Only Voting Can Prevent the Left's Planned Coup

To all who are sentient and reasonable (a case can be made that Democrats, pollsters, and media are neither sentient nor reasonable), Trump is on track to handily win a second term.  Yet, though his victory grows more apparent with every passing day, Trump voters must guard against complacency and resist the urge to stay home to avoid the potential danger to both body and soul represented at the polls by COVID and Antifa.

Though his win may be veridical by the rules of the republic's constitutional electoral process, in today's "new normal," where the left has "chosen truth over facts," Trump needs to win by staggering proportions.  Half of America is not paying attention.  A landslide will be necessary to preclude accusations of electoral pilfering aided and abetted by "RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA."

Facts are immutable; something either is or is not.  That is a fact.  This is the reason the left has spent decades transmogrifying the meaning of "Truth" into something fungible.  Leftists have succeeded in personalizing "Truth" as commutable with something that may be, or it may not be.  In this new version, "Truth" can be anything, true or false, if it is felt strongly enough about, one way or the other.

Americans must treat this election as if nothing has changed in the electoral process and vote as if their lives depend upon it — because they do.  It does not matter to the left whether Trump wins by a hair or a heap; leftists have been dreaming of this coup since they apotheosized members of the antiwar movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

Leftists have been dreaming of this coup for a long while, but until recently, they chose to pursue their revolution in a manner more in keeping with rules.  With Barack Obama's ironic descent from the heavens to ascend to the presidency, they were convinced they had succeeded.

Then, that bastard Trump took it from them.  He not only stole the presidency, but also stole their truth.  They will never allow him to do so again.

While Antifa, in America, has been around since the turn of the century (burning cars and breaking windows as anti-globalists in the Battle of Seattle of 1999), it was not long ago that these people were cutting plastic drums in half to make shields while wearing Halloween-like Navy SEAL costumes with improvised masks to look tough.  Well, this is not that Antifa.

This iteration has been trained — at least to an extent.  When all is said and done, and their emergence as the official Democratic Party Paramilitary is properly investigated and dissected, it will be discovered that the money used to take them to the next level came from Soros and his ilk.  That is why they fund no-bail legislation and the campaigns of non-prosecution D.A.s.  These pols and policies are force-multipliers.

They now dress in blackout and have better kits with actual shields, advanced communications equipment, expensive gas masks, and weapons.  The weapons can be as sophisticated as collapsible batons, handguns, and carbines, or as simple as sticks and stones to break bones, along with bats, frozen water bottles, bricks, and a particular favorite: the skateboard.  Light and flat on one side with wheels protruding on the other, it can be swung to connect with either side.  A skateboard to the occiput of an unaware target can wreak havoc on his desire to oppose.  It is great against windows as well.

They now operate in units with defined tactics.  You never see an Antifa looting a store; they break the window and encourage others to do the looting.  Watch them commit arson, whether it be a police vehicle or a building.  It is a tactical operation.  The targets are chosen in advance, although they strive mightily to make it look spontaneous.

They have a system.  The leader remains at a distance as control and overwatch, communicating instructions to team members through his headset.  Another incites the crowd.  Then another comes in with the skateboard and breaks the window.  The inciter redoubles his exhortations, often, at this point, joined by a partner.  As the fomented crowd starts to become riotous, yet another Antifa emerges with a Molotov cocktail, which is thrown through the broken window.  As the target is engulfed in flames, the team melts back into the crowd, acting as perfect strangers to each other.

These Antifa, along with the violent sections of BLM, will be at the polls on Election Day.  They will leave the uniform behind so they can both suppress the Trump vote while concomitantly posing as ever elusive "white supremacists" suppressing the BLAME (Black, Latinx, Antifascist, Minority, and Excluded) vote.

After the polls close, they will conduct a mass mobilization in the streets to prevent Trump from declaring victory and to prosecute "will of the people" riots as a supposed organic reaction to Trump having stolen the election under the auspices of Vladimir Putin and white supremacists.  Their ululations of "COUP" will be shrill and frequent — projection lives loudly within the left.

Their deployment will be open-ended as Twitter and Facebook shut down all opposition on their platforms and Google tweaks algorithms to give only results approved by the rebellion.

These riots will be different from the ones we have seen these past months.  Those were practice.  Back in uniform, they will take and hold positions of importance: high-traffic or economically important intersections, bridges, tunnels, strategic buildings housing law enforcement or federal agencies, and high-profile locations. They will dare the authorities to evict them and then wait for the violence they and minions in the media will blame on Trump's refusal to accept the will of the people.

Whereas violence and destruction were the aim of this spring's operations, the new goal will be inconvenience and economic disruption.  They will make everyone suffer until they get what they want, especially those who might try to prevent them from seizing power.  It will be a campaign of nonviolent terror.

The goal is to shut down America and terrorize those who can help the left into giving it what it wants, which, for now, is a Biden presidency.

This is an existential election.  The only thing standing between the America we love and the socialist dictatorship the left pines for is a Trump presidency.

Americans must give Donald Trump a landslide victory on November 3.  The support for the president is ubiquitous.  At this time in our history, with this much at stake for the country we love, there is no excuse for anyone not to vote.

Citizens must also be willing to get out and confront the left at the polls and in the country's cities and towns during the days, weeks, and months after the election.  Americans must protect the nation's streets. Citizens must mobilize to protect politicians, judges, and anyone else threatened with Antifa terror.

Patriots are better armed and greater in number.  The only way the left triumphs with its coup is for good men to do nothing.

The author can be found on Twitter at @williamlgensert.

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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