The Sacking of New York City: 1970’s Radical Chic Reaches the Streets

  During the 1968 Olympics, most Americans were shocked to see two of the United States’ finest athletes raise their fists in loyalty to the Black Panthers, a radical group advocating violence as a means to change society. The controversy engendered by Smith-Carlos still has not died out.   YouTube screen grab Fast forward from the 1968 Olympics to a contemporary scene in the nation’s capital of Washington, DC.  There, diners were harassed by Black Lives Matter protestors, who demanded each person give a clenched fist salute indicating solidarity with BLM.   YouTube screen grab What happened between 1968 to 2020? How did the United States get from the scene at the Olympics, which was largely repudiated as unpatriotic and excessive, to the scene at the DC restaurant? How did Americans get to the point the equivalent of a Nazi salute is demanded of them by roving gangs? The nation got here from there because a radical segment of...(Read Full Article)
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