When it Comes to Biden, Dems Say Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes. Or Ears. Or Brain.

Democrats and their mainstream media consorts would have you watch Joe Biden talking to the press, on those rare occasions when he leaves his basement and favorite chair, and somehow think you're watching a fully functioning human being, ready and able to field that urgent 3:00 A.M. phone call, a man fit to be president of the United States.

To do that, one would have to doubt one's lying eyes.  And ears.  And brain.

The visuals are frightening and sad.  Biden's frail and hunched over, and he "shuffles" more than he "walks."  He has that frightened look in his eyes, something everyone who's watched a loved one fade unfortunately recognizes.

That elderly loved one is increasingly scared — too much information incoming, not enough circuitry left to quickly compute it.  The world is changing on him, and not in a good way.  And you, formerly beloved, are gradually becoming unrecognizable.  Biden, at 77, has that look.

Then his wife, Dr. Jill, always nearby, touches him, gets his attention.  As the world gets scarier to someone drifting away mentally, his spouse is often the only one who can calm him down.  Watching Dr. Jill manipulate and prop up poor old Joe, touching him, guiding him, interceding for him, speaking in his stead, is truly heart-warming, a real love story.

Why, then, is she allowing him to humiliate himself in public in his obvious dotage?  Does Dr. Jill herself want to be president?  More important, how could any left-leaning voter watch Joe Biden now and not see a doddering, feeble, scared old man, anxiously looking around for his wife?

The media wing of the Democrat party would also have you doubt your heretofore excellent ears.

Joe Biden's a regular FDR, the usual suspects squee, and as president, he's ready to implement the New, New Deal.  Only a matter of time before Joe patiently explains all of his policies and goals, guided, of course, by science!

Explain his goals?  Heck, Joe can't make toast.  The last time, he almost burned down the house.

Joe's not having any original thoughts in public, folks, or at least his handlers certainly don't want him to.  He's reading everything off cue cards or teleprompters — and doing that badly.

Watching him lose his place and wander around linguistically, trying to construct a related thought or, frankly, any thought, and failing is ineffably sad.  Read the transcripts of some of Biden's latest utterances, and you'll see just how tangled poor Joe's mental web is.

You'd never let the 2020 version of Uncle Joe babysit your kids, much less run the country — especially if you've seen some of the copious video available of Biden macking on children over the years.

Joe Biden, through no fault of his own, is having increasing difficulty merely reading talking points someone else wrote for him.  Senility is a punishing condition.  Avid readers eventually lose the ability to read, chatterboxes forget how to speak, and eventually, even the TV no longer makes sense.

Joe's obviously failing.  Just listen to his increasingly hoarse and whispery voice.  All Biden can do now is peddle badly read arglebargle, serve up artisanal word salads, toss around sentence fragments, and blurt cringe-worthy comments out of far, far left field.  We've all suffered watching this happen to someone dear to us.

If you somehow observe and listen to Joe Biden yet still see our next president, please use your brain.  No one wanted Biden.

Obama certainly didn't, nor the Clintons.  The Bernie Bros sure as hell didn't.

Biden was getting absolutely smoked in the primaries — and on the debate stage — when all of a sudden, some guys (D-Swamp) in a smoke-filled room decided he'd be the nominee.

James Clyburn told South Carolinian blacks to vote as a bloc; they did.  Mayor Pete, "Combs" Klobuchar, and that sourpuss Steyer all suddenly and suspiciously caved just before Super Tuesday.  Fauxcahontas, (D-Cherokee cheekbones) skedaddled soon after, having siphoned off precious votes from Bernie.

Surely one of the best losers in modern presidential history, Crazy Bernie then quit early for the second election in a row, some choice participation trophy no doubt in hand.  The fix was in; it could not have been more obvious.

Joe Biden was handed the nomination by...someone.  We don't know whom — certainly not the voters.  

To those who hate Trump so much that you'd vote for an increasingly senile albeit beloved statesman, let's agree that Joe's simply a puppet, an aging Pinocchio with hair plugs and porcelain teeth.

He's a talking head, reading pre-approved scripts to the American public and understanding little.  Should his teleprompter glitch, Biden goes full deer-in-the-headlights.  He doesn't have enough neural connectivity any more to ad lib.  Sadly, Joe's only important decision as president would be graham crackers or PB&J before beddy-bye?

Tell us, then, Democrats and your grubby media courtesans: who are those men in that smoke-filled room who want poor Joe Biden to be the first puppet president?  What are the names of these Beltway power brokers running the Democratic campaign and hoping to rule us from behind a curtain?  And what are they smoking?

Image: Kelly Kline via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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