The Upside-Down World of the Woke

After a grand jury decision yielded no indictments for murder against the officers involved in Breonna Taylor's death, social justice warriors sprang into action.  Strategically placed U-Haul vehicles, full of protest signs and riot shields, were located by the rioters after the decision was announced.  Like so many other American cities in 2020, the city of Louisville was beset by arson, thievery, and violence at the hands of woke mobs, AKA Democratic Party voters.

Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron defended the grand jury decision.  He cited indisputable facts, including that the officers were executing a legal warrant by entering Taylor's apartment and that, during the legal exercise of that warrant, the officers were fired upon by Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, before returning fire and fatally wounding her in the crossfire.  Additionally, Cameron warned Kentuckians that "celebrities and influencers" would suggest that they "understand the facts of the case" better than those investigating it in Kentucky, "but they don't."

That should all be reasonable and simple enough for most people.  But since Cameron is a black man, his comments prompted former Los Angeles police sergeant Cheryl Dorsey to accuse him of treason against his own race, calling his comments "offensive."  "Let me say this as a black woman," she opines: "[h]e does not speak for black folks.  He's skin-folk, but not kinfolk.  And so just like he thinks they can't speak for Kentucky, because he's up there with a black face, he does not speak for all of us.  This was a tragedy.  This was a murder.  He should be ashamed of himself."

With her characteristically succinct ferocity, Candace Owens tells Tucker Carlson she's infuriated at this effort to paint Cameron as a race traitor.  There's something "fundamentally wrong and backwards about" such criticism, she says, because "if you look at what they are saying and what the deeper implications are here, it's that there is a right way, a correct way and a wrong way to be black."  She goes on:

Meaning that you can look at me, Tucker, and say 'Candace Owens is black, and therefore I can assign a bunch of characteristics and expectations upon to her [sic] based on her skin color.'  Ironically, that's the very definition of racism and it's coming from the liberals who like to say that they see racism everywhere but can't recognize it when it's coming out of their own mouths.

If there's any common thread among celebrities and other "influencers" rallying the woke mobs for social justice today, it's what Owens is alluding to with this statement: woke radicals are the foremost practitioners of the racist ideological impulses that they claim to hate, yet they seem to be wholly oblivious to that fact that the world of racism and oppression that they imagine exists is the precise opposite of the world as it exists in reality.

Consider this.  One hundred years ago, in the institutionally racist Jim Crow South, if a black man killed a white woman in Kentucky, there might be tremendous social pressure to indict him, even if the facts of the case could fully exonerate him in a court of law.  Today, can anyone dispute that there is tremendous social pressure to indict white officers involved the death of a black American, even if the facts of the case do fully exonerate the officer in a court of law?  Officer Darren Wilson was fully exonerated by several local and federal investigations into Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri, yet the fake "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" myth persists, and Darren Wilson remains a villain to the legions of social justice warriors out there.

You see, when the bloodlust of the woke mob goes unsatiated, for whatever reason, it is a foregone conclusion that riots and violence and destruction will follow.

The mob does this, we are told, because those in it are angry.  As one woke influencer, Dr. Kristina Johnson of Ohio State University, tells the mob, "[w]e cannot accept what happened in Louisville" because the decision "does not feel like justice."

Justice is not a "feeling," and justice should be entirely blind to emotions such as anger.  It is for this reason that a son is not the arbiter holding the scales of justice for the man accused of murdering his father.  What Kristina Johnson is describing, and what she calls for the woke mob to demand nothing less than, is not justice.  It's vengeance.

Hearkening back to Candace Owens's observation, the woke mob would readily recognize that an emotional white mob demanding a desired punishment for a presumedly innocent black man in the Jim Crow South, and threatening to take action if its demands are not met, would be a racist lynching, and certainly not justice.  Yet when the woke mob demands a desired punishment for presumedly innocent white officers, its own demands and threats of violence are not akin to a lynching, but somehow become demands for "justice."

It's a loosely constructed worldview with all the integrity of a house of cards, but the media feverishly work to keep the breezes at bay and maintain the vacuum needed to sustain it. 

Iit's not just in the criminal justice system and the media where you see the evidence of the upside-down world of the woke.  It's all around you.  Open any app on your phone, and you might be treated to something like the below, via Yelp:

A suggestion to buy from businesses based upon the skin color of their owners is unquestionably racist.  The woke mob would certainly recognize that if, say, a technology company like Yelp were telling its users to "support white-owned businesses," complete with a search function to help users in their racist quest to only buy from business owners whose skin color is acceptable to them.

If American culture is so incredibly infected with white supremacy and oriented toward helping white people over black people, as the woke standard-bearers insist is the case, how could it be culturally verboten to promote white businesses based upon the skin color of those business-owners, while promoting black businesses based upon the owners' skin color not only is socially acceptable, but couldn't be more en vogue?

In this upside-down world of the woke, the social justice warriors claim to be battling racism, but as Candace Owens says, they "claim to see racism everywhere but can't recognize it when it's coming out of their mouths."  Here in the real world, it is only too obvious that the woke mobs are battling phantoms from America's past, while they are simultaneously, and aggressively, establishing a new racist status quo.

Image: Annettet via Wikimedia Commons.

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