No Rational Person Can Vote Democratic in 2020

Let’s say this straight out, so there is no chance of any misinterpretation whatsoever: It is impossible for any sane, rational, level-headed person to consciously support the Democratic ticket in 2020. On every single issue, right down the line, the Republicans offer a better solution and their path of governance delivers a superior quality of life to every American. It is provable, unarguable and unequivocal.

Opposition to President Trump breaks down into three areas, none of which are valid reasons for voting for the Democrats.

Reason No. 1 -- Emotional Blindness

This is a big one. Many voters -- on both sides, in all candor -- are emotionally wedded to their vote. Whether Democrat or Republican, they regard their party of choice as their “team,” a lifelong rooting interest. Family voting history, upbringing, and the thought of, “I’ve always voted that way” plays a big part in peoples’ voting decisions. Many times, a party’s actual policy stance runs directly counter to that voter’s personal interests (such as devout Catholics supporting Democrats who favor abortion or Jewish voters supporting Democrats who back anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian legislation), but they vote for them anyway, because of a lifelong emotional attachment.

Today, the starkest example of destructive blind party loyalty is the rioting and anti-police violence perpetrated by domestic anarchist groups. National Democratic politicians refuse to condemn their behavior. Assassins cheer for police deaths and block the emergency room entrance and every high-profile Democrat remains silent, which effectively amounts to approval. Yet every committed liberal voter will still vote for them after rationalizing it away. That is the ultimate in hypocritical emotional blindness.

So it is with President Trump. He engenders such a strong emotional response that a segment of the voting populace will never support him, both because of his mercurial personality and his identification as a Republican. Even if his actual policies benefit them directly, they will not vote for him, ever.

Reason No. 2 -- The Choice of Personal Style Over Governing Policy

President Trump’s tangible, concrete policies have been hugely successful for America.

  • He’s lowered personal income taxes, benefitting all taxpaying workers (no, not just the “1%-ers”)
  • He’s lowered corporate taxes and reduced punitive regulations, leading to a strong, confident business climate and record employment across all demographic and gender categories
  • Championed the production of domestic energy, leading to energy independence and freedom from Mideast oil sheiks
  • Rebuilt our military, strengthening national security
  • Reduced illegal immigration and strengthened border security
  • Renegotiated bad international trade deals, for the good of American companies and workers
  • Stopped flights from China and formed the Coronavirus Task Force, both before the end of January, while the Democrats were still pushing their bogus impeachment hearings

In every area, President Trump has been right on top of every issue, despite the liberal media and high-profile Democrats criticizing him and grandstanding at every opportunity.

In stark contrast to President Trump, Obama had a smooth-talking style and calm demeanor, but his actual policies were anti-business  (globalist trade agreements, damaging, punitive taxes and regulations designed to punish political enemies), anti-military, and he increased racial division in the country by sympathizing and supporting divisive movements like Black Lives Matter.

Obama’s personal style can be summed up this way: If a loved one were sick and needed a specialized operation that only the best surgeon could perform, would you want the gruff, world-renowned expert with the caustic bedside manner or the warm, agreeable novice with limited experience? The economy, our military readiness and our international relations are not popularity contests. President Trump’s factual, tangible results in those areas are light-years past anything Obama accomplished. President Trump successfully performed delicate quadruple bypass surgery and the patient feels Great again. Obama comforted the family with soothing, well-chosen words, but the patient is dead. Style vs. Policy? No contest, for the thinking among us.

Democrats, having no actual basis for policy disagreements, object to President Trump’s personal style. He’s harsh. He’s often abrupt and personally insulting. He defeated Hillary Clinton -- the First Woman President -- and had the gall to call her “Crooked Hillary.” Erudite, cultivated American Presidents simply don’t use disparaging nicknames. According to the Democrats, President Trump is beneath the office.

This is how it is with emotionally hamstrung, close-minded Democratic voters. Even academically smart, professionally accomplished Democratic voters are blinded by their anger and resentment, born of Trump’s rough, in-your-face personal style. They spout things like, “He just doesn’t come across like a president,” “He acts like a dictator,” and “I want him taken out of office and prosecuted for crimes against the Constitution.” When pressed for legal specifics, these Democratic cheerleaders respond with hysterical, vein-popping, sophisticated explanations such as, “Well… you know…. because…. everyone sees it.” They have no legal specifics because there are none.

Their reactions are totally style-based. These voters are completely illogical and embarrassingly unintellectual, wholly detached from the reality of the superb economy (rebounding much faster from COVID-19 than the Democrats would have wanted), reborn military, environmentally conscious energy independence, vastly improved border security, and beneficial trade agreements. All of which has been directly brought about by President Trump’s policies.

Reason No. 3 -- Ignorance of the Issues and History.

This is self-explanatory. When an embarrassingly large swath of your voters refuses to believe that Lincoln was a Republican, that it was the Democrats who opposed the 1964 Civil Rights legislation or that Hitler unleashed the Holocaust on the world, then it’s obvious that far too many unqualified, result-distorting votes are being cast.

The differences between Republican and Democratic governing philosophy are dramatic and every single Republican approach results in an enhanced quality of daily life for every American citizen.

Whether it be support for law and order, a strong military, aggressive domestic fossil fuel production in an environmentally-conscious manner, a strong anti-terror-based foreign policy rather than weak appeasement, ending Chinese theft of our intellectual property and ending our overreliance on them for cheap manufacturing, negotiating international trade agreements that prioritize American companies and American workers, promoting a growing stock market that will fully fund union pensions and private retirement 401ks, keeping taxes low, bringing order to an out-of-control illegal immigration process, promoting a sane balance of private health care and publicly-available safety-net options and preserving ready access to religious worship for those who chose it, every one of these Republican positions improves life for everyone who lives here.

Deep in their private thoughts, even reasonably aware Democrats know this, but they vote the “wrong” way anyway for the three reasons given above, acting as prisoners of their own crippling weak egos and emotional cowardice.

When logic and reason guide the voting decision, the country makes good choices and it moves in a positive direction. Unfortunately, in 2020, logic and reason are in dangerously short supply.

Image: Charles Fettinger

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