Democrats: Riots, Racism, Rot, and Rebellion

Democrats love to claim that their party underwent a metamorphosis in the 1960s, when they finally washed away the taint of slavery past.  The Rebellion, in which Democrats played principal roles in causing, was a century in the rearview mirror.  Goes the spin: Democrats vanquished their post-Civil War record of virulent racism, which expressed itself in Jim Crow (Southern apartheid) and the atrocities of the nightriding Ku Klux Klan -- the party’s white-garbed brownshirts -- who ranged beyond the South, terrorizing blacks in states where Democrats concentrated.  

As we view the Democratic Party from the vantage point of October, 2020, we see that the party’s character is unchanged. The party of slavery, rebellion, and Jim Crow has found new expressions for its darker inclinations. 

Antifa and BLM are knockoffs of the KKK.  Riots and mob violence in blue cities are very much the provocations of the party’s new strongarms.  Trashing and terrorizing cities aren’t an end, but a beginning.  They’re demonstration projects of sorts.  Roadshows are to follow if the rest of us don’t knuckle under.      

Democrats have never lost their appetite for oppression.  Underclass blacks are as exploited and kept down today as blacks were in the Jim Crow South.  Now, though, they’re given welfare checks, public housing, and handhelds in exchange for votes.  Democrats’ “Great Society” schemes empowered white and black overseers and lined their pockets, but decades ago failed to lift poor blacks out of their circumstances.  Black generational poverty is bondage

Racism remains the Democratic Party’s franchise.  Blaming nonblack Americans for racism and underclass black failure is audacity borne of desperation.  Politics demand it.  So, Democrats offload their culpability.  They’ve run major cities for many decades, yet have nothing to show but empty promises and miserably bad policies and corrupt governance.  Say Democrats, white Americans – save for woke affluent progressives and leftists -- must suffer for the sin of racism, current and historic. 

Democrats aren’t discriminating, however.  They want to “plantationize” Hispanics.  Democrats political viability requires capturing Hispanic constituencies. 

Charges of society-wide racism are a powerful wedge that Democrats are using in their efforts to upend America.  The American experiment in liberty was illegitimate, per Democrats radicalizing view.  Tyranny -- under the guises of “progressivism” and “democratic socialism” -- is the prescription, perhaps a softer variety, like Xi Jinping’s China, where a social credit system is daily refined, and where oligarchs and leftist apparatchiks thrive. Though ask Hong Kong citizens, Tibetans, and Uyghurs about what "soft tyranny" means.  Today’s Democrats have more than rebellion on their minds.  They have revolution.   

What’s the Green New Deal but a form of economic revolution, a means of drastically reordering society through the ruse of environmental concern?  Medicare for All, which destroys Medicare for seniors, is thinly disguised socialized medicine.  Vilifying and making calls to defund police is nothing more than an effort to undermine law and order.  What is Critical Race Theory other than an insidious attack on bedrock American principles?            

Hence, modern Democrats pose new, and in critical ways, greater threats to the well-being of the Republic than their forerunners.  

Marx, not God, increasingly informs their worldviews.  Faith was once invoked by Democrats to rationalize slavery and white supremacy.  Today, Marxism in practice is slavery.  Marxism is the antithesis of Judeo-Christian faith.  Charity, equality, and brotherhood cannot be coerced.  Marxism is all sham.  It has no good intentions.  It’s a means to an end: power.  

Among Democrats, nihilism afflicts.  It’s the practical consequence of godlessness.  It’s end-stage rot.  The rot -- a consuming hedonism -- began infiltrating society with the 60s counterculture and has been metastasizing ever since.  An outgrowth, in part, is Democrats contempt for traditional virtues: family, faith, hard work, merit.

But Democrats, old and new, reconverge in historic fashion.  While old Democrats embraced, defended, and promoted the abomination of slavery, contemporary Democrats likewise champion abortion.  Abortion has been referred to as the slavery issue of modern times, and it is.  The killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents in wombs annually for decades is the other great moral stain on the nation.  Not incidentally, unborn black babies are killed at horrifically high numbers

From the Caldron Pool, September 28, 2020:

The President made the comments during a speech in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, where he noted the hypocrisy of the Democrats for affirming Black Lives Matter while supporting Planned Parenthood, an organization that President Trump said, was “founded on racism” and that “continues to target the black community.”

He’s not wrong. The abortion industry kills as many black people every four days as the Ku Klux Klan killed in 150 years. Between 1882 and 1968, there were reportedly 3,446 lynchings of black people in the United States. Today, more black people are killed by white abortionists every three days than all who were lynched in those years.  

Emboldened Democrats have discarded the pretense of rare and medically necessary abortions. They now unabashedly promote late-term abortion up to birth.  Their inhumanity and ghoulishness know no bounds. 

The day will arrive when the mass slaughter of the innocent will be seen for the great evil that it is, and with that genuine awakening, Democrats will again be seen as culprits in a colossal evil.  Some things never change.                

Years ago, friends and acquaintances used to think I was being facetious.  “The Democratic Party should have been abolished at the close of the Civil War,” I’d say with a very straight face.  There certainly was justification.  It was the party of slavery, as it had been from its inception.  It’s legislation and policies were catalysts in the ruptures leading to civil war.  Northern Democrats -- many known as “Peace Democrats” or more accurately, “Copperheads” -- served as a fifth column.  They aided and abetted their rebellious southern fellows.   

Imagine at the end of World War II had the Allies permitted the National Socialist German Workers' Party to continue?  Regarding moral considerations, where does slavery stack up against the persecution and extermination of the Jews (among others)?  Both are, indeed, evils.  The Germans exploited slave labor as well.  Extermination, though, surpasses slavery as an evil, in that when you take a human being’s life, you take-away any chance of liberty, and the exercise of natural rights that undergird freedom.  Yet, you can argue that any human being who lives, from birth to death, in bondage, suffers a form of death.  Millions of black slaves suffered a form of death. 

Millions of unborn children suffer literal death at the hands of abortionists.  Their rights as human beings discarded with their tortured bodies.  There’s one party that stands squarely for this slaughter, the Democratic Party… the party of riots, racism, rot, and rebellion.   

J. Robert Smith can be found on Twitter @JRobertSmith1 and Parler @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover       

Image: Takisha Rappold   

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