Recent Election Data Suggest New Hampshire Returning to Red State Status

New Hampshire is usually in the political spotlight only when our "first in the nation" primary comes around every four years.  However, when the rest of the country is not watching, we hold other elections as well.  This includes the general election that follows in the autumn, long after all the national news outlets and their reporters have packed up and left after the winter ritual earlier in the year.  In the fall New Hampshire is not seen to be as critical and hardly garners more than a passing mention of our general election results given our meager four electoral votes. Come November, national media coverage typically focuses on the states with large numbers of electoral votes like California, New York, Texas, and Florida.  They also look at swing states viewed as traditional bellwethers like Ohio and Missouri.  Yet New Hampshire is not seen as a deciding state for the general presidential election even though we...(Read Full Article)
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