham Lincoln, appeared to have little chance of re-election.  The fate of the United States hung in balance if he did not win.  The Democrats, if they won, were determined to negotiate a peace agreement with the Confederacy.  Fortunately, victories in the field, particularly by General Sherman in Atlanta, turned the tide of the election and the Union was saved.

In 2020 with the declared intentions of the Democrat party leadership to pack the Supreme Court, end the legislative filibuster, add 2 new Democrat-majority states and dramatically change voting laws in their favor, combined with the statist policies outlined in the de facto party platform (the Biden-Sanders Manifesto),  this nation will be transformed into a one-party hybrid Marxist/socialist state.  The overarching lesson of 2020 is that the fate of the nation rests with the re-election of Donald Trump as it did with Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

Graphic credit:  Renzo Brandano Perviú licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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