The Extortionist Democrat Media Industrial Complex

The DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) and the Democratic National Committee are political extortionists.

Their forewarnings?  Elect Joe Biden, lest Democrat looting and rioting terrorists immolate our entire country.

Earlier this month, that DMIC colluder and conspirator The Washington Post published an op-ed from Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown University law professor.  She's the co-founder of the Goebbelsian-sounding Transition Integrity Project.  In the op-ed, Brooks presents a Philip Dick–ian dystopian "what if?" in which Trump wins re-election: near catastrophic violence in the streets; and in which Biden wins: near catastrophic violence in the streets amid a refusal from Trump to concede.  Brooks's piece is breathtakingly delusional; I can only ponder what her law classes must be like.

Last week, Shadi Hamid, a Brookings Institution senior fellow, lamented in The Atlantic that the U.S. will become less lowercase-"d" democratic if Trump is re-elected (sounds good to me; we need less democracy and more lowercase-"r" republicanism).  Republicans, Hamid wrote, should vote for Biden because a Trump victory will beget "more of the social unrest and street battles that cities including Portland, Oregon, and Seattle have seen in recent months."  Poor baby Shadi then mewls that a Biden loss, especially if he wins the popular vote, "would provoke mass disillusion with electoral politics as a means of change — at a time when disillusion is already dangerously high."

As I write in my upcoming first book, 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Becoming a Democrat: How to Make America Grown-up Again, the adult world isn't about what one likes; it's about learning to live with what one doesn't like.

What's the Democrat Modus Operandi?

Why the obsession with death and destruction from some within our legacy press?  Neither the Post nor The Atlantic are "fringe."

As Saul Alinsky stated in Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals, the issue is never the issue.

The Democrats and DMIC do not believe that Biden will win.  The Democrats are pre-empting their own loss, why they'll lose, and why they won't accept the results.

The DMIC never asks, "What if Biden doesn't concede?" because its money is on a Trump re-election.

It's the exact opposite of 2016; the Democrats and DMIC were 100 percent certain that Hillary Clinton would win, especially after the Access Hollywood tape.  The voters of Biden and Harris are announcing to America that they will resort to the means by which Islamic supremacists terrorize.  Impossible, they will claim, that Trump again won enough states to reach 270 electoral votes; after all, he's already a fake president who is covertly working with Vladimir Putin to resurrect the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Vote for the man who regularly forgets his own name, and forgets where he is, or it will be impossible to avert a constitutional crisis and the arsons of 55 and over communities.

The Democrats and DMIC will never again accept the results of an election in which they lose — ever again.

There is simply too much talk of violent insurrections not to take them seriously, and the vast majority of that talk originates from Democrats.

Democrats have spent the last half-century infiltrating every public- and private-sector industry in the U.S.  Nothing happening today is coincidental or accidental; I am not saying there was a date circled on some imaginary conspiracy theory calendar, but eventually, this dam was going to crack.  Democrats have not spent 50 years infesting every industry for the betterment of our nation.  Simultaneously, too many — and perhaps most — Republicans were enraptured in their worthless, irrelevant, useless, and romanticized opinions.

This is why chasmic America today looks the way she does.

Democrats focus only on outcomes, numbers, and results — even if it means taking the lives of their political opponents, just as Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks made sure the firing squad murdered Tsar Nicholas II, and with him, the final vestiges of the Romanov dynasty.  The Democrat Leninist revolution is here.

November's Great Reveal

November will be the most revelatory moment in world history, because it is going to be a moment to decide whether sensible American adults abdicate all that is good about our country to hysterical, The View–worshipping, adult-aged Democrat children.

One of the revelatory moments will be whether enough Americans understand that when Democrats talk about "fundamental transformation," that's just code for tyranny, enacted by first-world capitalists who want all the First World spoils for themselves.

Another revelatory moment will be whether enough Americans grasp that most of our legacy press has long conspired with the Democratic Party.  The DMIC exists solely to protect and elect Democrats — no exceptions.

Another revelatory moment will be whether enough Americans comprehend that anywhere the voters of Biden and Harris are the majority or super-majority, unaffordability, unnecessary loss of life, suffering, and squalor always follow — no exceptions.

None of the above is a worthless opinion; all of it is affirmed by tens of thousands of days of history — both domestic and abroad — and data.

The solution now is what it's always been — or, more specifically, who it's always been: We the People.

The U.S. sits atop all nations in world history.  No civilization has been so powerful yet done so much good.  America is a mostly benevolent empire.  We are not, however, the Romans, the Ottomans, or the Crown we conquered to obtain our autonomy: the ruling class of the American empire is We the People.  This autonomy has never been so tenuous as it is now.

The Democrat plan for November is the plan they had in 2016: to own the United States — forever.  Trump — and all of us — temporarily stymied that.  We won't get this opportunity again to politically pummel the Democrats.  And when we win, we will then begin replacing our national Republican Party, which will be extinct come the new year.  Our GOP lives in fear of the Democrats and the DMIC; freedom will never be preserved and expanded by a group who cowers in fear.

I don't know how exactly it would be done, but after we win in November, we must assess what press content from networks, billionaire blogs such as the Post and The New York Times, and others should be constitutionally protected.  So much of today's press fails Madison's First Amendment standard.

This election will be a Rorschach test of the American electorate.  I don't believe it's too late to save our country.  The question is, do you?

Rich Logis is author of the upcoming book 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Becoming a Democrat: How to Make America Grown-up Again.  He can be reached at and found on Twitter at @RichLogis, and Parler at @RichLogis.