The E Generation Acts Out in the Streets

A new generation of American’s has now become defined. They are called the “E” generation or the Entitlement Generation. We see them throughout America today. If they don’t get what they want, they violently protest and create manipulative arguments to get their way. This generation was created by us, overindulgent parents, teachers and professors, who supported "participation trophies" and "victimhood theories." Plus, we became skilled at interfering on their behalf whenever they didn’t get what they wanted.

This is particularly noticeable in the violent protests that are sweeping the country, and the “E” generation’s lack respect for anything not covered under their agenda.  They have become good at insisting they get their way and have learned very well how to raise their voices and shame others when they don’t.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. When they lost in sports, we insisted they still get a trophy. When they didn’t get into the college of their choice, their parents manipulated the system. When the school called, we responded back, "the teacher is wrong." When an important part in the class play was up for grabs, we hounded the principal. They have learned what they were taught.

It didn’t matter that other children got hurt by our actions, we were just fighting for our children. It didn’t matter that other children lost the chance to know what it meant to be a champion. It didn’t matter that our excessive lobbying on their behalf, hurt or prevented another student from getting what they have earned. Their loss was a necessary collateral for our children’s gain. They are the “E” generation.

In Matthew 7:7, it says; Ask and it will be given to you. Well, maybe on the surface this is true. Jesus spoke this famous line at the closing of His inaugural sermon, the Sermon on the Mount. And it seems many have taken these seven words out of context. There are some important things Jesus said that have to happen before; Ask and it will be given to you applies.

Taken this verse alone without considering the prerequisites is called "versification." In other words, we take what we like out of the Bible and use it to dictate how we will live our lives. It is not simply a matter of Ask and it will be given to you. We also have to be willing to do two things. The first is; Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. (Matthew 22:37) This means being completely devoted to God and not doing those things not of God. The second is, Love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:39). In other words, do not ask for or do things that will hurt your neighbor.

These are the two prerequisites for Ask and it will be given to you. My book, Your Faith Has Made You Well, stresses that to receive the bounty of God, both of these attitudes must exist.

This process of Ask and it will be given to you seems to be  getting short-circuited in our society today. Especially as it relates to love our neighbor as yourself. How else could you explain why it is okay to invade a restaurant in Rochester, New York without caring about the owner or patrons. In this recent spoiled brat incident, a group supporting Black Lives Matter harassed diners, forcing them to leave through shaming and destruction of property, forgetting they are our neighbors.

Or a woman is raped, and her assailant becomes a national hero in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, no one knows her name, even though that is the battle cry of the Black Lives Movement.

They march in the streets asking to defund the police and when they don’t get what they want, they resort to looting and burning buildings, despite the fact that these businesses were owned by their neighbor, whose whole lives are then destroyed.

At the same time, as weak civil authorities have given in to these temper tantrums, the murder rate of our black neighbors in major cities across America is exploding. Yet we say we are fighting to make sure that all know that black lives matter.

The missing ingredient in these temper tantrums is a love for our God and our neighbor. This current round of riots, looting, shaming, and anarchy isn’t about a worthy social cause, it is about people getting their way. It is no more than people taught to act out to get what they ask for without having to pay the price of loving their neighbor.

What is happening in America makes no more sense than giving out participation trophies. There is a price to pay for everything good we receive in life. A price the “E” generation is not willing to pay -- that of respecting all lives and all neighbors.

Dr. Bruce L Hartman, a former Fortune 500 CFO, is a Christian author of the books; Jesus & Co., Your Faith Has Made You Well and Spend A Year With Jesus. Dr. Hartman’s website,, contains inspirational messages, podcasts and videos to help Christians in their daily lives.

After a successful career in the business world, Dr. Hartman obtained his Doctorate in Ministry. He is now an active Christian writer; both in writing books and a frequent contributor of Christian articles. Dr. Hartman is a regular guest on Christian radio throughout the nation.

Image: Pixabay