Joe Biden's History of Racial Comments

Prior to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump contracting the Wuhan virus, the race card was being ginned up by the left after the first Presidential debate. Internal polling must be showing the Democrats hemorrhaging black support. That would explain why Biden seeks to pin Trump as a racist to black voters. Very specifically, he's attempted to have Trump disavow a lie that he supports white supremacists.

Meanwhile, the press has been ignoring the guy with the real racist history, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden made his mark as a young senator opposing federally ordered school busing and throughout his career lauded the positive relationships he had with segregationist senators who have long since died. If you are unaware of Biden’s past, it’s because the ministry of disinformation, a.k.a., the media, has largely ignored it. Sure, the ministry did a cursory effort right at the beginning of the Biden campaign over a year ago, but that is a tried and true tactic to get it out the way so people won’t remember it as the election draws closer.

If the ministry of disinformation is desperately slandering Trump with stories based on lies, then we need to return fire with the ammunition of truth. This needs to be done daily by informed voters. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the more outrageous racially charged statements Biden has made.

As previously mentioned, Biden made his bones opposing busing. Here’s what Biden said about the subject in 1975:

“I think the concept of busing…that we are going to integrate people so that they all have the same access and they learn to grow up with one another and all the rest, is a rejection of the whole movement of black pride,” said Biden. Desegregation he argued, was “a rejection of the entire black awareness concept where black is beautiful, black culture should be studied and the cultural awareness of the importance of their own identity, their own individuality.”

Biden worked with Senator Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina) to block court-ordered busing. Biden not only praised the work of Helms, but has also lauded his relationships with Senators James Eastland (D-Mississippi), Herman Talmadge (D- Georgia), Strom Thurmond (D-South Carolina), and John Stennis (D-Mississippi), all proud segregationists. Eastland often referred to blacks as an “inferior race” and he, along with Talmadge, Thurmond and Stennis signed the Southern Manifesto (1956) which opposed the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education (1954) which ruled that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.   Biden said of these segregationist senators in 2019:

 “At least there was some civility. We got things done. We didn’t agree on much of anything… We got it finished. But today, you look at the other side and you’re the enemy. Not the opposition, the enemy. We don’t talk to each other anymore.”

Of the two-party system, Biden said in 1973 that it was a benefit to black people:

“I think the two-party system, although my Democratic colleagues won’t like me for saying this, is good for the south and good for the Negro, good for the black in the south,” he said. “Other than the fact that [the southern senators] still call me boy, I think they’ve changed their mind a little bit.”

After making a plea for orderly integration of society in 1977, not just of education, Biden made this controversial comment:

“Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle. The jungle being a racial jungle with tensions built so high that it is going to explode at some point.”

With these previous quotes it is easy to see in retrospect why Biden had no qualms about praising Alabama Governor George Wallace in 1975.  Wallace was famous for blocking a doorway at the University of Alabama, protesting the integration of the university by two black students on June 11, 1963. Biden said of Wallace:

“I think the Democratic Party could stand a liberal George Wallace – someone who wouldn’t pander but would say what the American people knew in their gut is right.”

Remember when Biden complimented then presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2007?

“You got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy. I mean that’s a storybook man.”

During Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, Biden made this prediction of what would happen to blacks if Republicans won:

“They gonna put y’all back in chains.”

Of course the Biden penchant for opening mouth and inserting foot has continued. In this excerpt from 2017, Biden reminisced about his days a lifeguard at a pool frequented by black children:

“I got hairy legs that, that, that, that turn blonde in the sun,  and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it. I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap. I love kids jumping on my lap.”

The “roaches” part was missed by many who first heard the soundbite. I must admit that until researching this story the word did not register.  However, “roach”, according to the Racial Slur Data Base (  “refers to black people who only come out at night to raise hell—turn on the lights and they scatter."  Whether Biden caught himself making the slur and quickly corrected himself or just simply lost his train of thought has never been clarified.

However, no clarification was needed when Biden gave this soundbite during an interview with Charlamagne tha god, co-host of the nationally syndicated Breakfast Club in May 2020:

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

In August of 2020, Biden pandered to Latinos by saying they have more diversity of thought than blacks:

“…what you all know, but most people don’t know, unlike the black community with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community—with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”

Biden’s attitude is one of someone who takes the black vote for granted. The former vice president has a history of making racially insensitive comments. The ministry of disinformation could easily find these quotes and a host of others questioning Biden’s attitudes about blacks and other minorities, but they choose to give him a pass since the black vote is at risk for the Democrats.  But if their panicked efforts to paint Trump as a racist (again) is any indication, they must be scared that many blacks may have Biden all figured out. 

Dex Bahr is the author of the book, No Christian Man is an Island. He is a freelance writer.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0



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