Donald Trump is Poised to Become Among the Most Transformative Presidents in American History

The nation stands on the cusp of the third and perhaps most notable political realignment in the past 160 years, as those on both sides of the political spectrum recognize that the 2020 election has evolved into a watershed moment in American history.  Since 2016, the Ruling Class has recognized the existential threat Donald Trump poses to them.  The power structure of the Ruling Class and the objectives of the left have been upended by him and his ongoing transformation of the Republican Party, threatening their status and sinecures. The Democrat party’s leftist political allies have acknowledged that he is a dire threat to their grand scheme of radically transforming the United States.

This cabal knows 2020 is their last chance to take advantage of what remains of the old Democrat coalition in order to seize the reins of power in near perpetuity.  Another four years of a Trump Administration and a renewed and unabashedly populist/nationalist Republican Party that will be the home for the middle and working classes, regardless of race or ethnicity, will set back the machinations of the Ruling Class and the Left for generations.  

Over the past four years, this reality has been the catalyst for uncontrolled hysteria, mainstream media fabrications, unverified and oftentimes unverifiable false accusations and Democrat congressional overkill directed at Donald Trump and the working/middle class coalition he has been constructing.  The ruling elites coupled with their ally of convenience, the radicalized American left, have been panicked into believing that they must to do everything possible, including election fraud, to defeat Donald Trump before he fully succeeds in the political realignment of the parties.  However, they erroneously believe this realignment will cease once President Trump is no longer in the Oval Office.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey  CC BY 2.0

This marriage of convenience is rapidly transforming the Democrat party into a near empty shell with two diametrically opposite factions -- the wealthy elites and the radical socialists who are determined to create a hybrid Marxist/socialist nation.  However, after the 2020 election this will be a political entity unable to garner any significant support from the bulk of the citizenry.  

This is why, if Biden wins and the Democrats control Congress, the Democrats and their media allies are openly stating their determination to immediately pack the Supreme Court, add Democrat friendly states to the union in order to change the make-up of the Senate, eliminate the legislative filibuster and dramatically alter voting laws in their favor.  All of this is to eradicate future challenges from any opposing political party, particularly one made up of the deplorables and ungrateful ethnic and racial minorities gathered together under the banner of the Republican Party, thus, confirming their abject disdain for the American populace. 

Nonetheless, the Republican Party’s transformation will continue apace whether Donald Trump serves one term or two, as he will be not only the titular head but the heart and soul of the party for many years to come.  President Trump, long before he decided to seek the presidency, astutely recognized that both political parties had abandoned the working and middle classes.  He instinctively understood the threat this posed to the future of the nation.  Both parties were in the thrall of the moneyed elites and the hierarchies of the media, academia, government bureaucracies and the entertainment establishment, otherwise known as the “Ruling Class.”  All the while, lurking in the background was the specter of the radical left’s stealth infiltration of the Democrat party.    

Trump’s triumphant 2016 campaign was the opening salvo in his determination to transform the Republican Party into the voice of these forgotten and abandoned Americans.  The success of this approach can be seen today in the massive crowds wherever Trump campaigns and his high approval ratings despite four years of unrelenting investigations, personal attacks and a once in a century pandemic.

While much of the focus of the 2020 election is on who will occupy the White House for the next four years and their expressed policy positions, of greater import is that this is a potentially transformative election, as the re-election of Donald Trump will usher in a tectonic shift in American politics for decades to come.

It is exceedingly rare for a President to be the primary catalyst in a major and long-term political realignment.  Donald Trump has positioned himself to join the rarified pantheon of two former Commanders-in-Chief who achieved that status.

The election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and his successful prosecution of the Civil War, as well as laying the groundwork for national reconciliation, initiated 72 years of Republican Party dominance in national politics, which included 12 of the 15 Presidents elected during that period.   Due to the Great Depression and his creation of a populist coalition among the working classes, Franklin D. Roosevelt ushered in 84 years of national dominance by the Democrat party.  Donald Trump, by reconstituting this coalition and unabashedly opposing the entrenched Ruling Class and the radical American left, is on the cusp of joining Lincoln and Roosevelt as the most politically transformative Presidents in American history.

Thus, the Ruling Class and the Democrat party, in their unbridled panic over this prospect and by threatening to permanently upend the Constitution, have chosen to make this election the most important since the days of Abraham Lincoln.  Their callousness, greed and megalomania are a stain on the fabric of this nation and reinforces the necessity of re-electing Donald Trump.

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