Is China Now In Control of Our Flow of Information?

China's desire for global dominance is no secret.  Since its entrance into the World Trade Organization in 1991 at the urging of Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, Americans have been aware of China's economic and military rise to power.  The election of President Trump and his Make America Great Again campaign slowed the inroads they were making and highlighted our Congress' inability or unwillingness to protect American interests for the last few decades.

The Chinese Wuhan virus unleashed upon us at the beginning of this year focused a spotlight upon our vulnerability to protect ourselves as American industries (pharmaceutical, steel, and mineral mining) were no longer operating on our shores, but instead were now Chinese assets.  The focus on China as a formidable enemy was quickly squashed by many American institutions from academia, sports, Hollywood, press, and the mainstream media.  The attention upon China was quickly replaced with the onus on our president with unfounded accusations for the spread of the virus and for not doing enough to stem it.  Regardless of President Trump's effort to halt the spread of the virus as early as Jan. 31, by instituting a travel ban on China, ordering production of ventilators, and using of our military's floating hospitals, the media perpetuated the lie that President Trump was guilty of mishandling the virus.

Prior to the outbreak of the virus, those few sport figures, who stood up for the thousands of Hong Kong demonstrators marching in the street begging to be free, were quickly admonished and told to stand down by team owners who sought to appease their Chinese overlords.  LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick proudly took a knee and denounced our flag and their teammates in unison followed suit.  The organized riots by Antifa and Black Lives Matter that followed George Floyd's death brought to light the role the Chinese Communist Party played in supporting their proxies that were now controlling our American streets.  BLM organizer, Patrisse Cullors, has stated on camera that she and her other founders are "trained Marxists".  Their goal is a Communist revolution here at home and to that end, they have been supported by American corporations who have donated a billion dollars to BLM.  The money is being funneled to the Democrat Party and it is being used to invoke cultural Marxism through television ads, magazines, and educational institutions from kindergarten through universities.  

For the last three decades China has bought up American real estate, corporations, media outlets, and infiltrated our educational system and universities.  Their sphere of influence is great, but the question to ask is whether their sphere of influence is now greater than our own?  While our flow of information is now being threatened by Big Tech, our congressional representatives on both sides of the aisle have agreed to postpone a congressional hearing to delay a decision on their abuse of Section 230 and the monopoly they hold over the flow of information.  In a latest news report, we learned that Facebook has created an algorithm as part of a Hate Speech Engineering panel to censor content it does not want the public to see.  As reported by a former Facebook insider to the New York Post, there are at least a half a dozen Chinese nationals working to censor content.  We had hoped that by engaging the Chinese they would be motivated to incorporate our principles of freedom and liberty, but instead it appears our society is becoming more restrictive. 

Big Tech, no stranger to censorship, is guilty of silencing conservative voices on their platforms.  For years, conservatives have been locked out with trumped up charges of not following "community standards" with no clear definition of what standards were being violated.  It has become increasingly clear that conservatives were targeted for their content. 

This week, the matter came to a head when Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed they will prevent Americans from seeing the New York Post's explosive article about incriminating emails, documents, and pictures stemming from Hunter Biden's laptop.  The emails implicate Joe Biden and the Chinese Communist Party.  They had no concerns exposing President Trump's illegitimately released tax records or the release of the phony Steele dossier, but they are clearly covering for Joe Biden lest it halt his presidential aspirations, and by doing so they are interfering in a presidential election. 

The laptop was dropped off at a repair shop and not retrieved.  After a 90-day period, the owner of the repair shop contacted the FBI and gave them the hard drive.  He retained one for himself and gave two other copies away lest he be killed.  The FBI sat on that hard drive for a year.  It begs the question whether Christopher Wray, by not conducting an investigation, is covering for the Bidens?  If so, he must be fired immediately!   Is the FBI now censoring information and engaging in political partisanship on behalf of China? 

Even Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary to the president of the United States, the leader of the free world, had her Twitter account suspended for sharing the New York Post story.  Rep. Adam Schiff, with no intelligence privy, quickly called the laptop incident "Russian disinformation," the Left's go-to excuse when attempting to enact damage control.  His pronouncement was quickly reputed by the DNI, John Ratcliffe.  Ratcliffe stated there was no evidence to suggest it was Russian disinformation and that Schiff was not privy to any intelligence on the subject.  Outside of a few news outlets, the blackout of a news story of a major breach by the former Vice President of the United States a heartbeat away from being Commander in Chief is frightening and foreboding.  It is no different from the censorship we see today in Red China, and it appears their power to direct their proxies here in the United States is now threatening the very fabric necessary for our Republic to remain free.  

China, with a population of over a billion, is seen as a powerhouse for the corporate elite who view the vast Chinese market as a means to enrich their own pockets.  From Nike to Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, they are singing the praises of China while ignoring Chinese human rights abuses.  So instead of labeling the virus as the Chinese or Wuhan virus, it became COVID-19.  Instead of holding China accountable for the virus, sports figures, earning millions each year, kneel for the U.S. flag, and while Hollywood and rich Black entertainers such as Oprah Winfrey scream of "systemic racism" they ignore China's cruel human rights record.  These very same individuals, whose anti-American slogans and rhetoric are heard throughout the land, will quickly shut you down lest you express any criticism of China or criticism of Red China's grasp on Joe Biden and the Democrat party. 

A Big Tech oligarchy, more powerful than our government, working with the Red Chinese to curb our flow of information, is a threat to our founding principles of liberty and undermines our belief in a government by the people and for the people.  Americans are wondering when this oligarchy will be broken up.  Investigations must be launched to expose our corrupt FBI, CIA, and our Justice department along with a long-overdue overhaul of these agencies for their complicity.  A Biden win will ensure that the coverup and China's hold over us will continue.  Only a Trump victory will guarantee freedom from tyranny.  Our Republic hangs in the balance.

Shari Goodman’s articles have appeared in World Net Daily, American Thinker, Israel Today, and other online journals.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain

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