Biden and the Modern-Day Front Porch Campaign

Joe Biden’s basement campaign is not unique in American presidential history.  In the past this form of campaigning, primarily from one’s home, was known as a “Front Porch Campaign,” so named after James Garfield who in 1880 oftentimes used his front porch to deliver speeches.  His was the first such campaign in the industrial era. The primary feature of past front porch campaigns was the people traveling to the homes of the candidates to hear their speeches and get to know the contenders, rather than the candidates attempting to reach the citizenry, even as travel was exceedingly difficult and time consuming.  The Biden version of the front porch campaign is to make certain the citizenry does not get to know him or his policies as he, left-wing billionaires, and the Democrat party are determined to hoodwink the populace into voting for him.

Since the late 1920’s and the increasing access to electronic communications, first via radio, the American citizenry has rightfully expected and demanded that the candidates, in particular non-incumbents, make the effort to meet them and reveal their plans as well as expose their personalities and character in order to reassure the public that they have the ability to govern a massive and complex country in a hostile world.

Joe Biden was chosen to be the nominee of the Democrat party by a cabal of left-wing billionaires, Wall Streeters, and the party establishment in Washington, D.C.  After the early primaries, Bernie Sanders was the clear leader and potentially unstoppable in winning the nomination.  Fearful of his candidacy, these Party movers and shakers were determined to make certain he was not going to be their standard bearer and that’s how Joe Biden became the anointed one.

It did not matter that Biden had revealed during the early primaries that he was neither mentally nor physically capable of carrying out the duties of the most grueling job on earth, much less of campaigning the length and breadth of the country attempting to garner voter enthusiasm for a candidate so devoid of charisma, gravitas and mental acuity.

Thus, a modern variation of the old front porch campaigning was formulated using fear of the Chinese Virus pandemic as a cover.  This was done by dramatically exaggerating the dangers of the virus, keeping lockdowns in place in blue states and precipitating a never-ending drumbeat of mandatory, but in reality, needless mask usage at all times and in all places. 

With the virus as the overarching theme, there are three sub-elements of the Democrats’ front porch strategy.  First, keep Joe Biden out of the public eye and, unlike the front porch campaigns of old wherein the public would go to hear and meet the candidates, only the Democrat enablers in the media would be allowed to see and question Biden.  Second, spend massive amounts of money on electronic media advertising focusing entirely on Donald Trump’s supposed character flaws, mannerisms, and failure to singlehandedly cure the virus that he, not China, purportedly is solely responsible for while being careful to avoid discussing any of the socialist and totalitarian policies the Democrat party is determined to enact in order to placate their radical party cohorts.  Third, unabashedly rely on a compliant mainstream media to not only cover for Joe Biden by refusing to report any negative news about him, but to also amplify the campaign talking points, incessantly vilifying Donald Trump and act as surrogates for Biden.

Will this modern-day front porch strategy work?

Among the most important factors in a general election, particularly for President of the United State, is voter enthusiasm.  This requires a candidate to be accessible, willing to meet the voting public and have a charismatic personality that can excite not only the base but those on the margins. 

In a recent (October 1) unbiased independent poll taken by the Sunday Express in the U.K.,  (as compared to the overtly biased polls sponsored by various U.S. media outlets) respondents were asked: “Are you strongly or very enthusiastic about your choice of candidate?”  83% of Trump voters said yes while just 49% of Biden voters responded affirmatively.  Also, in the poll another question was asked: “Is your vote for Trump/Biden a positive vote for your candidate or a negative vote against his opponent?”   Trump voters’ positive vote: 86%; Biden voters 41%.  This poll projected President Trump winning 320 electoral votes to Biden’s 218.

It has become apparent, whenever Biden is forced to appear in public and actually speak to the American people, that enthusiasm declines with every appearance.  Which is why he stays in the basement.  Precipitated by four years of slurs and relentless unfair and false attacks directed at Donald Trump, the unhinged anti-Trump vote among the Democrat Party base is the only factor keeping Biden from losing in the worst landslide in American history. 

Joe Biden is perhaps the most incapable and most easily manipulated nominee in Democrat Party history.  Thus, the ongoing front porch campaign which is predicated on hoodwinking a majority of the voters by trying to get them to focus on Donald Trump and ignore Joe Biden.  It will not work.  Voter fraud in ballot counting is the only means Biden and the Democrats have of winning on November 3rd

Many have wondered why Bernie Sanders and his merry band of socialists meekly acquiesced to the left-wing billionaires and party establishment (their avowed enemies) and agree to a hapless Biden winning the nomination?   Maybe Bernie et al were aware of the history of those that won the presidency utilizing front porch campaigns.

There are three Presidents in the post-industrial era that won with this campaign strategy: James Garfield (1880), William McKinley (1896) and Warren G. Harding (1920).  The second thing they all have in common is that they did not finish their term in office.  Two (Garfield and McKinley) were assassinated and Harding died of a heart attack.  Perhaps Joe Biden should heed the adage: Be careful what you wish for.

Photo credit: cropped from the work of Smallbones under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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