K-12: In Richmond's Public Schools, a Rabid BLM Leftist at the Helm

After almost three years at the helm of Richmond's public schools Superintendent Jason Kamras, a one-time education adviser to Barack Obama and devotee of Marxist professor Cornel West, has emerged as something much worse than an incompetent liberal do-gooder lording his Princeton and Harvard degrees over unsuspecting inner city black kids. Kamras is a full-blown, far-left extremist spreading the poisonous teachings of Black Lives Matter and promoting Democrat policies which have led to some of the lowest proficiency test scores in the state. Twenty-two out of 44 schools in his district are not fully accredited, one out of four students drop out before graduating high school and school buildings are badly in need of renovation or demolition, whichever comes first. So, who and what does Kamras blame for the dismal conditions of city schools?  Racism (naturally), to be followed by, wealthy suburban people, inequity, lack of funding,  and in one...(Read Full Article)
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